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In Topic: Talking about awkward...

07 April 2015 - 12:07 AM

Sounds like a recent episode of modern family

In Topic: Disney World vs Universal Theme Park vs...

31 March 2015 - 06:18 PM

Go to Epcot and do the beers around the world tour.

In Topic: The Lack of Vision in this Fan Base is Amazing

13 March 2015 - 10:14 AM

I’ve been posting here since 2008 off and on, so I was here for the five interception opener vs Philly, Matt Moore taking over for Delhomme, Clausen’s 2-14 season. I remember when Gettis was supposed to be the next best thing, the contracts for Big Money Charles Johnson, and the over-inflated contracts for Williams and Stewart. And like any true fan my heart bled when we cut Smitty. I remember signing and spending money on Keyshaun, bringing back Muhsin, and even that receiver from Seattle that one year who we’ve all forgotten his name by now.

We finally have a GM who’s really doing his due diligence in free agency, the draft, not over extending resources just to be competitive THIS season, but for seasons to come. But all you see all over the site are mainly, how come we didn’t sign, and why aren’t we spending posts on this or that guy threads…. Just look at the talent we’ve infused the roster with Cam (Hurney era), Benjamin, Olsen (via trade Hurney Era), Turner, KK, Star, Kuechly, Norman, Benwikere, Boston. All of those guys should be expected to return on second contracts in the coming years. We need to make sure money is available to return OUR OWN STAR players. We fill the holes with serviceable free agents like Mitchell, Mickell, Oher, Harper, Fozzy, and we draft our potential future starters and stars while finding UDFA’s who can round out the bottom of the roster with potential like Corey Brown, Norwell, Focault, Hill, etc.

In the NFL there are players year in and year out who seemingly come out of nowhere. I didn’t like how Gettleman handled Smitty, but I’m not blinded to the fact that if we want sustained success you build your team via the draft and retain your own core instead of someone else’s core pieces. Just last year we all wanted Nicks, he went to a pass heavy team and was the 4th option with no real buzz around his name this year.

New Orleans, spent, Tampa Bay spent, Atlanta mortgaged their future for Julioand all those teams haven’t done a thing, we took A SELF IMPOSED step back as we needed to cut more salary, and prep to return our own core, and as a result we were able to do something no other NFC South team has done, two consecutive division titles, and a playoff win.

So while the off-season is long and it’s nice to want the shiny things in the window, keep in mind we have plenty of shiny things right here in house, and the DG, and RR era is doing a good job of adding pieces that develop into shiny things.

If you've been here that long then answer this..

What is a BDJS?

In Topic: Vikings shopping Cordarrelle Patterson

12 March 2015 - 06:05 PM

As a Panthers and Volunteers fan I can only hope we land him.

In Topic: GTAV

11 March 2015 - 01:37 AM

Love the game... Downloading the heist update now!

Although Gta is great, I like Red Dead better. I hope they release a 2nd one soon.