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Root for the Warriors to win the ring, why?

05 April 2015 - 11:28 AM

If they win the Championship this year that's all more reason for Steph to leave for Charlotte when he can. He already won a ring in Oakland, what more to do there, try to win one for Dad's team...


Even if they never win a ship the likelihood of Steph coming home is very likely but if he gets a ring in Oakland its pretty much 100%




23 March 2015 - 05:07 PM

Mookie Betts can't win Rookie of the Year because he had 189 AB's last season which is over the threshold of being considered a rookie...


But he is eligible for MVP and he sure as hell is going to be in the running to win that. This kid is unreal, Ellsbury has nothing on this kid.


He will be the most productive lead off hitter in the big leagues on the best offense, MVP - kid can just flat out hit, super athletic, super talented

Mike Wallace to Vikings for 5th round pick - Time to get Patterson

13 March 2015 - 06:18 PM

First thing I thought when I seen this scroll across the bottom line was Patterson is gone, so he might as well come to Carolina for a 5th

Everyone assumes someone is going to throw a multi-year deal at Hardy

06 March 2015 - 12:19 PM

If someone does throw out a multi-year deal it wont be as big as if he had played this past season and racked up another 10+ sacks


If he only signs a one year contract it will be with the Panthers. I don't see him signing a long term contract this off-season for the following reasons...


No team is going to give Hardy what he wants after all of what has transpired in the Holder case. A team may offer him a multi-year contract but it wont be a multi-year contract that Hardy see's fit for the talents he brings. 


Bottom line is, common sense is, he wont get the money now, the security now, in a long term contract that he would have gotten had he played this past season. If Hardy had been able to play and racked up 15 sacks again which I am SURE he planned on doing he'd be breaking the bank for a team in about 5 days.


No team is breaking the bank on Hardy...YET - this can QUIET the multi-year deal talk, he will get an offer or two probably, not even close to the range he would think about signing. He wants that mega contract and by default it wont be as mega as it would had the hoe not took him out of the game last year.


He is going to have to resort to a one year deal to get the mega contract he wants, and really, really guys? Why would he sign a one year deal anywhere else but here. If he is going to get ripped off, he will get ripped off here not by any of the other 31. He wont think of it as getting ripped off though, after all he made 13 million for 4 quarters last year. He wants to finish business here in Carolina y'all I'm telling you.


Signs here for cheap. To say: "fug all you teams that didn't wanna break the bank for me cause some crack hoe set me up. ill play where the fans love me for cheap. then next year y'all teams that didn't wanna break the bank for me going to have to if they want my services!" And we win the Super Bowl which changes the great city of Charlotte forever.



#80 - The Miami Vet Impact Player Number, Remember Jeremy Shockey ?

03 March 2015 - 08:29 PM

Listen up, nobody thought we'd bring in Jeremy Shockey back in 2011 and it paid dividends. Definitely one reason for why Cam went over 4,000 that year. Shockey made every Panthers fan that wasn't a fan of him before, a fan. We brought in a "washed up" "old" TE at a time where we were supposedly going on a youth movement and when we already had a fine TE, Greg Olsen. Had we just had Shockey and no Olsen its reasonable to say he would have went over 1,000 yards. He brought something extra to our team that year that we haven't got back since he left. It was a great one year stay. There is something about having a future Hall of Famer on the field...


To those that believe bringing in Andre Johnson would go against our youth movement is very wrong. 


Andre Johnson is exactly what the doctor ordered. We need a veteran presence in the WR corps that can not only bring the veteran presence, we already have that in Cotchery, but we need the Vet who can put up the stats too. I don't feel it is outrageous saying AJ and Cam would be good for 1,000 yards together. Johnson is a nice big target at 6'3 - 230 we could have a really, really nice receiving corps with or without Cotchery. You'd think getting Johnson makes Cotchery a cut. 


KB, AJ, PB, ?, ?


Johnson is the perfect stop gap player and he has a legitimate chance at winning a ship here in Carolina. He could be the piece that we need to get us a ring, the veteran Andre Johnson helping the Carolina Panthers to their first Super Bowl win. Andre Johnson is a future Hall of Famer and he absolutely has some left in the tank and I am sure Cam would be ecstatic to play with him and the team ecstatic to have him...


This is a great opportunity to address a position of NEED via Free Agency by signing future HoF Vet, Andre Johnson.


Nobody is trading for him, he will be released, to those that say he hasn't been released yet. Just a matter of time.