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#1518440 Comments on Today's Collapse.

Posted by AnalyzeThIs#28 on 13 November 2011 - 09:58 PM

Anyone who judges a team after any 1 game is retarded. Every phase of todays game was garbage, but anyone who knows this team knows the ST is terrible and the defense is following close behind. I don't expect for Cam to carry this team every week, and that's definitely on the coaches. We should have ran the ball a lot more. Before coming into todays game we were 8th in Offense rushing and thetitans were 32

#1189590 Most Panther fans are also Gamecock fans..

Posted by AnalyzeThIs#28 on 06 May 2011 - 04:41 PM

That's what UNC "fans" do. They can't help themselves, they creamed their pants when Barnes announced he would attend UNC, and they creamed them again when he was the first freshman to ever make the pre-season all american team.

The truly lovely part about it is when they started losing games early in the season and Barnes looked like a disaster and every Tom Dick and Harry UNC "fan" was screaming for Roy's head. Thing is, most UNC "fans" stopped watching then and knew nothing of the rest of their season until they were 2 wins deep into the tourney. Because? 99.72% of UNC "fans" are bandwagoniers who have no meaningful ties to the school in any way.

I have more tolerance for professional teams fans who have really obscure reasons for liking a certain team because professional teams are supposed to REPRESENT an area. The Carolina Panthers represent the professional football team of the Carolinas. That is all that they do.

Colleges on the other hand are an institution of learning first and foremost, and it naturally makes sense that alumni would be fans. But when I hear, "Herpty derpty mah cousin's friend had er Michael jordern poster an he had it and gave it to mah momma's sister's friend and he was friends with mah friend at shcool and he gave duh poster to me so imma UNC FANN WOOOHOOOO!" well, then I'm far less tolerant.

I'm not sure what UNC fans you know? But all the UNC fans I know are diehard fans and not bandwagon followers. I was brought up in a UNC fan family so I've been watching them since I can remember. They have always been a top ten team so I can understand hate. What's your favorite team? And don't say duke neither...

#1162196 Post all of the funny Cam/Panthers/JR/MM/Pickles/ GIF's and related images Th...

Posted by AnalyzeThIs#28 on 25 April 2011 - 10:49 PM

This Cam poo is funny as hell! He has a cartoon looking face that's just perfect.

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