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In Topic: Michael Phelps had sex with a dude

20 November 2014 - 02:40 AM

Probably all that weed he smoked..loss a judgement,impaired vision,dick rot,homosexuality are all side effects of marijuana.

In Topic: 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship Race at Homestead Miami Speedway

13 November 2014 - 07:18 PM

Really wish brad was in it but since he's not I'll be pulling for Harvick,although I wouldn't mind if Joey won.

In Topic: The Jeff Gordon/Brad Keselowski fight

08 November 2014 - 01:24 PM

Keselowski is a dirt ball. He won't discuss anything with other drivers and never apologizes. He is no Dale Earnhardt...
Sr. had some class.

Driving hard,putting it all on the line to win = dirt ball....gotcha.

In Topic: Foo Fighters: Sonic Highway

05 November 2014 - 05:58 PM

Just heard their new song playing on 106.5. It was pretty damn good.

In Topic: The Jeff Gordon/Brad Keselowski fight

05 November 2014 - 12:31 PM

Keselowski has had driver after driver after him in the pits and after races. The kid is a danger on the track and is a punk.

You must have only started to watch nascar after 2002. Back in the day before nascar got all PC and riddled with cookie cutter tracks fights in the pits were common.

And please elaborate on how he's a danger on the track.

There was a driver who had drivers come after him in the pits quite a bit and some said he was an asshole/"danger on the track"... He also won 7 cups.

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