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Toyota RAV4

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

So I have a budget of no more than 20k. I want a sport utility type vehicle but not a monster SUV. I am looking at Toyotas and Hondas mainly, the RAV4 and the CR-V. I am buying used, few years old, with no more than 30k miles on them.

My concerns are the power. I really want a Honda or Toyota because this car needs to last 10+ years. I know it's all about how the maintenance rather than the brand to some extent I realize that, I know how to buy a car.

My concern is as I said the power. A 6 cylinder RAV4 is very rare at my price point and in general. Seems to me a 4 cylinder in a sport utility such as this seems underpowered...is that true?

I've been eyeballing Nissans but I like the feel of the Hondas and Toyotas best but any suggestions of a vehicle matching my description would be awesome, preferably ones backed with experience.

A woman, homosexual, non Christian religion

06 April 2015 - 12:07 PM

Which will be president first, I'm curious, what do you think? Black person is off the board. And I guess by homosexual it could also mean bi sexual.

And will it happen in our lifetime? (Next 30 years)

Why do you say 'African American'?

21 March 2015 - 08:35 AM

I was a Psychology graduate and took a Psychology of diversity class that was really eye opening. Anyways, in the class it was decided that 'black' was the correct term, because race deals with color and not ethnicity.

The class was about half black and they all pretty much confirmed the correct term for describing them is black and even offered the idea that calling a black person an African American was offensive because many black Americans are from other countries, not Africa, and most were born in America to begin with. Calling them as such portrays a small minded, stereotypical approach to their ethnicity by kind of just lumping them all together.

We don't call whites English American, or asians Chinese Americans. But somehow Native Americas are called as such and not Indians. How is ethnicity being mixed with race? How can 'white' be a race and 'Native American or Indian' be a race?

My best friend is black and he agreed. I also have two Jamaican friends who agree and say they feel people who refer to them as 'African Americans' come off as, for a lack of a better word, stupid.

So I am curious, as I read around the tinderbox, why people still use this term? Is it more of a political correct thing? Is it because saying black has some sort of negative meaning?

Because of this I have always just said black. Am I wrong for that? I remember in elementary being told it is respectful to say African American...I'd like to hear from black posters what they think when someone refers to their description as such.

A girl with...history

15 March 2015 - 10:13 PM

Ok so I met this girl, I've been with a lot of girls and I always thought the girl
I'd settle down with was less experienced. This girl has been with a lot of guys though but the problem is our compatibility, we're crazy for one another, totally get along and feel so comfortable around one another it's creepy. Spending the day looking at one another wondering what could be is fun, but the negative is the downfall will be so much harder.

At the same time I have another girl I'm seeing, doesn't have the body of the first girl or the attractiveness going on but in the intellectual department she is unmatched we connect intellectual so well just spending the day talking is so much fun.

Then there's that third girl who intellectually isn't there and attraction isn't quite there either but sexually it's like one person exists. Our sex is the best ever, it will never get better. When you're away all you do is crave the sex but you know there is not intellectual or physical attraction and the relationship is doomed for failure regardless of sex.

Which do you chose and why? Attraction as a feeling of potential, intellectual compatibility that will never end, or as straight up sex and physical compatibility?

Keep in mind you chose one and you lose the others.

Panther's 20 Seasons W/L Comparison (since 1995)

07 March 2015 - 09:24 PM

Was bored, so I spent a few days on this making sure everything was correct. To be honest, we ranked better than I thought. This is just some information I put together for anyone else bored about our last (and first) 20 seasons and how we stack up against the rest. Feel free to correct anything and I'll edit.


20 seasons, since 1995 (320 game standard, ties not counted towards records):

                                                   W         L            Playoff Appearance          Super Bowl Appearance

Buffalo Bills                               144        176                        4                             0
Miami Dolphins                          160        160                        7                             0
New England Patriots                 219        101                       15                           7
New York Jets                            150        170                         7                           0

*Baltimore Ravens                     168        135                       10                           2
Cincinnati Bangles                     141        177                        6                            0
**Cleveland Browns                    89        183                          1                           0
Pittsburgh Steelers                    199        120                       12                           4

***Houston Texans                        88        120                        2                           0
Indianapolis Colts                        197        123                       16                         2
Jacksonville Jaguars                   147        173                        6                           0
****Tennessee Titans                   165        155                        6                          1       

Denver Broncos                          196        124                       11                          3
Kansas City Chiefs                      160        160                        6                           0
Oakland Raiders                         124        196                        3                           1
San Diego Chargers                   161        159                        6                           0

Dallas Cowboys                          170        150                        9                           1
New York Giants                         165        154                        8                           3
Philadelphia Eagles                    179        139                       12                          1
Washington Redskins                 137        182                        4                           0

Chicago Bears                          153        167                        4                           1
Detroit Lions                             117        203                        5                           0
Green Bay Packers                  207        112                       15                          3
Minnesota Vikings                    166        153                        9                           0

Atlanta Falcons                        159        160                        8                           1
Carolina Panthers                  151        168                        6                           1
New Orleans Saints                  157        163                        6                           1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers            148        172                        7                           1

Arizona Cardinals                     131        189                        4                           1
San Francisco 49ers                170        149                        9                           1
Seattle Seahawks                     172        148                       10                          3
St. Louis Ram                           135        184                        5                           2

*1996 established team
**Inactive 1996-1998
***2002 established team
****95-96 Houston Oilers, 97-98 Tennessee Oilers

Super Bowl wins:
AFC  11     
NFC   9

Wins/Losses rank in ascending order (rounded hundredth/thousandth/etc.):

1.  Patriots      .68
2.  Packers     .65
3.  Steelers     .624
4.  Colts          .616
5.  Broncos     .613
6.  Eagles       .56
7.  Ravens      .55
8.  Seahawks  .538
9.  49ers         .533
10. Cowboys   .531
11. Vikings      .520
12. Giants       .517
13. Titans        .516
14. Chargers   .503
15. Dolphins    .500
16. Chiefs       .500
17. Falcons     .498
18. Saints        .490
19. Bears        .48
20. Panthers  .473
21. Jets           .469
22. Buccs        .463
23. Jaguars     .459
24. Bills           .45
25. Bangles     .44
26. Redskins   .43
27. Rams        .4232
28. Texans      .4231
29. Cardinals   .41
30. Raiders     .39
31. Lions         .37
32. Browns      .33