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22 June 2013 - 08:51 AM

I didn't vote because I live in Va. I am completely against the federal government even recognizing marriages! It's a religious ceremony that stays between church and couple! Government needs to stay out of it. Federal government just needs to treat us all as individuals when taxing and only intervene in a case of child support enforcement.


You are mistaken.  Religion does not have a monopoly on marriage.   Marriage was around before any of the popular religions that we have today.  In the United States the government issues you a marriage license no religious ceremony required. It is a legal contract not a religious institution. Atheists get married and Im sure there is no preacher there for their ceremony. Now you may have a religious ceremony for your marriage, but this is not required in order for your marriage to count. You can run down to city hall and get married no religion required.  The issue is that the government is giving special treatment to straight couples and denying gay couples that same right.  This is where the problem arises and inequality presents its self.


Here is a good article about the history of marriage http://theweek.com/a...-over-centuries