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In Topic: Bersin Expected to Make Team; Must Change Number

Today, 03:51 PM

I think 89 is available.

I lol'd..

In Topic: What's the best food for a hangover?

Today, 10:19 AM

Greasy burger and a red-eye...........you'll feel like a hundred dollars afterward.


it's not the million dollars I was looking for..  but it's a start.

In Topic: MMQB: Expect Panthers to take Substantial Step Back

Today, 10:16 AM

It's SI.com. I don't think I'm "loading them up with hits." It's one of the big 4 sports websites, it's getting hits regardless.


in fact, you are giving them extra hits ...  despite it being si.com, espn.com, whoever...



it's the principle of the matter..

In Topic: MMQB: Expect Panthers to take Substantial Step Back

Today, 10:14 AM



the problem is you're loading them up with hits to their website so the joke is still on you.. 

In Topic: MMQB: Expect Panthers to take Substantial Step Back

Today, 09:54 AM

I know...I know, we're all tired of these. From my perspective, I'm just posting this for posterity's sake, so we can laugh at 'em when we make it back to the playoffs :)




The lead:



On Cam's negatives (which I vehemently disagree with):



Footwork, mechanics, sure, he sometimes has some WTF moments. But pre-snap alertness? Limitations in reading coverage? Tenuous grasp of play designs? That's tantamount to slander. Newton is way more developed in these aspects than he ever was, and he's much better at it than some of the darling media golden boys like Kaepernick (case in point, this FO is a great refresher: http://www.footballo...epernick-newton).



1. Benjamin taking time to develop looks like a wrong assumption. 2. Olsen isn't Gronk or Graham, but he's very solid. Thomas is merely a product of Peyton Manning (Dallas Clark anyone?)



Oh ok, we're just going to make things up now? White may have struggled in the beginning, but by the end of the season he was a very solid, if not great, corner.


All these damn analysts cut and paste each other's doom and gloom bullshit. Thank god the season begins in a little over a week.


so then in what world does it make sense to link shitty material on this board?   

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