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In Topic: RB Situation

Today, 09:28 PM

It's not 2.4 yards today. It's 2.4 yards over both games. He was actually better this game than last one.

Again, he faces contact at or before he gets to the line....go back and watch the Tampa game and they literally ran him into a sea of bodies. Stewart's YPC isn't a Stewart problem...it is a OL and playcall issue.

In Topic: RB Situation

Today, 09:05 PM

I am watching the games. The blocking has been sufficient in both games, it's been a combination of poor running and bad play-calling. I cannot excuse a 2.4 YPC average.

Blocking was sufficient today? There was no run blocking today

Stewart has 2.4 yards per carry bc he is contacted before he gets to the line almost every run

In Topic: Questions about today's game...

Today, 09:03 PM

Guards had their struggles today...Tackles had a better game than the Gs IMO. But the strength of the Lions D is inside their DL

Short IMO May be the most underrated player on our DL

Kelvin just flat out dropped some

In Topic: Anybody concerned with the RB position?

Today, 04:18 PM

No. Williams will be back next week.

That gives us the 4 horsemen

In Topic: Official Panthers - Lions Gameday Thread

Today, 02:00 PM

Need to spread them out and go up tempo from the gun

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