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In Topic: The better question: How can anyone justify Clausen over Moore?

12 October 2010 - 09:49 PM

there is the possibility those games were anomalies. There is also the possibility his first two this season were. However, his performance on Sunday tends to indicate that, while the games last season may not be anomalies, it's possible that now that there is more film on him, something is giving him away.

It wasn't just one bad game, man. Take away that first game, and what does he have?

1 TD, 3 ints... =\

A bad first few games I would agree with. Could that mean he'd have a good season after we put him back in? It's possible. However, *something* made the coaches doubt his performance last year enough to only get him for a year - and I don't think that is because Fox was leaving, but because someone didn't trust him.


Seriously? Havent we gone over this? It doesnt matter who our QB is. We could have Peyton under the snap and he wouldnt do poo the way our o-line plays. Even if he scrambles out and makes a perfect pass just like our reciever's have done this year they would drop the ball. Matt Moore was out for a reason. 1. He played like total poo. (Not saying Clausen isnt) 2. We drafted Clausen for a reason. He is our "future franchise QB"

About MM and JC stats, if you put Jimmy under the snap in 2009 whose to say he wouldnt of done just as good as MM. It's a totally differnent team.

In Topic: I thought Clausen looked good...

26 September 2010 - 06:24 PM

PantherFan I agree with a lot of what your saying. I don't remember seeing anybody say Clausen was flawless? I agree with you that Jim does "have a name." That IS a huge reason y a lot of us like him over mm but he wasnt just given that name he earned it by playing great following up to entering the NFL draft.

Panther fans have given mm his chance and well his stats will tell u how that ended...

So clausen comes in a plays a ok game. He wasnt horrible like mm was. Plus he was a rookie who played in a flooded field all day against a top 10 defense. We drafted him for a reason. He will be a starting qb rather you/I like it. We just need to get use to it.

In Topic: I thought Clausen looked good...

26 September 2010 - 06:03 PM

I'm sorry....we rushed for 3 TD's? Which fantasy world do you live in?

Jimmy had ONE decent drive today. ONE.

And again that was Matt's first game and the first game of the season. His second game, the one he got benched in, he had 1 pick and 1 touchdown. Which all I said was, it's better than 1 pick and 0 touchdowns.

And I can't f**king understand how you can even attempt to spin that one!

PS: And if you are talking about a game manager QB....then don't even bring up Jimmy. He didn't show any of that today. Besides Jimmy was supposed to be the answer for a passing game, not just another game managing QB.

lol. That wasnt my point, I never said we rushed for 3 tds today haha.(I wish) My point was you saying because moore threw a td and clausen didnt he is better than clausen? I would take 0 ts passes + 1 int. over 1 td pass and 3 int. and 2 fumbles. Just saying

Notice the ? mark. Im not putting words in your mouth lol. Im just asking.

In Topic: I thought Clausen looked good...

26 September 2010 - 05:51 PM

So does Clausen. But at least Moore scored a touchdown in each game.

LOL! I like this guy. Id rather have a QB who throws 1 td pass and throw 3 int. Then have a QB who throws 1 int but we rush for 3 tds? Thats pretty much what your saying right? Because the point of a qb is to throw td's?

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