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Never forget

49ers fan...LOL

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18 games left

11 March 2014 - 08:43 AM

Schedule is very favorable:




Only three of the 18 are against teams I consider the better teams in the league (Portland, Houston & Bulls) and all of those are at home. The finale with Chicago could be an easy win if the Bulls have secured their seed by then.


12-6 is very possible which would end the season at 42-40 and put us in the mix with Washington and the Nets for the #5 seed (although both of their schedules are only slightly harder than ours).


Thomas Davis article

28 December 2013 - 03:01 PM

Great read




Advice/opinions requested plz

02 October 2013 - 11:17 AM

Long story short. Going to downtown Baltimore next year for 4 days (harbor/convention center area). All hotels with parking garages nearby (and I need to stay nearby) charge $22 - $27 per night whether you are a guest or not. Hotel prices are very high ($175 - $275 per night). To save on funds I am thinking about booking one night in the hotel probably in the middle of my stay to shower but otherwise sleeping in my SUV in the garage the other nights to save money. I have an air mattress that can plug into my cig lighter and plenty of room inside the vehicle to stretch out. Here is what I already know:


1) Despite Baltimore's crime reputation, hotel parking garages in that area of town are fairly safe plus they have activities going on all through the night nearby so there will be people around.


2) Hotels frown on you sleeping in their garage and they are monitored with cameras but if you don't draw any attention to yourself you can usually get away with it.


3) Handguns for protection isn't a good idea. Maryland has some the strictest handgun laws and they are very tough for guns in vehicles. But, as I said, the garages are usually pretty safe.


4) Although underground, ventilation is still good enough to prevent carbon monoxide sickness and I will keep the windows rolled all the way up at all times. Temperature should not be an issue as it will not be in the winter or summer. I will probably only be in my car/garage from about 10-11 at night to 6-7 in the morn.


5) I will pack a cooler and have plenty of food & drink but there are also tons of places to dine within a 5 min. walk. The hotel's lobby bathrooms will take care of my other biological needs plus I can refill the cooler with their ice machines. Again, I will be discreet but I am thinking that about the time I may be drawing some unwanted attention to myself, I will be checking into the hotel for my one night stay so hopefully that will take care of any of their concerns.


My questions:


I've heard pro and cons about covering up the vehicles windows so nobody can peer in. Pros are it might deter quick smash and grab thieves. Cons are it is a magnet for police/security guards. Advice?


Any other things I should consider (like DONT DO IT AND HERE IS WHY...)?





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