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In Topic: The Huddle Contributor Program

Today, 07:29 AM

What's the process?  Do contributors write something and message to you?


In Topic: The Huddle Contributor Program

Today, 07:27 AM

If we don't like the content can we get a dollar back?




j/k.... I like the idea and I like the idea of getting multiple new contributors to pop their cherry.  There is a hidden Peter King inside some of these huddlers.  [edit:  bad example]


In Topic: 2014 Huddle Premier League

Yesterday, 04:16 PM

then count me in.  I'll give up my seat if it fills up since I'm already in the other one but I usually play 3-4 leagues.


If you want me to handle paypal for this league I can since I've done it for years and am doing it in the other one.


 I don't know if you've commished before but can help with that if you want also.  Post up a link when you set up the league so you can get invites out when this forum starts getting busy.

In Topic: Portrait of Brandon Williams

Yesterday, 04:10 PM

He's looking at you like he thinks you're stalking him.


In Topic: Cover32 Preseason Power Rankings

Yesterday, 04:08 PM

IMO, rankings are about as useful as an ejection seat on a helicopter.




I found a saying I have never heard of on teh interwebs today.  day is complete.




On the rankings I honestly don't have a problem with any rankings of us from 1 to 20 as long as we are ahead of falcons and bucs.


And I also see having the eagle high in preseason rankings.  I can see them coming out of the gate hot like they did last year and that division sucks.  

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