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#2891155 Throwback Thursday

Posted by MHS831 on 15 August 2014 - 08:38 AM

Look at the WRs then and look at what we have today.

I for one do not mind the loss of steve smith.  First, there is the locker room presence--I don't think he was embraced by teammates.  Then there is the production--745 yards, 4 TDs and nearly 21 fights---and finally there is the age.  I think Smith will get a lot of looks in Baltimore, but he can no longer carry at team.  In my opinion, thanks for the memories, but our youth on O does not need a grumpy old man as a leader.


Now take a look at the real weakness of that team., the OL--you could argue that we are not much better now.


The guards sucked.  However, Bernadeau went on to play at Dallas and started.  Gross is the man, as is Kalil. Schwartz and Williams have started--Schwartz is starting in NY, I believe.  It was an Evan Mathis-like mistake not to retain him, but hey, we have to feed the RBs.  Does the 2014 line have the talent to be better than this one?  I think so, but we need to see.  I am still not sold on Silatolu and Turner is a rookie. Bell at LT and Chandler/Williams on the other side?  Yikes.  I think the cut deadlines are Aug 26 and Aug 30 (guessing from memory) so I fully expect to see a new T on the roster by September 2.



#2890246 School me on Charles Godfrey and defense

Posted by MHS831 on 14 August 2014 - 11:47 AM

They flirted with the idea of Godfrey moving to nickel in 2011.


Note the date on this article.


One of rivera's first moves.




 In a move that many fans will see as unusual, the Panthers have elected not to sign any free agent CB's to replace the departed Richard Marshall. It's not because there weren't any CB's available, as the oft-discussed Joselio Hanson was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this week, but it's because none of the CB's available provide enough of what the coaching staff are looking for to justify giving away a roster spot.

The reason why the Panthers aren't going to sign anyone is because quite frankly, the players that are available are all too similar to current Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn. So, rather than have two Captain Munnerlyns on the roster, the Panthers have elected to go with a musical chairs version of DB's when the defense is in the nickel package. 

According to an article by Steve Reed, Charles Godfrey will move to nickel back,Jordan Pugh will move to FS, and Sherrod Martin will move to SS any time the Panthers elect to go with the nickel package on defense.

#2887872 ESPN Insider ranks Panthers OL the worst in the NFL

Posted by MHS831 on 12 August 2014 - 02:08 PM

I don't think it will be for long, but they are probably right at the moment..

#2883906 Cam was photobombing kelvin Bejamin

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 01:33 PM

Cam is Cam.  If you didn't like the sitting alone with a towel on his head, you have to love this version. 

#2883898 Igo's write-ups

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 01:25 PM

I must say, the write ups on carolinahuddle.com are some of the best things going right now. The way Igo incorporates his own photos into his write ups is uniquely awesome and really adds a cool perspective on the Panthers that you don't find through other media outlets. I have really been able to enjoy my poop breaks this preseason because of these articles (Even after my legs fall asleep from sitting too long).

Good work CarolinaHuddle.

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I have been thinking it, but never said it.  Good call. 


Jeremy gives visuals (important for a population of readers dependent upon illustrated text) that tell the story.  He opens camp to the reader by telling the story behind the picture.  Meanwhile, I have literally learned nothing from Joe Person.  He is the captain obvious of the Panther media. 

#2883886 Mick Mixon and Mike Rucker

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 01:20 PM

What I hate about the telecast is the camera work.  I want to see who is on the field during preseason games.  They either zoom in on the QB or they show the blimp cam.  They show fans or coaches or have some graphic up on the screen and then switch to the ball being snapped.  You do not have time to see what the formation is, the defense is doing, etc.  I guess the best reason I have for attending games is you get to see the secondary, the formations, etc.  TV kills that part of the game.  Only for the fan who watches the ball all the time.

#2883762 Kelvin Benjamin - Aside from the touchdown....

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 12:10 PM

we have tons of Applebees in WNY.  Just like NC has tons of BBQ and trailers.


Half of your population is down here looking for work.  Probably explains the trailers.

#2883661 Kelvin Benjamin - Aside from the touchdown....

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 11:02 AM

I think the best 2 WRs from this year's draft were on the field last night.

#2883476 Pre-season Game 1: Winners and Losers

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

A mixed bag for me. I'll start with the good.


Derek Anderson. No he was not the second coming of Steve Young. But, had a very efficient drive, sowed smart passes and managed the game well for a back up. He moved the chains with his feet, showing some good pocket awareness and keeping the drives alive, made good use of his tight ends, and gave the put the rookie in a position to look good (though I admit Kelvin did the hard part for sure!). We all know he's the back up and if Cam were to go down for a game or two, LORD IN HEAVEN FORBID, Derek showed he can at least manage the game well like a VET should. Nice to have that behind our superstar. For comparison, check Ryan Mallet's performance in place of Timmy Brady. Be thankful for Derek.  Yes.  We can win with Anderson if we have to with our D.  About the Kelvin pass--Anderson put it where KB and KB only could catch it.  Anderson could possibly start for some teams in the NFL--he has--so keeping him in Charlotte was a great move.


Kelvin Benji. We expected beast, we were told beast, we saw a beast. I really can't say much, because that touchdown really said it all. I'll just add thank you David for giving this weapon to Cam. I'm harsh on David, but I'll dish credit to him when he deserves it, and he chose wisely with Kelvin it would seem.  I was impressed with how open he was.  The pass Anderson threw to him that was high and behind him showed that KB knows how to find the seams in the zone and, at his height, becomes a nice target for any QB.


Tight Ends. What was there to not like about our tight butts, errr Tight ends? They were tough in blocking, sticking their faces into pads, they showed some sure hands and hey, we even had our favorite little (lol) project catch a TD. Every good offense needs efficient Tight ends. We have never had a better group of TEs.  Glad you noticed the blocking.  We were also using 2 a lot early on. 


Pass blocking. Seemed alright from the first squad... emphasis on the first squad. A lot better than what we saw from last years Bills game.... ugh that nightmare.   Bell did pretty good, but he was getting bull rushed into the QB's back a lot. 

KK Short. If you didn't already love this guy from last year, your a sorry panther fan I'm not sorry to say. Recap of last season; He was second on the team for QB pressures.... as a back up DT. He was a menace again tonight and no he didn't pick up the stats, but if you have two eyes, you know very well he was disrupting the Bills offense. After Fua and Mcclain failures, I can still remember just getting straight gashed in the run game. So Dave did well to draft two DT'S in a row. I know Star is the, well, star DT on the team. But I really believe Short is JUST as good and I simply love having him on our squad. EXCELLENT pick by David and I think he'll be even better this year. Great motor for a DT.  I agree about Short.  Short and Edwards are 2 of the best pass-rushing DTs in the NFL.  Star showed up too--the fourth down stand had more to do with him than anyone else, but you could barely see him.  Good point about Fua and McClain.  Hurney was guessing and drafting rookie DTs to fill immediate needs.  He was such a joke.


Chase Blackburn. We ask Chase to do a lot of things, sometimes things a lot guys with his talent would probably prefer not to do, but he shuts his mouth and puts the team first. He sticks his face into a pile, gets after ball carrier and works hard in coverage. Oh and he tries hard to help AJ in his coverage game, knowing that AJ will probably, sooner if not later take his spot. Our team is blessed to have Chase.Blackburn is a beast, just a limited one.  But he is a gritty, determined football player, one who is not quitting until he wins.  Love his fire.  Klein is going to be solid for a long time. 


Now for the bad.


The running game. All of it. Our RB's picked up a GIGANTIC 29 yards on the ground today, including Mr. Barner he averaged 1 yard per carry. Look out San Fran, we've gotten better since our last play off game!!! Don't worry, I place plenty of this blame on the O-line. They were awful in the run tonight, getting very little push, if not completely beaten. Though our RB's did not help them much I would say, really it was 60-40 deal in my book. I'm a big believer in if you have a good enough line, even crappy RB's can look good, but not vice versa. I know D-will and stewy didn't play, but do we truly believe we'd have 60-70 more yards rushing if they had? Stewy would need 2 carries to be stuck on a bike for another year. A lot of work needed, and I don't know if it's gonna get right this season. Heaven help Cam.  I said it in another post-our Guard play was developmentally behind the others, so it was understandable.  Buffalo's second game, our first.  That really shows up on the line.  Their DL is very good and they had a week of film to watch to get better.  We had a rookie, a former DT playing RT, and a first-time LT in the game. I think we will get better. 


The pass defense. I almost put the whole defense, because the rush d wasn't a shining star either honestly, but I'll let it slide for now because we held them for 4 straight downs. That said, EJ manuel looked pretty good against us today and had a lot of clean passes Thad Lewis wasn't horrible either. I thought Josh was just okay, I'm not gonna give him a complete pass, but not gonna ignore his effort either, but all in all here is the bottom line - We've gotta face a lot better QB's than EJ Manuel this season and they will get more than a quarter to go hard on us. We've got to be better. There was concern for this portion of our defense coming into this year and it still seems like one to me. We've still got 3 weeks left, so let's see.  Agreed.  I am most concerned about the secondary. 


Second string O-line: Lord help us, Zod was being generous in his reviews of this bunch for training camp. I'm not much on Training camp reviews usually because meh, so Zods comments on these things are usually w/e to me.... but the man was on the money on this one. Just as he was on money for Kelvin, he's also on money on this bunch. O-lines VERY rarely stay completely healthy for 16 games... so brace yourselves boys... and more importantly brace yourself Cam. Your move David G.  Bright spot:  Folkerts.  He was pretty good.  We also have a very good OL coach. 


Matt Blanchard. I'm not gonna slam the kid at all. Look , he was a well known long shot and his best hope was practice squad, not even third string, so if you had expectations tonight for even slightly decent, stop it. This kid was interviewed and excited for his chance and just wanted to good tonight. That didn't happen. I know it's fun to put guys like him on the firing squad and treat him like Jimmy C, but this kid tried his best and just wants to make his dream come true. I will not defend his performance in anyway, but let's not act like we suppose to expect great things ever. I'm just say, let's not kick the little guy when he's already down. He'll likely be cut and may never get signed again. Not an easy pill to swallow.
not that it matters, but he cost us the game.  Let this be a lesson to anyone who was a stud in high school, a stud at a small college.  This is the NFL. 

All in all. Just a preseason game, and I think we all wish our man Cam could play, but what the hey!


Good analysis.  The areas where we are weak now were weaknesses last year.  I expected more from the secondary.

#2883447 Pre-season Game 1: Winners and Losers

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 07:59 AM

About the OL:


They were playing a team who had a game under its belt.  They had their starters in for a long time.  Buffalo has a  very good front. However, I think we have been focused on pass protection in camp, and we need more time to work on the Guard play that makes run blocking successful.  I would be more concerned if our pass protection was terrible.  To run, you need more pulling from the guards than I saw.  We were vanilla.  Still, when Turner and Hooch (Silatolu) get into game form and start playing faster, you will see the difference.  Remember, pass blocking is reactionary--run blocking is aggressive instigation.


About Bell at LT--I guess he was OK, but he sure gets bull rushed into the QB a lot.  It seems that is the scouting report on him.  I liked Williams, but he was vs. weaker competition.


How many OL do we really need to have depth?  my guess is we need to be 7 deep, and we seem to be.  Folkerts played a very good game--he is a mauler at C.  Sure, he had a false start, but watch the game again-in the third, fourth quarters he was blowing people up in the run game.  The guards beside him were not good.  The reason I say 7 deep?  Williams can play any of 4 positions on the OL.   Yes, it matters, but the eighth and ninth OL are for extreme emergencies.  Williams is very valuable to the OL.

#2883437 Kony Ealy Impresses In Debut

Posted by MHS831 on 09 August 2014 - 07:47 AM

I noticed that he was in the picture a lot, good contain, etc. but the thing I noticed most was his enthusiasm.  He was getting into it.  Love it.   If this continues, and we continue to get results from KB and Turner (TNT, heard it here first), I will punch the person who disses Gettlemen right in the mouth.  The fact that it takes DEs a bit of time to develop is one reason we took Ealy this year and not when he was a need. 

#2883154 Should King be with first string?

Posted by MHS831 on 08 August 2014 - 11:14 PM

I hate that Lucas botched the end--his first catch was great.

King has definitely helped himself.  I think the WRs will be so much better this year.


Here is my WR depth chart:








Cut-McNutt, Pilares, Underwood

#2881844 The view from the doghouse radio box

Posted by MHS831 on 08 August 2014 - 05:13 PM

Dang.  We can't really see the view because those girls are in the way. 

#2881485 Cam can still feel "thump" in his ankle

Posted by MHS831 on 08 August 2014 - 12:44 PM

It is not how hard you hit or beat the child that matters, it is the act of hitting the child that matters.  Some of you only know what happened to you, and you accept that as the norm. 


I have researched the topic and wrote a book about it.  I don't think you know exactly what you are saying.  The truth is, nobody can define child abuse.  If you are hitting your child, however, you are probably causing long term damage that will far outweigh the benefit of immediate corrective behavior.  


And yes, I have 2 sons in college and never hit either one of them--ever or in any way.  One is a senior computer science major at UNC and the other is a sophomore with a 4.0 GPA.  They do not drink, curse, and they like coming home during breaks.  Imagine that.


http://www.amazon.co...iet desperation

#2881346 Kink in the Enemy Armor

Posted by MHS831 on 08 August 2014 - 11:00 AM

And if by an act of God, Stewart is ready to go, we are straight scary inside the 20. If we converted TDs instead of FGs we would have jumped out to a 14-0 lead, if im not mistaken. We are def not an easy win, far from automatic.


It says, in Revelations, that Stewie will play in 2014.  I think in chapter 8: "Two thousand, one dozen and a deuce years beyond the death of our savior, a Latina, African, and Euro will lead the army of 53 through the valley..  Black cats will sit eager and await the judgement. And the rested one will ascend upon high to carry the burden for the old and weary, for it is his destiny according to his rather generous contract."


To be honest, it is sweet that we are not getting positive press.  I think we are better than last year, even though I think our record last year was better than this team was.

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