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#3220218 Pro Football Spot's FA prospects for Panthers & some of my own thoughts

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 02:01 AM

Dawg, these are realistic names.  Yes, they are beaten-down stocks--we can't afford the big names.  I hope people understand what you are doing here. 


#3220216 Does Gettleman Send a Message to Cam This Offseason?

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 01:49 AM

Personnel around him is a must.  He needs another WR and a legit LT--personally, a really good blocking FB/Hback too, one that can pick up blitzes.  That would be meeting Cam half way---some of you are acting as if we get studs around him, problem solved.  I think Cam is probably ready to take it to the next level.  That means he has an offseason like Thomas Davis and Beason used to--working his butt off, stepping into throws and watching hours of film.  If all that stuff happens, nobody can beat the Panthers. 

#3219623 Learn something from Bucky Brooks, couch GMs & casual fans

Posted by MHS831 on 25 January 2015 - 12:39 PM



If you notice, the author shows how uninformed he is by dissing the Panthers' drafts, but at the same time he gives Cam Newton props (perhaps underhandedly, but maybe not).  He and G-man believe that Cam is the real deal---certainly good enough to get the job done, provided that the rest of the talent and depth are put into place.

Another excellent thread, Dawg.  I see your name and I read. 


I think Hurney's last years, from Otah, to Brown, to Clausen/Edwards, gave us a bad rep for drafting.  Then there was the McClain/Fua. 


If you look at it that way, and you look at the fact that we only had 5 picks in 2013 and (technically) 6 in 2014, it may be too early for him to judge. 


Gettlemen has made 1 questionable pick in the first five rounds of each draft--something I find remarkable.  And, if Kugbila somehow finds he was off IR and onto the field, that could change.


#3219602 For those who missed Gettleman's interviews, J. Jones got ya covered.

Posted by MHS831 on 25 January 2015 - 11:55 AM

I feel we would have been to several Super Bowls if we had gotten Dave Gettleman as our GM several years ago. I like the approach he has taken since he's been here and look forward to more good things happening with him calling the shots as GM.


Here! Here!  Agreed.  If people understood what this man inherited, there is absolutely NO WAY we should have won more than 5 games since he arrived, We have won 20 and appeared in the playoffs twice, won the South twice--all while he has been buried by the salary cap.  It is truly one of the best stories in sports that nobody (except us) is talking about.

#3219464 Deflate-Gate: Patriots Being Investigated For Deflated Footballs

Posted by MHS831 on 24 January 2015 - 11:56 PM

I don't think the NFL will be able to prove that "someone" purposefully took air out of those footballs.


I think there is a bit of a cover up going on.  What was today actually about?  I think there was some pre-investigation positioning going on:


  • An attempt to put this to rest on their end so they will not be asked about it all week.---  To trivialize the ordeal.  (BB was "embarrassed" by the amount of time he had to spend on this--ready to focus on something more important--this is an attempt to make himself the victim by having to spend his precious time on nonsense).
  • To win over the public and put pressure on the NFL-maybe preventing them from using the science behind ball deflation.  If the NFL presents data that shows the balls would not lose 2 lbs of pressure in 2 hours in any weather, they can say that it contradicts their study)
  • To put blame on the refs--(Johnny Cochran found fault in the LAPD, for example)

The NFL needs to ask:


1. Why were the Colts' balls in compliance?

2  If the balls were deflated as suggested by rubbing, temperature, and atmospheric conditions, why was 1 ball inflated properly?

3. Do the equipment managers know how Brady likes his shoulderpads, helmets, facemask placement on that helmet, etc. without having to ask him every game?  If so, would they also know how he likes his footballs inflated?  If so, has Brady not made public comments about ball inflation? 






Did anyone notice Bill's attitude about spygate?  Did he sound like a man remorseful about breaking rules and tarnishing the shield? No, he was still making excuses about trying to gain unfair advantages. 

#3218729 A present for the Ladies

Posted by MHS831 on 24 January 2015 - 12:25 AM

As a fellow male who is often treated as a piece of man meat by the ladies, I just want to say no means no.


I figured that you are back in NC because as soon as she posted this, I heard the faint sound of distant man love ringing through the valley.  Joining in, I reverberated the energy to a nearby peak, where it was then relayed across the land for 3-5 minutes.  There was great  rejoicing.

#3218504 Hurney on Pats: Culture of Cheating

Posted by MHS831 on 23 January 2015 - 08:00 PM

The NFL never accused them of filming practices at all.


Here is spygate in a nutshell:


In 2007, a rule was passed that teams could no longer film opposing teams' signals from the sidelines. They could record the from the stands, and they could write them down, but they couldn't video tape from the sidelines anymore. During the 2007 season, several teams continued to do it, until the NFL sent out a memo telling teams to stop. The Patriots didn't stop, and Mangini found out and turned them in (Mangini got caught doing the same thing in the playoffs in 2006 and was a big reason for the rule change).


That's just about the whole of what actually happened. The media took over from there. The same media who preaches what a piece of poo Cam is, and sensationalizes everything under the sun.


Everything after that, all the stuff about filming practices, all the rumors and gossip, is just that. Rumors and gossip, all unsubstantiated.


The person who accused them of filming practice was a reporter for the Boston Herald, a year later, who said they filmed a Rams walkthrough. The NFL investigated, hired private investigators, and found the accusation to have been impossible because the supposed cameras found had no batteries or power supplies and no filming had taken place. The reporter retracted the story.

Was it more important for Goodell to punish the Patriots or to preserve the integrity of the shield?  This is the tip of the iceberg.  Sure the media speculated--the commissioner destroyed the evidence from the investigation.  Why would he do that?  Yes, this is a conspiracy theory and that is interesting to me, but there comes a point where a pattern develops.  "Culture" was the right word.


So are they innocent when they are not being policed and they have been caught a few times and accused a few more?  When the only system of accountability is in the hands of one man with an agenda whose decision represents the best wishes of 32 rich men and not the moral majority? 


I see your argument Rodeo, and I am thankful for it because it gives me a chance to counter.  I don't really know if there are UFOs, who really shot JFK, or to what extent the Patriots cheat.  But I know they cheat and that is clear to everyone except the Patriots.

#3218383 Hurney on Pats: Culture of Cheating

Posted by MHS831 on 23 January 2015 - 05:20 PM

Sideline signal filming was legal in 2003 so you make yourselves look stupid when you whine they may have been doing it.


He mentions filming practices.  That is and has always been illegal.

#3217635 The Senior Bowl Thread

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 10:38 PM

I wonder if Marshall should not be at S instead of Cb. 


Thanks for sharing GROWL. 


I watched a bit on TV today until the Brady circus intervened.  Here are some basic assumptions I made in what little they showed.  Correct misconceptions:


OT--Collins held his own and is still a mid to late first rounder

OT-Clemmings from Pitt probably dropped into the second round

OT Donavan Smith should probably be a 3rd rounder, but someone will take him sooner based on his practices at SR Bowl.

OT-Havenstein (Wisc) may have helped himself more than any other T; started the week a mid to late day 3 pick, now could be a day 2 pick. (I like OL from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio St, and Boston College.  Just me)



#3217624 2015 Dead Money

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 10:24 PM

Thanks for posting quality threads.  This is much better than last year.

#3217012 Strickland on Ealy (your first off-season fluff piece).

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 01:19 PM

not only did he use them in the same sentence, he used the same form of it, and all in the same clause!  He's still gotcha beat.


I went to public school.  I blame public school.

#3217010 Re-Drafting all of the Panthers Rookies....

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 01:17 PM

Kelvin Benjamin - Late 1st round

Awesome target with under average hands.


Kony Ealy - early 3nd round

In a year or 2 he could be as good as Hardy..


Trai Turner - Mid 2nd round

Caterpillar D6 TXL


Tre Boston - 3nd round to 6nd

I have no idea, i want to see more.


Bene Benwikere - mid 2nd round

obviously a wonder but i want to see more.


Philly Brown - Mid 4nd Round

A solid N°3 wr


Andrew Norwell - Mid 2nd round

Norwell an UDFA? what a joke! 


Adarius Glanton - 5th or 6th round

I want to see more.(invisible against the hawks..)


Carrington Byndom

Who is this guy?


David Foucault - UDFA

He will have to work alot before and during the next camp..


This is pretty spot on.   I was thinking (in October) that Ealy was going to pull an Everette Brown on us, so I can see that low of a ranking.  Nice to see the light come on and I agree that he is going to be Hardy in a while.  I love the Norwell comment and agree.  I have a brother in law who is an OSU alum and lives in Columbus.  He said that we got some studs in Brown and Norwell (I called him after we signed him).  He said that Norwell flew under the radar because Mewhort was getting all of the buzz. 
Let's hope benjamin works on his hands.  I think he has hands, just concentration issues.  He seems to drop easy passes and catch the tough balls. 

#3216839 Is Andy Dalton really Rick Astley?

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 10:44 AM

I think we can all say that we have never seen the two men in the same room at the same time.  Hmmm.

#3216833 Re-Drafting all of the Panthers Rookies....

Posted by MHS831 on 22 January 2015 - 10:41 AM

Here is how I see it....in order of how they were originally drafted or UDFA


Kelvin Benjamin - Mid 1st round

Solid production in a WR heavy class.


Kony Ealy - Late 1st round

Came on strong late in the year. Plays both DE and even UT spot.


Trai Turner - Mid 2nd round

Once healthy, was a beast in the run game.


Tre Boston - Early to mid 2nd round

Started and played well. Made rookie mistakes and sometimes slow in coverage.


Bene Benwikere - Mid to late 1st round

Possibly the best career out of all corners in this draft ahead.


Philly Brown - Mid to late 3rd Rounder

Good deep threat. Caught a few TD's which is all you can ask for from a mid round rookie.


Andrew Norwell - Late Second to early 3rd round

Solid guard in the league for years to come.


Adarius Glanton - 5th or 6th round

Had a chance to start and played well. Not much more you can ask of a late rounder.


Carrington Byndom - 7th round

Made the team. Saw limited playing time on special teams. Sounds like a 7th rounder to me.


David Foucault - UDFA

Looked like a UDFA. Just no where near ready to see playing time.





Agree? Disgree?


I have been singing Gettlemen's praises for a while, and was pimping his 2013-14 off season as the best I can recall, if these players develop at an average rate from here.


Boston is my only question--I could not believe SI had him in the top 32--I think, because of the issues, he played about like a third rounder who was inserted late.  But there is something to be said about his preseason and injury rehab--all signs seem positive, but to me, the jury is still out.


That is really splitting hairs.  I challenge anyone to find a better rookie class after one season on any team at any time in NFL history.  You may do it--I doubt it---but it will take some deep digging. 


Now Gettlemen is saying that the draft will actually target needs in 2016 due to 23 contracts expiring after the 2015 season.  Without this rookie class, without the security of going to the playoffs again, I am not sure he would be in position to look past immediate needs.  Of course, he also says that he drafts BPA, and going after needs makes you reach.  Gotta love DG.

#3215895 The Senior Bowl Thread

Posted by MHS831 on 21 January 2015 - 02:55 PM

Interesting.  I never saw him as a tweener when I watched him this season.  Of course, I'm no pro scout either.  6'5", very long arms, and he had really quick feet.  I think he could stand to put on a little weight, which wouldn't be much of a problem considering his frame.  I just assumed he'd get snatched quite a bit earlier than 25.


At the SR Bowl measure/weigh in, his arms and height were shorter than I thought.  He was 6'4.5" and had about 33.25" arms.   I read that he would be a pro bowl G, a so-so OT.  This was also a comment that I read, cut and pasted, and lost the source-


LSU OT La’el Collins wanted to establish himself as the best tackle in the draft but he needs to be more consistent over the next few days to cement that status. He got beat a few times, one a terrific spin move by Oklahoma DE/OLB Geneo Grissom. The Jaguars OL coaches were exasperated with the whole group but they know what they have in Collins and stayed on him to finish his blocks and dominate, especially in the run game.


I did get the senior bowl weigh in info here for your convenience.  If this one day is any indication, I would say Collins might be there at 25.



I was very surprised to read (and on NFL network) that the OT from Penn St. Donavan Smith had a good day.  His measurables are impressive too.

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