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In Topic: Avant and Gano Talk About Their Faith

Today, 09:52 PM

I can start a "Gettleman Is Stubborn and Destroyed Our WR Corps/Greatest Player's Legacy" thread if everyone would like to shift gears...

In Topic: Avant and Gano Talk About Their Faith

Today, 09:49 PM

No debate just expressing my opinion which apparently is unacceptable.

Everyone's opinions are acceptable.


And I didn't intend for anything I posted to come off that way, nor did I mean for it to seem like my post was only directed towards you.  My apologies.


I'm simply saying in general, that the statements should remain respectful when involving one's personal beliefs and/or values. 


But, I also remember the original Michael Sam thread ended up in the Tinderbox, so I forget what I'm asking...


In Topic: Avant and Gano Talk About Their Faith

Today, 09:23 PM

Everything is up for criticism.

So you seriously think things are respected on these boards lol


We can't discuss any further without taking this to the Tinderbox, Cat!  LOL...


In all seriousness, I just feel like if it's related to our players and it's regarding personal beliefs in this forum, then we should leave this one be and save the debate for one of the hundreds of Tinderbox threads on religion that always predictably play out much like this one has.


And there is a huge difference between criticism and outright disrespect.  Often, when it is regarding personal beliefs, outright disrespect veils itself as criticism.  This thread is proof of that.  I don't see how what was posted, in title or substance would be offensive to anyone that they would feel the need to criticize unless they went to great lengths to be offended.  The title doesn't mention their specific faith and the OP requires one to click on the links to watch the videos. 


Yet, we have people now pinning down Avant and Gano for not solving the world's problems because they are religious people?  That's pretty unfair.




In Topic: Avant and Gano Talk About Their Faith

Today, 08:59 PM

These threads are always a success. 


Everything can be respected and shared, EXCEPT for one's religious beliefs.  No one asked for all of that



In Topic: Sign Stephen hill you assholes

Today, 06:37 PM

I too want us to sign Hill, because if anyone can make him into anything, it will be Proehl. 


And sadly, as great as Bersin's story is right now, I fear Fiz is right and he likely will not amount to much, if anything, before being cut in favor of another roster move.


Hill has size and speed, and we need both.  He just needs to be coached up.

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