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#2392804 60/40 in favor of Giant fans

Posted by falconlynx on 22 September 2013 - 01:54 PM

OP is completely off base. I'm at the game and it's 70-30 Panthers to Giants fan. Giants fan were initially chippy, but they've been quiet since the sack fest started. Proud of these Panthers fans so far. Better keep it up!

#1610344 Your Top 15 Panthers of ALLTIME

Posted by falconlynx on 11 January 2012 - 09:15 PM

Had to put it on two posts since I went over the maximum length:

#11 Greg Olsen – I loved this guy at Miami. In college, I thought he would be one to help revolutionize the tight end position. He is a speedy and witty wide receiver with bulk, similar to Kellen Winslow (the first) and Dallas Clark. I think he does the other important tight end duty (blocking) better than those two stars. I was initially disappointed when we missed out on him in the draft, and a little relieved when he fumbled against us so many times as a Bear, but I stared wishing we had him again when I saw him break out last year with the Bears. I cannot believe how fortunate the Panthers were to get this guy and how lucky of a fan I am. All my favorite college players somehow seem to get here.

#12 Jordan Gross – I loved the value in him as a draft pick. After Steussie started declining, we needed an anchor on the left side. Jordan has fulfilled that role perfectly and he is also a great team leader. I loved him organizing workouts last year when it appeared the lockout would lift. You can tell he cares about his teammates and winning. He will always be remembered as an all-time Panther great—hopefully he can be a part of several more winning Panther teams.

#13 Sam Mills – Keep pounding. Sam is a hero of our franchise. I should probably have him higher on this for the precedents he set for this franchise and because of his leadership, but my background towards him and his play on the field (at least during his Panther years) did not stand out as much compared to my other favorites. Still, he made many outstanding plays and his effort was always there. He’s the definition of a great guy.

#14 Patrick Jeffers – He had the shortest Panther career of any player on my list. I loved this guy when he came over from the Cowboys and emerged as a Panther star in 1999. If not for his knee injury in the preseason of 2000 and the unfortunate effects of micro-fracture surgery, I think he would have done great things for the Panthers for a long, long time. He was an excellent route runner, had outstanding hands, and he wanted to win more than anybody. I hated seeing his career end so early.

#15 Matt Moore – Background: Matt Moore caught my eye at Oregon State soon after he became the starter to follow Derek Anderson. He played great at this little watched school (at least on the East Coast), especially in a bowl game, where I saw him lead an amazing 4th quarter comeback. I was surprised to see us get him off waivers after the Cowboys dropped him. He reminds me of Jake in being a natural leader and gunslinger. His first NFL pass was a completed 40+ yard bomb in relief of David Carr—it was definitely a good way to start. I was sad to see him go in 2011, but his replacement more than made up for it.

Honorable Mentions:

Steve Smith - Production speaks for itself; love his competitive spirit, but I dislike his attitude otherwise; although he has grown up a ton in the last few years. I will always remember him taking his first NFL play (a kickoff return) for a touchdown against the Vikings in 2001. After that game, considering Steve’s play and Weinke’s apparent poise, I thought it was going to be an amazing season.

Lamar Lathon - Lamar and Greene were quite a pair of 3-4 OLBs

Mushin Muhammad - what a year he had in 2004; glad he came back to us to retire

Jeremy Shockey - Hope we can re-sign him; I love his style and competitive spirit

Brad Hoover – Always gave 110%; will never forget his MNF game against Green Bay

Freddie Lane - his first few runs in the NFL were electric and it appeared he was going to be a star; loved him doing the worm

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