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Hindsight: Right 4 teams in CFP?

13 January 2015 - 10:22 AM

Now that we know how the bowl season and the cfps play out... were the right 4 selected?

To me the only team you can make any argument for leaving out is FSU and I think if a power 5 team goes undefeated it has to be in the cfps. .. but they were unquestionably the weakest team in the playoffs and I think would have lost to at least 3(MSU TCU and Baylor) teams not even in the playoffs and maybe more...

Should a DA present false evidence?

21 December 2014 - 10:43 PM

What the fug?  


So it has just come out that the wonderful DA in the Ferguson case allowed witnesses that he knew weren't at the scene to testify (http://www.washingto...stified-anyway/)


Take this woman, for instance: 



The woman, who told investigators that she is racist, bi-polar and has raised money for Wilson, approached prosecutors five weeks after the Aug. 9 shooting. In a journal entry that she showed the grand jury, the woman said she had driven through Ferguson at the time of the shooting “so I stop calling Blacks N—— and Start calling them People.” 


This woman, Witness 40, was known to be nowhere near the time of the shootings when they occurred.  So what'd she see?  Brown "going after the officer like a football player."  Her story was pretty much exclusively from newspaper accounts.


Another witness was allowed to testify things that directly contradicted the evidence.  This was pointed out to the witness - and the Grand Jury - and the witness was dismissed.  Why even let someone talk?


Now, the DA says he wanted to present "all of the evidence."  But should false evidence be considered evidence? 


This is a bunch of bullshit, IMO, and just makes it clear how broken the system is in regards to police officers and the systems in place to prosecute them.

Did Luck get benched vs Dallas?

21 December 2014 - 06:39 PM

Anyone watching see what happened with Luck? Was it an injury or benching due to the game being out of reach?

Also the Cowboys are looking scary lately...

Racial bias implemented in MN Schools

04 December 2014 - 02:09 PM

Thought I'd pick a topic title that will draw some attention.


I came across an interesting article with some very interesting facts in it.  


So let's start with the problem: Disparities in treatment of minorities (esp. black) and white people exist not just in the criminal justice system, but in the very education systems that are meant to prepare our students for the real world.  Or maybe this isn't a problem, depending on who you are. Heh.  The Superintendent of Minneapolis schools writes:



Nationwide, black and white children suffer different consequences for their behavior as soon as they begin school. Black students are just 18 percent of all preschoolers, but they are 48 percent of preschoolers with more than one out-of-school suspension. Minority students do not misbehave more than their white peers; they are disciplined more severely for the same behaviors. For example, a study of North Carolina schools found that discipline gaps exist for various infractions: for dress-code violations, black students were suspended at a rate six times higher than white students; for cellphone use, it was eight times higher; for displays of affection, 10 times higher; and for disruptive behavior, it was double. That systemic racism cannot continue.


In response, the Minneapolis schools implemented new policies on behavior standards that gave more flexibility and training to instructors on issues and ended all suspensions to the youngest students, due to the damage that suspensions can have on future academic achievements.  Despite this, racial disparities in suspensions continued.


So what did the Super Intendent do?  She implemented implicit racial bias, requiring all suspensions of black and brown students be reviewed by her office.  


The Super Intendent's own words on this, said to NPR:



...I and all of my staff will start to review all non-violent suspensions of students of color, especially black boys, to understand why they're being suspended so we can help intervene with teachers, student leaders and help give them the targeted support they need for these students


So, Tinderbox, Good idea or bad?  Should the Superintendent be reviewing only select suspensions? 


I think the intentions this superintendent is trying to go for are noble and, on top of that, we absolutely must address disparities in education outcome where race appears to be a factor.  Education is key to advancement in society and we must do everything we can to make sure that access to it - at least during the early formative years of an individuals life - is not impaired due to discrimination in the form of unequal application of punishment.


That being said, I suspect that this particular action - that is, implicit racial bias in punishment in schools - may get shut down by the courts.  I wish she had said she was going to review every suspension and pay particular attention to cases that could have racial bias invovled.  Ah well.