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#3334622 Edmund Kugbila

Posted by MHS831 on Today, 07:42 AM

There was a post on Reddit about him last week:  http://www.reddit.co...edmund_kugbila/


From that post I found this nugget: " we call Kugbila "Yeti," because we're pretty sure that him being on a football field doesn't exist."


I have read some criticism about Gettlemen about this, but let's take a look at the situation and time:


1.  Gettlemen was a rookie GM going into his first draft.

2. The OL staff worked out Kugbila when he came and were impressed.  Did they, not the scouts, influence DG?

3. Kugbila was a fourth round pick; I think our expectations are high for him because his other late round picks have been pretty good.  Most 4th round picks across the league do not pan out. 


Kugbila was put on IR to allow for him to develop without occupying a roster spot, basically.  He is not that injury prone.

#3334435 Pick 1.25 (Poll)

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 09:15 PM



Interesting poll, davos.  Thanks for putting it together.

#3334284 Opinions

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 06:58 PM

Here is what I see as illogical.  Everyone thinking that we are drafting a LT because Oher and Martin are suspect.  A rookie LT probably does not help in 2015 very much. 


Another illogical assumption people make:  We draft and give 4-year contracts to players based on 2015 needs.  SInce rookies often take a season or two to develop, that is just plain stupid at some positions, like OT.


Gettlemen has said that he is drafting for 2016, not 2015, and frankly, any good GM should draft by anticipating needs at positions that take time to season players.  OT, DE, and WR are positions that typically take a year or two.  


So if you are looking at OTs who can play right away, any in the first round are probably going to struggle.  However, if you have a T who can hold down the fort until a developmental OT gets his strength and technique down, you take one a bit later. 


That is not to say that we won't draft a T in the first, but it is probably to say that the OT in the first round will hopefully not play until 2016.,

#3333888 Greg Hardy making new friends

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 10:20 AM

Hardy had to abandon the car.  A local news crew caught it on tape.




Nice picture.  I like to see what my money (for doing nothing) was spent on.


I want to propose that my boss puts me on the Commissioner's list until they figure out who took that stapler. 

#3333885 read this you manchildren and apply it to everything in your life

Posted by MHS831 on Yesterday, 10:15 AM

Sad that students from Wharton and Booth would ignore simple logic. The draft isn't solely based on luck and shouldn't function as a lottery by simply trying to acquire as many picks as possible.

I follow the argument against trading up, however.


Correct, Frank Hollywood.  There are a ton of variables that determine the success of a player that simply aren't factored into the equation.  Removal of a player's proximal support system, new team culture, coach-player chemistry, system, work ethic, character, etc. etc. 


If they had a way to measure these things, in addition to the combine and the personal profiling, they might be able to compare enough players from the present and past to determine, with some degree of accuracy, that a player's chance of success changes when these variables are considered. 


And there are some things that they do not measure.  For example, emotional intelligence.  Very important when playing an emotional game, especially when fatigue and stress are compounded.


I proposed to the Panthers a series of tests to measure some of these things. 


Coach/Player chemistry:  What is the player's learning style?  Does the coach teach to that learning style?  How many learning aids are used to reinforced learning?  How is the playbook and film room knowledge applied to the practice and game fields?


Emotional Intelligence:  Breaks down the person's motivation, mental limitations, etc.  The player reflects on his performance under pressure and in social settings (locker room) based on these perceptions.  Develops better team chemistry and performance.


I sent a proposal to Jerry Richardson, who sent it to Danny Morrison.  Morrison wrote a letter to me at my POE (a local university) and said they liked the idea and were interested.  He said it was being sent to Marty Hurney and that Hurney would be in touch.  I never heard from Hurney.  A year later, Hurney was gone. 


#3332289 Cowboy fans think Thanksgiving is going to be like a bye week

Posted by MHS831 on 23 April 2015 - 05:54 PM

It will be like a bye week.




In both cases, they won't be getting a "W."

#3331701 Andrus Peat

Posted by MHS831 on 23 April 2015 - 10:39 AM

I'd suggest you go over to draft breakdown and spend a few minutes watching his tape: http://draftbreakdow...rs/andrus-peat/


He's probably top 3 OL (Scherff and Collins above him) against the run, he uses his feet well to create the right angles and has the core power to finish off blocks while staying upright. 


He has the power to deal with direct rushes easily, but lacks the flexibility and balance to position himself quickly against speed and outside rushes. As a prospect he's got a decent floor but his ceiling depends on whether he can improve his footwork and balance. Suggests to me that he should be available late first round but we shouldn't have any issues with taking him in the first. 


Interesting, because I see your rankings of the top 3 OTs, and I see a ranking that goes

1. Flowers

2. Clemmings

3. Humphries


(Scherff and Collins projecting to G; Peat, according to Corey Chavous of Draft Nasty, is going to be a RT).


This draft is SO wide open.  I think the problem with OT is that the college game is sending us players with a different skill set than 10 years ago.


I would add that my favorite players at OT for us are: (excluding Scherff)





#3331687 Thomas Davis to announce our 1st round pick

Posted by MHS831 on 23 April 2015 - 10:31 AM

With the 25th pick, the Carolina Panthers select.....................damn! (Owamagbe Odighizuwa).

#3331495 Dear Carolina Panthers FO

Posted by MHS831 on 23 April 2015 - 07:57 AM

I think we do this: 


1.  If a top 2 RB is there, we take him. if not--

2.  If a top 4 WR (excluding DGB--I bet he is not on our board) is there, we take him.  if not...

3. If a top LT candidate is there (probably Peat or Flowers) we take him.  if not....

4. If a top pass rusher is there (excluding Gregory--after the Hardy situation, you are dreaming) we take him.  if not...

5. If a top DT is there (surely we are not counting on Coles at 35) we take him. 


Just guessing.  I literally have no idea.  Shaq and Perriman are staying in my head every time I dismiss them.  For those of you who think Shaq is a second rounder, remember this--he is perhaps the best overall football player / athlete in this draft. Draftniks who do not know what to do with a player call them "tweeners" and thus devalue them.  However, today's defenses are more complex, and a player like Shaq is a a great tool for a 4-3 defense.   As a SS, he is probably a second rounder.  As a LB, he is probably a mid second rounder.  But as a player who can do both, he is possibly a late first rounder. 



#3327267 Happy birthday luuuuuuke

Posted by MHS831 on 20 April 2015 - 07:24 AM

I don't want Luke to have birthdays.

#3326754 Aligning the draft with position depth

Posted by MHS831 on 19 April 2015 - 03:45 PM

"think that site sucks"

Have talked to a number of scouts over the years who I guess won't be taking in the burden on of reading your article.

Let me get this straight--You and NFL scouts chat, and when you do, its about Walterfootball.com. 


I believe you. 

#3326498 Aligning the draft with position depth

Posted by MHS831 on 19 April 2015 - 08:37 AM

Read more at http://walterfootbal...ZL7CYfHMLe9F.99


This is from Walter Football, so all of you who think that site sucks, please don't feel the tremendous burden to read on or even add an uninformative post. I think he pretty much nails it here (a bit soft on later RBs and hard on the WRs).  I have liked the DTs in this draft, especially if you want to peek at the 3-4 DEs.  We have 2 reserve 34-35 year old guys, so do not be surprised if we grab a DT.


FWIW, this could help your mocking between now and April 30.


Offensive Tackle Class
Early-round talent: A-
Mid-round: B+
Late-round: B-
Overall grade: B+
Running Back Class
Early-round talent: A
Mid-round: A
Late-round: A-
Overall grade: A
Wide Receiver Class
Early-round talent: A-
Mid-round: B+
Late-round: B+
Overall grade: A-

Defensive End Class
Early-round talent: B+
Mid-round: B
Late-round: C+
Overall grade: B
Defensive Tackle Class
Early-round talent: A
Mid-round: A-
Late-round: B
Overall grade: A-
4-3 OLB Class
Early-round talent: A
Mid-round: B
Late-round: B
Overall grade: B+

Safety Class
Early-round talent: C
Mid-round: D+
Late-round: D
Overall grade: D

Cornerback Class
Early-round talent: B+
Mid-round: B
Late-round: B-
Overall grade: B


#3326341 We are the Greatest Fanbase eva'! Twitter says so. Thank you! The...

Posted by MHS831 on 18 April 2015 - 09:43 PM

Now if these fans will just show up when the Packers, Eagles and Skins come to town this year, all will be well.


They will be at home, watching it on TV, tweeting "Redskins suck!!" after selling their tickets to a Washington fan.

#3326340 Guess the Panthers primetime games

Posted by MHS831 on 18 April 2015 - 09:40 PM

Is the Super Bowl considered prime time?

#3325911 Seahawks GM hints he'll just let Wilson walk if he doesn't lower his...

Posted by MHS831 on 18 April 2015 - 11:29 AM

Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have as many Super Bowls as Peyton Manning


Dan Marino and I are tied in the Super Bowl ring category,  I suppose we are both equally good QBs. :)