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Today, 01:20 PM

I am convinced BWill has muscles all other human beings were not created with.

In Topic: Day 4 Training Camp Thread

Today, 01:18 PM

Tbh, Ealy didn't impress me in college either. He looked smaller than advertised and did not appear to have much explosiveness off of the line. I was surprised thst so many people wanted him.

I've had a near 100% record in calling who will be a player for us and who won't over thr last several drafts. I also called the Cam and Luke picks well before they took place. I know, you don't have to tell me. I'm an awesome GM... lol. That being said, this may be the year I eat crow because I did not want Benjamin and I REALLY didn't want Ealy. So far KB is preparing my crow for me, and I love that. But, we'll see about Ealy...

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Today, 01:02 PM


In Topic: Day 3 Training Camp Thread

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

When does the hitting start?

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Yesterday, 02:46 PM

For all of the white knights coming forward saying the onus is completely on a man in these situations, i find their takes to be reflective of a lack of life experience.

A man's responsibility is to NEVER lay his hands on a woman. That being said, if they're dealing with an unstable, antagonistic, violent woman, how do they approach that once they're already locked into a situation? The easy solution is to walk away or call the cops. But, Hardy called the cops, with there being no proof that he hit this woman he had previously tried to distance himself from, and he still comes out of it a "woman beater."

Ray Rice has no excuse and is a piece of crap. He was in a public place and had the opportunity to walk away. I don't buy that as being a mistake.

But, when alone, in a private setting, there is no way to escape some sort of problem, either through imposed physical altercation or accusations. Some women use the principle of men never being able to hit a woman to their advantage by physically assaulting a man, knowing he can't do anything back. If it's me, I still walk away and call the cops. But, that's if they let you... what if she stands in front of the door and blocks your exit? What if she starts throwing stuff at you while doing so? If a man physically, but gently, grabs her by the arms and moves her enough so he can exit, she can now say he physically assualted her. But, none of what she did matters... and now that guy has to live with that label, whether guilty or not, the rest of his life.

That's garbage.

I've never had to deal with any of those issues, thank God, but it happens far more often than it is acknowledged. But, if we view a man as a victim, he becomes weak, so men don't want to call the cops...

Now, there are dirtbag men out there who hit women regardless of whether they are provoked or unprovoked, and they are filth. They should be prosecuted to the fullest. There is no excuse for a "man" like that. But, I get tired of seeing women completely exonerated of any wrongdoing when a story like Hardy's breaks, when in reality, she used public perception and the guise of domestic violence to exploit him. That is equally disgusting.

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