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#2135349 Touchdown Scorer's(case for going WR early in draft).

Posted by panther4life on 14 February 2013 - 06:18 PM

I see some responses gloating about the points we scored in the 2nd half of the season.

Lets see who we scored all these points against.(edit accidentally added the skins so this is final 9 games)

21 vs the Skins. They gave up 24.2 per game over the course of the season. (1 Passing TD this game)

14 vs the Broncos. They gave up 18.1 a game over the course of the season.(2 Passing TD's this game)

21 vs the Bucs.They gave up 24.6 a game over the course of the season.(1 Passing TD this game)

30 vs the Eagles. They gave up 27.8 a game over the course of the season.(2 Passing TD's this game)

21 vs the Chiefs. They gave up 26.6 a game over the course of the season(3 Passing TD's this game)

30 vs the Falcons. They gave up 18.7 a game over the course of the season.(2 Passing TD's this game)

30 vs the Chargers. They gave up 21.9 a game over the course of the season.(2 Passing TD's this game)

17 vs the Raiders. They gave up 27.7 a game over the course of the season.(1 Passing TD this game)

44 vs the Saints. They gave up 28.4 a game over the course of the season and were the worst Defense in NFL history.(0 Passing TD's this game)

Thats 9 games(argued to be our best) and only in 4 of them did we score than our opponents gave up on average anyway.

BTW when Gettleman said more "Touchdown Scorers" did any of you actually think he meant more running backs? Of course an argument could be made for another threat at TE do help us here but good luck finding that in the draft and once again will still leave a hole trying to fill Smith's shoes when he retires.

#2133561 Touchdown Scorer's(case for going WR early in draft).

Posted by panther4life on 12 February 2013 - 10:07 PM

Gettleman mentioned this along with pass rushers and big men as things he's looking for.

Here is every player who scored a TD on offense last year and how many they had.

Rushing TD's
Cam 8
Tolbert 7
Williams 5
Stewart 1

the 21 total rushing put us at 3rd in the league behind the skins and patriots.

Playoff teams had the following overall rankings in rushing TD's for the regular season.

Receiving TD's
Greg Olsen 5
Steve Smith 4
Brandon Laefell 4
Deangeo Williams 2
Stewart,Murphy,Barnidge ad Pilares all had 1 a piece.

We ranked 21st in the league in passing TD'S. The league average was 23.7 passing TD's and we only had 19.

Heres where the playoff teams ranked overall.



In 2011 we had the most rushing TD's in the league and finished 3rd this year thanks to Cam mostly.
Even with that being the case it was not enough to help us have a winning season or more importantly a playoff appearance.

Our passing TD's could definitely use a boost and its not going to come from Cam continuing to improve alone. Add in the fact that Steve Smith is not far from retirement and we have nobody who could step up as a decent starter if he gets injured.

This team has several positions that could use and in some cases require an upgrade for us to improve to a playoff level team. That being said WR needs to be addressed early in the draft and the sooner the better imo assuming a player Gettleman and crew deem worthy of using our 1st round selection on is available at 14.

This is just my preferred position to go in the first from a timing and value standpoint for our current and future roster. DT would be a close 2nd and then S, G, CB,and Offensive Tackle are how I rank our current needs via the draft. Of course we will have to supplement through free agency and the waiver wire just before teams cut down to 53.

#2131362 Your Huddle Poster Top 10 List

Posted by panther4life on 10 February 2013 - 04:06 PM

No point in making a list because its too easy to leave out good posters(don't take this place seriously enough to keep up with all the good ones).

Anyway I always like the guys who jump in and talk x's and o's, roster management, basically anything Panthers that relates to on the field activities. They also can keep their ego in check and admit when wrong. Don't get involved in little pissing matches over having a differing opinion with someone else and find no joy in being a troll. I also like well thought out and informative threads with links to reference their research. (Mr. Scot does a good job of this type thing when researching potential GM'S and coaches.)

There's definitely well over 10 posters who meet that criteria and if your one of them, I appreciate you.

I could care less about what first take said about Cam, what Cam wore to school, espn not liking us, etc.

Then when I come to the lounge I like seeing Jasonluckydog's good will home run finds, MPF's sense of humor, sportstalk sharing interesting stories, JR making fun of others, Phillyb's adventures around the world, Floppin's adventures around the carolina's and of course the king of the lovely ladies has got to go to NCBiscuit.

#2127728 Everything you need to know about our cap, potential cuts and free agents.

Posted by panther4life on 07 February 2013 - 10:30 AM

First of all here are the best links available to help you understand our cap situation and rules.

http://www.eaglescap...alyzingCBA.html (faq on the rules)

http://www.askthecom...laryCap/faq.asp (another faq on the rules)

http://www.spotrac.c...nthers/cap-hit/ (Our cap hits and access to details on every players contract..Click on specific player's full contract to see future cap hits and signing bonus money still counting against the cap in future years)

http://www.overtheca...thers&Year=2013 Later found this site and it does the math on cap savings for you.

http://espn.go.com/n...ct-cap-strategy (Every teams updated cap space, except for Giants who have already begun making cuts).

Heres some things you need to know.

Signing bonus- This is guaranteed money players receive as soon as their contract is signed. This money can be and often is spread over the course of a player contracts for up to 5 years. This means the player already has the money but the hit against the cap is spread out. If we cut a player we are no longer responsible for their base salary and owe them nothing. The only deterrent to cutting a player with a large signing bonus is we still have to take the hit against the cap of whatever guaranteed money has not already been accounted for against the cap.

Base Salary- This is the yearly money a player will receive if still on the team, this money and their amortized signing bonus, plus any other workout bonus accounts for our total cap hit.

Dead Money- This refers to money that counts against the cap from players who were cut before their signing bonus has been fully accounted for against the cap.

June 1st cuts- Teams can divide up the remaining dead money or unaccounted for against the cap signing bonus money from players cut over the current year and the next.
*As we did with Wharton last year the new CBA allows for a team to cut up to 2 players before June 1st and still be designated as a June 1st cut, hence allowing a team to spread the hit over 2 years without officially having to wait until June to do so.

March 12th- This is our first deadline to be under the cap(first day of the league year and start of free agency). When we cut down to 53 in September we will have to make sure we are under the cap again.

131.8 Million- This is the amount we are currently have committed to the 2013 cap. The cap is right at 121 Million for 2013.

4,526,462- The amount of the dead money already hitting our cap for 2013. Most of this came from 2 players, Mare(2 Million) and Wharton(1.8 million)

4.5-5 million- The amount our rookie class should roughly count against our cap. (Brockers the 14th overall last year counted 2.164 Million against the rams cap last year, Mychal Kendricks the 46th overall pick last year count just over 1 million against the eagles cap last year thats roughly 3.75 million to our 2 first rounders, plus we'll have a few other picks counting less as well)

Easiest way to calculate for yourself- Go to the spotrac website referenced above. Look at the cap hits and how much remaining signing bonus money we have spread out on each player by clicking on their name. IF you cut that player ignore their base salary and just use the signing bonus money as a cap hit. Choose to spread it out over 1 or 2 years. Keep in mind spreading it out over 2 years can be very helpful but just creates more dead money down the road.

****These numbers have been edited for accuracy and added a few to the list 2-10-13****
Ways to save without using June 1st rule and piling up dead money for 2014 as well
Cutting Gamble would save us 7.9 million
Cutting Gross would save us 6.9 million
Cutting Ron Edwards would save us 2.5 million
Cutting Hangartner would save 1.575
Cutting Gary Williams would save us 1.125 Million
Cutting Nakumara would save $966,000
Cutting Kenny Onatulu would save us $775,000
Cutting Jason Williams would save 715,000
Cutting Bruce Campbell would save us 630,000
Cutting David Gettis would save us 630,000
Cutting Armanti Edwards would save us 630,000

The following would all save us 555,000 a piece if cut or all 7 together would save 3.885 million.
Thomas Austin
James Dockers
Mario Addison
Jeff Byers
Colin Jones
Armond Smith
Colin Cole

*We could cut other players but if won't save us close to a million no point in fooling with them right now.

**Gross and Gamble should be very easy to restructure as their contracts are almost up and have very little leverage because their remaining signing bonus money to hit the cap is very small(3 Million for Gross and 3 million for Gamble in comparison to their cap hits).

Players that would have to be a june 1st cut to save us money this year and by default next year too, but will cause dead money to be on the books in 2014.
Cutting Beason would have an immediate savings of 3.5 million this year and 6.75 million next year.

Cutting Deangleo would have an immediate savings us of 3.4 million in 13 and 4.4 million in 2014. Cutting D-will will also create another 4.6 million in dead money for 2014, because he has a total of 9.6 million in signing bonus scheduled to hit the cap over the next 3 years.

Further reading on Beason situation.
Something has to be done here because not only does he have a large cap hit for 13(9.5 million) it goes up to 10.75 in 2014 and 11.75 in 2015. Since he has 12 million in signing bonus money scheduled to hit the books over the next 3 years( 4 million a year) if we cut him now it would require an immediate hit of the full 12 million. That is more than his current cap hit of 9.5 million if we keep him. Therefore if were going to cut him it makes more sense to do it as a june 1st cut if looking for the cap relief for this year. However if Gettleman can get us under the cap without making him a june 1st cut 2014 will have a much better outlook as we won't have 6 million in dead money already committed to the books.

Further reading on Deangleo Williams situation.

Cutting D-will will also create another 4.6 million in dead money for 2014, because he has a total of 9.6 million in signing bonus scheduled to hit the cap over the next 3 years. If we can bite the bullet on him for this year and hold off on cutting him until next year it would be much more ideal from a fiscal sense. If we cut him next year we can do it before June 1st and still save 2.8 million without carrying over dead money into 2015.

1 other wildcard here would be James Anderson but much like Deangleo if you look at his contract it makes much more sense to wait another year on him .http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/james-anderson.

In summary it looks nice and pretty to cut Gamble and Gross but because they have little signing bonus money yet to hit the cap, it provides us a good leverage in negotiating a restructure or small extension. On the flip side someone like Beason who has 12 million in signing bonus money yet to hit our cap has the upper hand on us in regards to not renegotiating if does not want to. I just think much like Wharton, Beason's time is up because we have drafted his much cheaper replacement.

Heres our 2013 Unrestricted Free Agents
Dwan Edwards
Jordan Senn
Antwan Applewhite
Captain Munnerlyn
Louis Murphy
Sherrod Martin
Ben Hartstock
Gary Barnidge
Mike Pollack
Derek Anderson

Restricted Free Agents
Jason Phillips
Nate Ness
Richie Brockel
Andre Neblett

**also something to keep in mind is that Hardy will be a free agent next year and Cam the following year. Both these players are on pace to demand larger contracts so we need to cut back on the trend of doing june 1st cuts and carrying "dead money" over as much as possible so we can retain them.

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#2103749 Do your best to put a positive spin on Shula's promotion

Posted by panther4life on 18 January 2013 - 06:31 PM

We made the playoffs under Joe Pendry,Dan Henning and Jeff Davidson as offensive coordinators in the past.

Pendry did it with Kerry Collins at the helm, Henning and Davidson did it with Delhomme...who's to say Shula and Cam can't make it?

There I tried....what you got?

#2102206 PFW (Eric Holmes) also says DT position needs higher priority

Posted by panther4life on 17 January 2013 - 09:03 PM

DT is not the only position we lack a 1st or 2nd homegrown talent at. As of right now these are the following positions currently on the roster we personally spent a 1st or 2nd round pick on.

MLB:2(Keuchly and Beason)
HB:2(Williams and Stewart)
QB:2(Newton and Clausen)

Heres the other positions we have on the team that we spent a1st or 2nd round pick on.

CB: Gamble
OLB: Davis
LG: Silatolu
C: Kalil

So that leaves the following positions our roster does not have 1st or 2nd round pick we committed to.

On defense we do have no immediate need at DE,LB,SS and maybe CB.

That means we must do something to fix our FS position and find a new NT(I think Dwan Edwards can suffice at least 1 more year at their tackle position). If a can't miss corner is there that should also garner heavy consideration.

On Offense.

The most immediate need is WR. Smith is close to hanging it up and Lafell is not on pace to takeover as a # 1.

The offensive line could use some upgrades on the right side and Gross is aging but I think we can find some help there outside of the first round.

I would personally rank our top needs as of right now.

1.WR-Cam needs another weapon in the pass game, ideally a new redzone target
2.FS- We have nobody that I think is 100% starting caliber here
3.DT- I think Ron Edwards is cut to save cap room so NT is slightly more of a need than under tackle(use Dwan 1 more year)
4.OL- RG could def. use an upgrade but with Kalil coming back we can slide Hangartner back their 1 more year if we must. Bell is still a question mark as far as long term answer. Gross is getting up their but does not require an immediate upgrade
5.CB- Norman and Thomas have some potential and Gamble is still solid but aging as well.

#2089257 Chudzinksi hired as Cleveland Head Coach

Posted by panther4life on 10 January 2013 - 10:26 PM

That's a bit of a shocker, congrats to him and good luck. I am hesitant to celebrate this news until we name/find his replacement. Who else is out there besides Norv? If Rivera finds the right guy and Gettleman drafts us another offensive weapon our offense could be deadly.

#2069802 Rivera press conference coming at 11 am on panthers.com and current black mon...

Posted by panther4life on 31 December 2012 - 10:03 AM

According to Steve Reed twitter, Jerry Richardson is not even in town this week..Anyone think he's in NY conducting a GM interviews with Ross and Gettleman?

#2067732 We have the 15th pick...EDIT, the 14th pick Saints 15th.

Posted by panther4life on 30 December 2012 - 04:30 PM

Kennan Allen.

Thats my personal preference.

#2065394 So let's say Ross gets the GM job...

Posted by panther4life on 29 December 2012 - 12:16 AM

I personally want a coach who has experience being a head coach and making the right decisions on game day.The only way to get that is a retread or a college head coach or coordinator who was a successful college head coach in the past.

I would be much happier with hiring Kelly than another defensive coordinator. It seems very hard to predict what current coordinator or assistant coach can translate their success on one side of the ball to managing a whole team and coaching staff.

For me his lack of NFL experience on resume' is not ideal but not a deal breaker either. I'd take him over the likes of Fewell or Zimmer.

#2063523 Why you think Ron Rivera should stay (or go)? --POLL--

Posted by panther4life on 27 December 2012 - 09:58 AM

2-6 this year against .500 or better teams. 50% of his wins are against a team starting a rookie or backup qb.
1-7 last year against .500 or better teams.
1 win in 2 years against non divisonal opponents with .500 or better record.
4-7 in the division over 2 years.

Lost to the 2-13 chiefs who started Brady Quinn while fighting to save his job. Can't win a close game to save his life.

The dude sucks and will be fired in less than a week.

#2056374 Rivera has brainwashed you guys.

Posted by panther4life on 21 December 2012 - 08:54 AM

For those citing his late surge, you do remember we did the same thing last year, only to start this year 1-7 right?

#2056226 Rivera has brainwashed you guys.

Posted by panther4life on 20 December 2012 - 11:01 PM

How many coaches have taken over a 2-14 team and turned it into a winner in two years?

Of course you know about Fox taking a 1-15 team to the Super Bowl in his 2nd year.

Parcells took the phins from 1-15 to 11-5 in 1 season.

Hell Raheem Morris took the Bucs from 3-13 to 10-6 within 2 years.

Mike Smith took inherited a 4-12 Falcons and got them to 11-5 and a consistent winner ever since.

Sean Payton took over the 3-13 saints and got them to 10-6 and the nfc championship in his first year and made them a consistent winner.

Bruce Arians is taking last years worst team who were also 2-14 and has them sitting at 9-5 as an interim head coach.

All of that has happened in recent history and by every team in the NFC South

Some people also want to place the blame on players for not making single game changing plays but on the flip side if Rivera had made better coaching decisions it would not have come down to just one play.

Under Rivera we are 0-7 in games decided by a touchdown or less this year and 1-12 overall in close games.He waste time outs as bad as any coach I have ever seen.He allowed Chud to cripple our offensive weapons at the beginning of the season. I just have not seen enough from him to inspire me to want to keep him and I am sure a new gm won't either.

#2054796 Why do you need to give a coach three years to prove himself?

Posted by panther4life on 19 December 2012 - 08:26 PM

Rivera's 11 wins have come against teams with a combined record of 65-101.

He is 3-19 against teams that finished last year or have a winning record thus far this year. One of those wins came the Texans who had to start T.J Yates who lost all 3 of his starts last year. This stat can't get any better this year as we are playing 2 teams destined to finish with a losing record.

This year he is 2-10 against teams with a winning record.

Last year he was 1-8 vs teams with a winning record.

Thats just not enough improvement to sell me on keeping him. Especially with a new GM coming, now is the time to replace him.

#2047520 Steve Smith will hit 1k yards for 7th time in a season

Posted by panther4life on 15 December 2012 - 09:43 PM

tomorrow as he currently sits at 999 yards year to date.

Person did a write up on it earlier with quotes from Steve about his hall of fame possibilities.


Right now he is currently 26th all time in yards and currently remains 152 yards shy of Muhsin Muhammed who is 23rd all timed. He's also 1 TD shy of Moose's 62 career TD's.

Right now he has 11,277 career receiving yards and is 2500 yards away from the current top 10. He will need more than that to stay there long.

Reggie Wayne is the only active receiver who has more yards with 12,928 but he also has 30 more career starts.

Andre Johnson(10865) and Larry Fitzgerald(10267) are the only other active receivers that can can catch him within the next couple years.

Heres the complete list...