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Today, 06:57 PM

I agree about KB, but where I apparently disagree with many of you is that we need to upgrade the position as a whole. We need to raise our floor. Let me say it again: We need to raise our floor...And if we raise our ceiling at the same time, I certainly won't cry about it. Moreover, by raising our floor, that inherently means that we are adding better quality depth. Perhaps we will have a better wide receiving corps If we do this, one with noticeably better upside and looks more akin to an NFL corps than a glorified CFL corps.

Now granted, maybe someone rises from the PS. I hope so. But, even still, if we don't draft a couple of potential play makers in this year's draft at wide receiver---at least one early, and one in the mid rounds---I will be disappointed.

It's the same old thing with us, and has been for arguably the lion's share of the last decade, we are essentially one play maker at receiver away from disaster. You may think that "disaster" is hyperbole, so I will replace it with "mediocrity". If Cotchery or Brown or Boykin are our failsafes in the event that KB and/or a presumed WR1/2 gets hurt for any appreciable amount of time, then we won't get into the dance. We may be on the outside looking in over the shoulder of the Star-esque bouncer, but we we will not get in.

We need to raise our floor.

You hater. How dare you cheapen the golden KB with your wizardry and witchcraft! Speaking of improving our already spectacularly immaculate WR corps! *gasp*

In Topic: Nicks to Titans.

Today, 06:51 PM

Honestly, I think a lot of it is just that you overestimate how good Hakeem Nicks is now. And I'd say you're severely underestimating Kelvin Benjamin.

LOL but that's what I'm saying... People are reading what they want to out of this because of these dichotomies the board cooks up, where you are only one side or the other and no in between...

I made it clear in my first post, this isn't about Nicks. My issue was missing or just not trying with every WR worth a crap outside of Jennings, which is arguable we legitimately even tried there (although I don't think he was worth 4 mil per either).

Again, I could give a poo less about Nicks, individually... My issue is completely neglecting the WR position prior to the draft for several consecutive years when that position from top to bottom, SUCKS. Simple as that...

Also, Kevin Benjamin may have put up some impressive numbers, but let's not ignore the fact that his 1k yard season happened in an era of the FRIENDLIEST WR rules ever. And look at all of the other impressive numbers put up by rookie WRs last season. How many of them dropped multiple wide open TD catches and were tied for the league lead in drops (with such few targets, as others have pointed out)? I'm not saying he sucks... Not anywhere close to saying that. He's good, but wildly inconsistent and unreliable, right now. I also think he could be so much more effective with another talented WR, or two, out there to help take some of the attention away from him as our only threat currently at WR.

But, no use in continuing to beat this dead horse... I've been very clear about my issue, and it keeps getting misconstrued. I think WR should be addressed with something other than an unknown commodity in a rookie. Oh well...

In Topic: Nicks to Titans.

Today, 01:39 PM

Not calling you that, but I do think you're overreacting in this thread.

Scot, we've had the same discussion/argument everytime WR has come up. I don't overreact to much, and yet, everytime we run into the WR issue, I become the huddle caricature of overreaction over every issue, simply because I don't agree with the status quo, specifically about WR.

Apparently we can't discuss points of disagreement without calling people pathetic, accusing them of bitching and moaning, and then grouping them in with tons of casual fan-idiots because they're saying something you don't agree with.

In Topic: Nicks to Titans.

Today, 01:27 PM

Seems like you're the one getting worked up over a simple word typed on a message board... You're not "stating your opinion," you're whining, bitching and moaning. Saying "you're pathetic" is hardly a personal "attack." Man you young politically correct people kill me.

You used "you're" followed by an insulting adjective. That makes it both personal and an attack.

I stated my opinion. You chose to put on your armor and take it personally. I came in this thread talking about football and related personnel. Now, here we are discussing you talking about me.

In Topic: Nicks to Titans.

Today, 01:22 PM

To be clear, I was speaking of general reaction. Not what I thought you specifically would say.

Understandable, but it was quoting his post unfairly referring directly to me as the huddle torch bearer for posting overreaction.