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No video?!


In Topic: NBA Offseason Trade/Free Agency Thread

24 July 2014 - 05:37 PM

Sacramento already has Stauskas and Mclemore. No way the trade for Neal and give up Thompson for Biz. And Hendo for Green would be nice but it would take more than just Hendo to get Green here

In Topic: Cam Fully Cleared; Stewart Out 1-2 Weeks

24 July 2014 - 02:03 PM

Cam makes all of these sissies with stubbed toes look like giant pussy lips.


pink flaps

In Topic: NBA Offseason Trade/Free Agency Thread

24 July 2014 - 01:52 PM

This name doesn't seem to be mentioned much on here, but the Hornets should make an offer for Jeff Green, IMO.  Put a package together with the core being Gerald Henderson for Jeff Green.  If you package Bismack and Gerald, the salaries start to even out.  If we could get one of their 3 backup centers in return (Tyler Zeller?), even better. 


The Celtics just signed SF Evan Turner, and already have SF Gerald Wallace ($10mil) and Jeff Green ($9mil) under contract.  Green has been rumored to be on the trade block for months now, and that was before Evan Turner joined the team. 


Meanwhile, they are terribly thin at SG.  Marcus Thornton is their current (new) starter, averaging 9.8 PPG with a $8.5 mil salary.  Gerald Henderson has a meager $6 mil salary and is a 14-16 PPG guy.  And he still has 2 years left on his contract, while Jeff Green is in the last deal of his current deal.  They just drafted SG James Young out of Kentucky, so he is their long-term option and will likely need a year or two to develop off the bench.  Thornton's contract is not guaranteed after this year, so that 9mil comes off the books then - or they deal his expiring contract for more assets.  Regardless, Gerald Henderson is a better short-term and medium-term option at SG for them, and he comes at a big discount.


For the Hornets, Jeff Green becomes your starter at the 3, yet you still have MKG playing significant minutes off the bench.  If MKG improves dramatically this year, you have no reason to hang on to Green.  If not, you decide which player is the better long-term option and you go from there.  Either way, it buys you time with your young draft picks while letting them contribute off the bench for one more year.  Same goes for PJ (who otherwise is relegated to cleanup minutes behind Lance, GH, and Neal. 


Also, Jeff Green is a definite upgrade offensively to MKG...but many would argue he's in the same class defensively.  So it's not like you're trading O for D here.  Between Lance, Jeff, and MKG...you'd have three versatile lockdown defenders at 6'5, 6'9, and 6'7 that could rotate on a player like LeBron, Durant, or Melo.


I honestly see this as a huge win-win / no-brainer for both clubs.  Someone please email MJ!  ;)


1.) Kemba Walker (Nelson/Pargo)

2.) Lance Stephenson (Neal/Hairston)

3.) Jeff Green (MKG / Jeff Taylor)

4.) Marvin Williams (Cody Zeller / Noah Vonleh)

5.) Al Jefferson (Tyler Zeller)


That is a serious lineup right there that could compete with ANYbody!




i would even listen to ideas of trading MKG for Green


In Topic: Greg Olsen on Mac Attack @ 7:30

24 July 2014 - 08:20 AM

To be fair, Irvin was probably wired out of his mind on blow.

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but there's probably a million other things you would want to do while coked out of your mind, but he chose to run wind sprints.. still proves my point- its a choice to become Great

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