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#1162296 who the fudge is going to put butts in seats????

Posted by PantherDude on 25 April 2011 - 11:36 PM

Hide your laptops. Cam Newton is coming to a town near you!!!!

Too late!!

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#1161934 Panthers' Smith has cleared out locker, sui

Posted by PantherDude on 25 April 2011 - 08:59 PM

This is going to be hard if Smitty is gone. I think this is a sign more than ever we need to get A.J. Green. LaFell & Gettis showed promise, but a big question mark & they might suffer from "Sophmore Slump" like Colbert did & he never rebound back. If we do get Green, I hope maybe it will convince Smitty to stay since he clearly wanted us to get a good #1 WR. Not once did I ever heard he mention we need a QB or anything like this.

If he is gone, I would like to thank him for giving us some of the most memorable highlights (along with some wins too) in the Panthers's history that won't ever be forgotten. And I hope if isn't returning, he will be with the right team that could win a Superbowl. He may have better chance with Packers or Patriots. Hopefully he don't play with any of our NFC South's rivals.

#1153378 Steve Smith Tribute *NEW*

Posted by PantherDude on 20 April 2011 - 10:34 PM

It doesn't amaze me, it sickens me.

Me too! What if LaFell & Gettis doesn't work out in their 2nd year & beyond like what happend to Colbert? Then we're screwed. Even if we do get Green, we still need at least a vet WR like Smitty. I don't think anyone else can do it like Smitty. We can't rely on just one great player in Green. If we do get Green, hopefully that will make Smitty stay.

#1109312 POLL: With the 1st pick you select?

Posted by PantherDude on 24 March 2011 - 10:38 PM

This guy FTW. He would look good in the Panthers uniform!! :thumbsup:

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#1046095 Would the Jerry Richardson haters STFU or find a new team?

Posted by PantherDude on 13 February 2011 - 02:59 PM

Sorry, but it all JR's fault some of us are hating on him. He is responsible for us going 2-14 with cutting too much players than we should. I knew cutting some of our important veterans was going to hurt us with being too young & no leaderships with the vets gone. How can cutting some of our veterans is a good thing when it made us go 2-14? Exactly.

You also saw his press conference with him being rude to the woman reporter along with showing the lame pie chart before Rivera was hired along with trash talking Brees & P.Manning this week as well? That made me lost respect for him big time. He isn't the same good o' JR anymore & is now a mean old man like Al Davis. I love the team, but not of bad o' JR anymore. And we have the right to say what we want as long it not breaking the rules, so you should STFU instead. Free speech!!

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