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In Topic: Rivera and Dave showed up to CJ's grandmother funeral.

20 January 2015 - 12:10 AM

How short is that guy standing next to them?


He looks like a man, not a kid, but still, he doesn't even reach their shoulders, that's one short dude

In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

04 January 2015 - 03:48 AM

just showed up same day as the game


Prizm Finite 1/1



In Topic: If the Panthers lose should Ron Rivera return?

27 December 2014 - 07:48 PM

I think this teams ceiling with Ron as a HC is first or second round in the playoffs, and that's the problem, if we keep just missing or just making the playoffs and not winning the NFC, he'll never get fired.


Ron Rivera IS NOT and will NEVER be an elite HC in the NFL, and when we right now have players like Cam, Kuechly, and Benjamin, we should not be wasting those with a guy who has proven he can't get it done when it matters.


If we were the Bengals, a team with solid starters and one superstar, then yes, you keep a mediocre coach who is going to have your team competing for a playoff spot most years, but isn't going to lift you to anything greater than that.


But we have 3 potential superstars, at maybe the 3 most impactful positions in the current style of NFL football.


Hell, I wouldn't have minded Rivera as the HC instead of Fox during the 2000's, that would have been fine, it would have fit the style players of those teams as well.


But when we have a freaking Ferrari, why the F*** is it parked in the garage while we roll out the Prius?


Run an up tempo offense, it's when this offense is at it's best.  Quit with this craptastic time of possession based offense.


That is something that will never happen under Ron Rivera's watch, so why keep him when the most valuable and important player on your team is built for an exact opposite style of play?


I really just don't like Rivera at all, I want him gone, which unfortunately, I don't see happening even with an embarrassing loss this weekend, and we're stuck for another year of a playoff push and keeping his job yet again

In Topic: If the Panthers lose should Ron Rivera return?

27 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

I wanted Rivera fired even after he won coach of the year last year, he is just terrible, he is not a championship caliber head coach


Even after all his "Riverboat Ron" stuff during last season (which in itself was crap as really, he was just making the smart decision most of the time, that any coach should make, he wasn't really "gambling") he totally reverted back to his gutless self in the playoff game.


He has proven without a shadow of a doubt to me that he is not a coach you can win a SB title with


And if that's the case, why keep him around when he's had 3 losing seasons out of 4?


Why delay the inevitable and push back getting a new coach/system in here for another full season (or two or three or four if he keeps having mediocre to good seasons to save his job and not GREAT ones)?


Just get rid of him, jump forward a few years in the evolution of this team and get the change going BEFORE Cam's prime years pass him by.

In Topic: Carolina Panther card/memorbilla/auto's collectors...

24 December 2014 - 05:52 PM

And just got this in today, had to upgrade the patch from the one I already picked up, and this new one has a much more bold auto too