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  1. Doesn't Watson still have his no trade clause he would need to waive? In theory, he could still block a trade to a team that offers more than another team. If he plays it smart, he could control his own value in a sense and lower the cost for the team acquiring him.
  2. Well now that Marty is gone and we can stop handing out ridiculous contracts that come back to bite us with all the dead cap.
  3. Probably should trade back and acquire more picks then take him...
  4. I saw a report over the weekend that it was Stafford wife who wanted to go to LA.
  5. I'm kind of thinking Dallas if they want to move on from Dak. A deal swapping the two makes a ton of sense.
  6. Anyone else catch the dig he kinda threw at Dodds for backing out? Makes me wonder if he was the preferred choice before he backed out of it.
  7. I was hoping KJ Britt would end up on Rhules team. He is a bit undersized for a MLB, but he fits the character profile Rhule looks for. I wouldn't be shocked if he's one of our late round picks.
  8. Now I see why the player comp on him is a less athletic Andy Dalton.
  9. Sounds like it will be Ossenfort if I had to guess. Pairing him with Stewart makes a lot of sense given their time together in New England.
  10. I think it is a wash in the first year considering the talent on the Browns roster vs what we have in Carolina. I will say I'm impressed with how Rhule had the young guys ready to play each week. I think Rhule was brought in the build an organization vs Stefanski who was brought in to win with the pieces they have. I think each met and surpassed their expectations year 1.
  11. I remember this is something Rhule really made a point to drive home when he was hired. Putting people in the right position to succeed. Given the two big front office hired Tepper has made with Stewart and Suleiman to date, I think they are on the right path of having the right people in place.
  12. I wonder if Tepper saw the report that the committee recommend Khan and then decided to interview him.
  13. Same can be said for Joe Schoen. I think people are sleeping on him.
  14. Dodds is out... https://twitter.com/HolderStephen/status/1348389779281485830?s=19 No idea how to embed tweets..
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