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In Topic: This lack of heart

Today, 10:19 AM

I believe you are trying to reference "lack of heart" with emotion? Problem is, most can't play with "emotion" since they make too many mistakes.

If you are referring to intensity, Luke has been. Short as well! Very few have that hidden intensity gear tho

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Today, 10:11 AM

great post up until the stewart bash. he was strong as fug yesterday , being patient and he looked like a mule that wouldn't go down. He also has a burst when he hits the hole downhill. to be sure his injuries are over????? hopefully

I bash because of cost vs. production

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Today, 12:06 AM

Some reports have cap going to 160, but 145 seems to be the accepted

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Today, 12:05 AM

Your numbers are a bit misleading. There are some other things you have to include.

That 130m number is only for 40 players.

If you add 13 players making 500k (close to league minimum) that adds 6.5 million. 130 + 6.5 = 136.5m
Practice squad is around 1m 136.5 + 1= 137.5m
You have to save some for IR, lets say 2m 137.5 + 2= 139.5m
Also some of next years rookies will make more then 500k so you have to
account for the difference. 2m 139.5 + 2=141.5m

If the cap goes to 135m and if we rollover 6m that puts our projected cap at 141.m.

In this scenario we are over the cap by .5m. And this is with us filling out our roster at 500k per person for the 13 empty spots. 500k is actually less the league minimum for veterans.

As far as CJ goes you can't really gain 9 million unless you add years to it. Not sure if we want to do that though. If you gain 5 million you will also add 5 million to 2016. I could see us letting him go though which would free up 10 million next year.

You are correct on Godfrey and Decoud though. Cutting them would free up 6 million.

Cutting Williams as a June 1st cut frees up 2 million in space for 2015 but adds 2 million in 2016.

When you look at next years numbers a lot of the decisions that DG has made start to make a lot more sense.

Letting CJ go frees up 6 mil while creating 14 mil in dead money. His cap hit is 20.
Dwill has a cap hit of 6 and still owed 6 in guaranteed(what causes dead money). He gives us 6 in cap space in 2015 but cause 6 in dead on 2016 if June 1st cut.

I took for granted people could see that we have to build a 53 man roster, but we aren't slated to lose anyone high profile except for Hardy

In Topic: Soon, Very Soon

Yesterday, 11:49 PM

I was thinking that cap would be in the higher 20 mils the other week.

Gettleman should be getting heat for some of the specific players he brought in but I do agree with not completely going off the rails against him until this next offseason unfolds.

Take Cam's #s off the potential space and we're looking at roughly 12/13 million give or take for about 8 positions not counting draft picks. The nice thing is that it doesn't figure in the unexpected cuts or straight up pay cuts that could happen.

We should be able to add a good and proven vet or two this coming offseason.

Cam's numbers are already a part of the 130mil contracts. He has 14mil coming to him

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