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#2086723 Gettleman hired as Panthers GM

Posted by bbell21 on 09 January 2013 - 05:55 PM

From this point forth the Carolina Panthers will be known as THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GETTLEMEN! LOL First time I have been able so say this in a long long time, but great job Big CAT!!!

#1352627 Are we the worst?

Posted by bbell21 on 25 August 2011 - 09:31 PM

Going in to tonight I thought the Seahawks, Bengals, and Redskins were the worst teams in the NFL. After tonight I am going to say the race is between us and the Hawks. Which means we have a a good shot at you know who! I mean if Cam starts every game and goes 3-13 or so, and we have the top pick what do we do? TAKE THE GOLDEN BOY?

#1313438 Does Chud. Run a West Coast Offense?

Posted by bbell21 on 06 August 2011 - 10:36 PM

Ok i think my initial thoughts were right the Walsh system is the true WCO. The Air Coryell system was just accidentally called the WCO by Bernie Kosar when used to describe the 93 Dallas Cowboys Offense ran by Norv Turner who we all know Chud is a disciple of. So in other words thanks to a mistake by Kosar confused some people (I guess Smitty is one of them) and they sometimes mistakenly refer to the Coryell system as the WCO.

#978839 Rivera's second interview

Posted by bbell21 on 09 January 2011 - 03:42 PM

If everything Gantt has been tweeting is legit then Hurney and Morrison are going to the national title game monday to scout Cam and Fairly and they are going to have a 2nd interview with the big cat with Rivera. So my guess is
nothing else today, Hurney and Morrison and all of us watch Cam and Fairly dominate Monday night, they fly back tuesday with Rivera and interview him with the big cat, Then on wed morning Rivera is announced as our head coach and we hold a presser, then after that they start working on the staff hard especially on the offensive side of the ball especially if the OC is going to be someone other than Ramsdell they will probably be interviewing for that position next!

#977534 Cam Newton looking better and better!

Posted by bbell21 on 08 January 2011 - 10:28 PM

Cam could be to us what Vick was to the Falcons minus the laziness and mis behavior! Don't forget how Michael Vick put that team into the national spot light and got them to with in one game of the superbowl and slaughtered our beloved panthers year after year on pure talent alone! Does anyone remember if coming out of VT if Vick after leading the hokies to the bcs title game was considered the consensus #1 overall pick? Which is were he was drafted or did he sky rocket up draft boards after getting VT to the sugar bowl and the combine I would really appreciate it if you guys can recall that and let me know Thanks!

#976658 What makes Blaine Gabbert different from Tony Pike?

Posted by bbell21 on 08 January 2011 - 07:16 PM

Cam Newton is pretty comparable to Josh Freeman too. He has shown in live action that he is a good leader (see Auburn v. Alabama). He plays in a spread offense like Gabbert, plus he put up much better numbers against much better teams in much more difficult situations.

I agree with you brother both guys Cam and Blaine are comparable to Freeman! I compare Cam maybe a little more to Mcnabb mainly in the personality, mobility, and arm strength departments minus the choking in big games and I don't believe Donovan played in a spread at Syracuse. I like Blaine and Cam I just don't know if our front office will like Cam because of all the controversy of his past which to me isn't an issue he is alot more intelligent and stable than a guy like Mallet who if we pick anywhere in the top 12 is complete JOKE, but one thing is for sure Cameron would bring excitement back to our franchise! Werther its Newton or Gabbert or maybe even a FA I think the majority of our fan base can agree on one thing Clausen isn't the guy at QB going forward!

#868165 Not gonna lie, the future looks bleak

Posted by bbell21 on 12 November 2010 - 11:39 AM


Someone stole my idea.

You sound like a whiney little bitch.:eek:

Dang mad hatter chill i apolegized for that!

#867694 Not gonna lie, the future looks bleak

Posted by bbell21 on 12 November 2010 - 12:31 AM

This post is a rip off of one i posted during the atl game see:

Our Franchise QB!

The truth is the Panthers have never had a franchise QB!

We all thought it would be Kerry Collins, but we all know how that worked out for multiple reasons.

By the time Steve Beuerlein got here he was a solid qb, but still in the twilight of his career.

And Jake Delhomme was the true diamond in the rough, the ultimate underdog story, the kind of stuff sports movies are made out of and he came within seconds of reaching an unprecedented accomplishment of becoming a superbowl winning QB and he was a great person, but all that being said he wasn't a franchise guy!

The Panthers need some one who is a potential pro bowler every year, a guy worth 5 wins just by him self. Atlanta has this with Matt Ryan something they never dreamed of after the Vick fiasco. New Orleans has this in Drew Brees. And the bucs may have this with Josh Freeman. But at this point we do not. He may be on this roster, but so far i think it is fair to say it doesn't look promising. The good news is we have 8 games to potentially find this out. The truth is the Panthers have really only looked for a true franchise guys on 2 occasions Collins in the expansion draft, and the Clausen this year.

If the guy isn't on the roster the Panthers will have a good shot to find their guy in the draft next year in the form of Andrew Luck, Ryan Mallett, or another Jake, Jake Locker. And the odds are no matter what the QB situation is now when a new coach comes in he will want to have his own guy under center, its just the way it usually works in the NFL.

Until we find our guy at QB we as fans can forget about ever winning a division, much less a world championship in today's NFL. Yeah we may have a good year once every four years, but we will never be the winning program that Jerry Richardson truly wants here. For now we can only hope, wait, and see if we will find our guy!

Thanks as always Panther Nation stay strong!

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