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Wes Horton, Mario Addison, Kony Ealy

Yesterday, 05:44 PM

What do you think of these guys? They obviously played well on Sunday, but how much of that came from the Lions tackle having mostly prepped for Hardy all week?


I'm a little conflicted. All three of these guys have me optimistic, especially since they're being mentored by Eric Washington and Sam Mills III. On the other hand, I think Horton's start on Sunday might have been the first start among the three of them: 2 of which are young guys that came into the league undrafted and 1 of which is a rookie. I think we'll lose 1 game this year that we would have won if Hardy had been playing. I think that would be pretty acceptable considering we're looking at going the bulk of a year without an All-Pro defensive end.



Panthers fans need to organize a movement to finally get Thomas Davis into the Pro Bowl

Yesterday, 02:37 PM

Let's get this started on the Huddle. I don't care who makes the Pro Bowl from the Panthers this year as long as Thomas Davis does. If we start thinking about this before voting even opens, it will be best. 


Thoughts on how to do this beyond just doing the same old stuff we do every year?

Hardy is facing a de facto 15 game+ suspension for being a first-time misdemeanor offender

15 September 2014 - 06:21 PM

Has this ever happened in the history of pro sports?


Why do I say 15 game+? I don't see a scenario where the Panthers can bring him back before his trial. The trial will almost certainly be during the offseason. So Hardy is looking at 15 games plus any playoff games getting to sit. Cool upside for him I guess is that he gets to be paid $770,000 every week to do nothing (a great job to have if you can get it.) Problem is that, since the Panthers are just deactivating him and not suspending him for conduct detrimental to the team, he would THEN be subject to Goodell's new 6-game suspension for first-time offenders if he's convicted by a jury. I don't see how he could say the 15+ games he was deactivated for counts as time served since he would be paid for all of those weeks, unlike suspensions that are unpaid.


And that's not even getting into what would happen if we deactivate Hardy for the rest of the season and he's then found not guilty during the offseason. We will have sat a guy for an entire year of his pro career just so he could end up acquitted on first-time misdemeanor charges.


Am I the only one getting just how batshit crazy this whole thing is? What a huge mistake it was to deactivate Hardy on Sunday. You've essentially committed to sitting him indefinitely. If someone else can think of any player in the Big 4 sports leagues getting suspended that long as a first-time misdemeanor offender, I'm all ears.

Remember when people were freaking out about how hard our schedule was?

14 September 2014 - 07:54 PM

Remaining schedule:

Steelers: 1-1

Ravens: 1-1

Bears: 1-1 or 0-2

Bengals: 2-0

Packers: 1-1

Seahawks: 1-1

Saints: 0-2

Eagles: 2-0 or 1-1

Falcons: 1-1

Vikings: 1-1

Saints: 0-2

Bucs: 0-2

Browns: 1-1

Falcons: 1-1


Should go 12-4+ EASILY. There are good teams on that list sure, but I don't see any juggernauts there. WE are the ones who knock mothereffers.

Apparently ESPN's Outside the Lines did a hit piece on Greg Hardy this morning

12 September 2014 - 10:17 AM

Anyone see it? Suddenly all of these NFL reporters I follow are calling for Hardy to be suspended.


This story isn't going away. I wouldn't be surprised if some women's group starts picketing games at BoA Stadium. Doesn't matter what the actual facts of the case may be.

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