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In Topic: the meat industry now consumes 4/5ths of all antibiotics

09 February 2013 - 12:23 AM

Watch the documentary, Forks Over Knives. Also watch Vegucated.

In Topic: Two PSLs For Sale (Sec 534, Row 9)

05 February 2013 - 05:08 PM

My wife and I are really motivated to sell these. If you're interested at all, just shoot me a PM. We can discuss price.

In Topic: Our Cap Issues, Free Agency, Retaining Our Core

05 February 2013 - 04:59 PM

Not to nitpick, but if all the parties that sign a contract agree to tear it up and replace it with a new contract they can certainly do that. Now if we are talking just about the NFL, that doesn't mean there are no cap ramifications for the club, but any type of contract can certainly be changed.

I don't remember enough about my first-year contracts course to get into it. I'm happy I chose to practice criminal law. :)

In Topic: Our Cap Issues, Free Agency, Retaining Our Core

05 February 2013 - 11:04 AM

I could be wrong but my understanding is that when you restructure a contract the total money can not be less than it was before restructuring. What Davis did was not restructure his contract. They tore up the contract by mutual agreement and put another one in place. His other option was to be released.

So the whole idea of restructuring is about when it gets paid and how it counts against the cap not how much is getting paid. So restructuring doesn't save a team money or allow them to pay less, just lower the cap hit this year. The net effect will be to increase it in subsequent years.

This is exactly right. Once a contract is signed, the dollar amount of that contract cannot change. It's a basic tenet of contract law. Restructuring does not lower the total dollar amount. It simply moves it, as many have said but not all seem to grasp.

In Topic: Peter King MMQB after Super Bowl 38

02 February 2013 - 11:54 AM

Current co-worker of mine had to pay for his two tickets. I've seen his ring, pictures, everything from that week. I have no reason to believe he would lie to me about having to purchase the tickets.

I just know that I, and everyone else in the department I worked in, paid nothing for the tickets we received from Mr. Richardson. He also sent our department to the St Louis playoff game for free, including airfare, tickets and field passes.

I'm not saying you friend is lying. I'm just saying that everyone I worked with got a free trip to the Super Bowl, including multiple receptions/parties and excursions in and around the Houston area (NASA and the NFL Experience to name a couple).

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