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In Topic: How do you feel as a Panthers fan if John Fox and the Broncos win the superbowl?

Today, 01:47 AM

Wish we still had Fox. That's all.

In Topic: TNF: Chargers (5-2) at Broncos (5-1)

Yesterday, 09:41 PM

We would have kicked the FG.

In Topic: TNF: Chargers (5-2) at Broncos (5-1)

Yesterday, 09:39 PM

Wish Ron was that gutsy. 4th and goal and pass for a TD. Awesome.

In Topic: Official Destroy The Seahawks Gif Thread

Yesterday, 01:49 AM

someone ban this guy, oh wait he already is. did he get banned for this?

Nah, SZ bans himself when he sees fit.

In Topic: Hey Panther fans

Yesterday, 01:39 AM

Hope the Panthers can get their Momentum back. I thought in 2008 you guys had one of the best teams in football or in the NFC. That was a good team. Last years Panther team was great too.

You're one of the better "other" team posters that's been on here, good luck to you guys the rest of the season.

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