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In Topic: Panthers Extend Greg Olsen

Today, 05:23 PM

Excited to see the terms. This is Gettlemans first big contract.

In Topic: You Can Only Sign One Player in Free Agency Who Would it Be?

Today, 04:12 PM

Hardy and there isn't a close second

In Topic: DJ Humphries or Jake Fisher in the 1st

Today, 11:04 AM

I love DJ Humphries potential. I am all on board if he is there at 25.

In Topic: Cam Newton is not a person of interest in club shooting!

Yesterday, 04:01 PM

Dave Newton really does suck I agree with whoever said that. It is really an impossible task to find someone who covers the Panthers other the voth who is compenent at their profession. How is this a story? Was it ever rumored that Cam may be a suspect here? Was it ever a story that Cam showed up with a group and someone from there could be involved? Did it cross anyone's mind on here that Cam could be involved? It sure never crossed mine.

In Topic: salary cap released

03 March 2015 - 11:48 PM

i am lost at how out lets are reporting we have max about 15 million in cap space. someone correct me if I am wrong but I am coming up with that Carolina should have $18,642,313 in cap space. I took our first 51 contracts and came up with a number of $118,784,305. I got the figures from Spotrac. I then took the dead money where I applied DeAngelo Williams as a June 1st cut and came up with $11,945,019. The NFL released today the official adjusted cap numbers for each team and had Carolina at $149,371,637. Now if you don't include draft pick slots for now, I am coming up with over $18 million. Does anyone see where I may have gone wrong? Thanks.