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Player changes for next week.

12 November 2014 - 08:14 PM

The first thing I do is sit DeAngelo down on his sorry butt.  From the complete whiff on his blocking that gets Cam killed to him getting no push or dancing in the backfield before he cuts it for no gain.


It not just that D-Lo is playing badly and this is coming from a huge D-lo fan but Stewart is straight up dragging players and running over people.  He's getting yards where there are none.  He's running with great power.  To my untrained eyes it's night and day when Stewart is in there.  


I've always hated this dual running back crap.  A RB needs to get in a rhythm.  Yes, you need to spell your starter to keep him from getting too tired but one RB should be getting 75% or more of the carries.  


Next, we don't have a choice but to do some drastic things with the O-line.  My starters are Bell,Ameni,Kalil,Turner, and Norwell.  I have no idea if Norwell can play RT but I do know he is mean and can run block really well.  That's great since my new game plan is to run Stewart into the ground.  


Run, run, run and run some more.


Unless we're getting long drawn out scoring drives we've got to start taking a lot more chances on defense.   Show us some Jim Johnson blitzing on every other play.  We've got to get pressure on the QB.  We've already seen what happens in the end when we don't.  


I'd rather die by the blitz than getting picked apart.

What happens if one of our tackles get injured?

08 October 2014 - 11:57 AM

Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9  2m2 minutes ago
LT Byron Bell not in pads today. He seemed to hurt his right foot during the game.
Bell is not in pads today at practice and it got me to thinking about his backup (and Chandlers for that matter).  It's David Foucault.  The rookie from Canada. Gary Williams was the other backup but he's out injured.
I'm one of those guys who thinks Bell and Chandler can get the job done.  Not elite by any stretch but they can hold down the fort as they say. 
But, good lord, if one of them gets hurt and can't play WTF do we do?  I don't even seen any Tackles on the practice squad.  Just Dennis Dixon at guard.
And please try to answer with something besides, "Kiss our ass goodbye" or "Start planning Cam's funeral".  Actually, you can answer with something like that.  Better to laugh at this then cry.

Kenjon Barner SI article - Good stuff.

17 July 2014 - 02:13 PM



Really good article on Barner and what it takes going from college to the pros.



Perhaps the most stunning thing for Barner, besides the inevitable rookie wall, was how much more he was asked to do mentally at the NFL level. While his Oregon meetings with other backs were generally more toned as "Zone left? Zone right? Got it!", the Saturday night quizzes he and his battery mates had last season were far more comprehensive. Barner told me that the expectations regarding reading blitzes, understanding the positions of defenders, and wrapping your arms around the ways in which plays can change on the fly came as a fairly major surprise. If you want to know the 14 things you could or should possibly do when the weakside linebacker moves incrementally just so, taking a few of those quizzes is a good way to start -- and if you're not on the ball in those meetings, you won't get the ball when it's gametime.





"Oh, absolutely -- the rookie wall!," he recalled with a laugh. "For me, it was about Week 7. I was actually sitting in a meeting room, sitting next to DeAngelo, and I said, 'I don't know if I'm going to make it.' And DeAngelo yells out, 'He hit the rookie wall, y'all!' It's just a long season.


2014 1st round draft selection prediction. (post yours here)

08 May 2014 - 04:17 PM

This is just for the record.  One name only of your best guess of who the Panthers draft tonight.  Do not include trading up or down, too many variables.  If you like, joint down a few notes of why you picked the guy you did.  Also, don't give a crit or trash anyone else's pick.  I don't want this to go all sideways.


Here's mine.


Morgan Moses


I've seen him go as early as the late teens down to the middle of the second round but from my expert youtube analysis I think he's a great fit for us to play LT. I love his feet and his technique.  I think we can get a #1 WR in the 2nd.