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In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 12:12 PM

agreed, but by the same logic I don't remember hearing anything about CJ's athletic ability. 


like you said sky isn't falling, but one could be hopeful for more.


especially considering he was a second round pick, and they usually start. I guess I was expecting more out of him based on what everyone said. 

In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

Not too worried about Ealy yet. It took CJ and Hardy a couple of years to catch on too and now they may be the best DE tandem in the league. Really hope that pick isn't a bust though considering some of thE guys we passed on.


I am not, by any means, claiming the sky is falling, but i distinctly remember talk of Hardy and his raw abilities when he was a rookie. People talked about how great of an athlete he was, and if he got the rest of it together, he would be great.


Only thing I'm hearing about Ealy is 'he's not doing anything'.

In Topic: Heading down to practice... follow @CarolinaHuddle for updates

Yesterday, 07:13 AM

For those of us who have twitter blocked, would it be possible to get text updates instead of direct twitter links?

In Topic: Greg Hardy Camp Interview.

Yesterday, 07:09 AM

I’ve been holding off on judgment about Hardy since this whole fiasco went down, and from what I’ve heard from a guy that knows a guy (I know, please, unmoisten those panties with this insider I have), Holden is a psycho hose beast. She apparently OD’d on coke back in college at ECU and her then boyfriend had to take her to the hospital. He broke up with her immediately.  


As for the way things went down the night in question, they allegedly align with what Hardy was saying. He wasn’t an aggressor and was calm and trying to call the cops (so sayeth a third party that was there, a GF of one of the players, although I don’t know how true that is, considering they didn’t testify on Hardy’s defense).


I’m just telling you what I heard from the dude that told me Gross was retiring a few days before the official announcement, as well as Smitty being released a few days early.


So yeah, take it with a grain of salt because I am too.

In Topic: Panthers sign Fozzy Whittaker

27 July 2014 - 05:17 PM

Felix jones was legit in dallas make him our kick returner


No he wasn't. He was never legit. He was never even on the field. Always hurt. 

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