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Steve Smith will always be "The Man" in Carolina

20 March 2014 - 01:47 PM

Thank you Steve for all the great moments in Carolina.


The above link is a song a local radio station put Steve Smith Clips into.  Try not to cry.





Feel free to add your favorite Smitty videos, quotes, pics, and stories.


"If you see this face, that means I just scored." - Steve Smith

There is no master plan and that's a good thing.

16 March 2014 - 03:15 PM

Yes, it's true.  Gettlemen doesn't really have a master plan.  There is no secret trick that we are not seeing.  That's a really good thing because in the NFL there are too many variables that a team can't control to make any sort of master plan.  It would be like trying to plan a perfect NCAA bracket.  It's just not going to happen.


There is a philosophy and that's as close as you'll get to a master plan.  Gettlemen's philosophy is to field the best possible team he can this year while cleaning up the cap mess.  With every free agent that we didn't sign it's because their projected production outweighed what we had or wanted to spend.  FA's really care 99% about the money with few exceptions.


FA is a lot like the NFL draft.  You don't get caught up with one player.  You take the best player available.  We'll have a wish list of FA and Gettlemen has ranked them and put a dollar value on them.  When that dollar value gets to high you compare overpaying that player with paying another position less by taking a player further down you list of player.  


I guarantee you that if you look at that list you'll start to see FA Gettlemen has rated high still on the "board" so to speak.  For example, we might have had Roman Harper the #3 SS on our list.  Let's say the all the top 10 get picked up except for Harper.  So, #3 and #11 are available.  Now, we can get #3 for a much more reasonable price than if we'd signed him the first day.  


This is just an example of how this works.  There are all kinds of variables changing  all the time in the "plan".  You have to roll with them and have about 10 backup plans for ever every situation.  Some you'll hit on and get a great player.  Others you'll lose out on like LT Colllins but you stick to your philosophy because there are always other options.  Sometimes it's a lesser player, sometimes it's having to scheme to minimize that shortcomings that are going to be there by not getting a certain level of player.  


Last year we ended up around plan 46 with our guards.  We ended up starting a young player converted from DT to guard.  Yes, we probably did a lot of things to help him out and that's OK.  We still won.  12-4.  Yes, we had a great defense but we still had to score some points.


When all is said and done we won't have gotten the top players on our list but we will have gotten the best players available for the right price.  And if you want to keep Cam and build a team that can compete for the Superbowl every year this is what we've got to do right now.  


That's the "plan".

What the future holds and how can we replace what we lost?

13 March 2014 - 07:46 PM

Look at last years production of the guys we lost and ask if it's possible to replace that production.  Forget names.


Jordan Gross - Nope.  Even at his age he would have been the most talented LT out there.  That one really hurts and it's probably going to hurt for a while.  Get used to seeing the TE over there helping whomever we end up with.


Best guys left - Donald Penn, Micheal Oher, really, there's not much quality starters left out there.


Captain - Yes.  There are plenty of corners out there that would be good enough especially with our front 7.


Best guys left - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Champ Bailey, Charles Tillman, Drayton Florence


Steve Smith - Yes.  Hakeem Nicks is the only guy that has potential #1 receiver ability but there are numerous guys who can give us better production than Smith did.  


Best guys left - Hakeem Nicks, Jullian Edelman, James Jones, Sidney Rice


Brandon LaFell & Ted Ginn Jr. - It won't take a lot to replace their production.  


Best guys left - Kenny Britt, Miles Austin, Jerricho Cotchery, resign LaFell


Mike Mitchell - Yes, we all wanted him to stay but no way were we going to pay him 5 million a year when your average safety makes around 3.  


Best guys left - Major Wright, Thomas Decoud, Nate Allen,  (there are a ton of average safeties or ones like Mitchell who are young and might just need a fresh start with the best front 7 in the NFL to rehab their image.  


Luckily for us this draft is very deep at tackle and WR.  If we can get Wharton to play LT next year or at least find a stop gap 1-year player that's not a turn style we'll be OK on the O-line.  I wouldn't be shocked to see a Rookie starting at one of the Tackle spots.  


Our defense will be just as good as last year if not better and honestly our O-line and WR's where at the bottom of the NFL anyway so it'll be about the same.  Just like the last few years, we'll go as far as Cam takes us.  Between this years draft and next years draft along with FA by next year our WR and O-line situation will be a strength.  


And the year after that most of the bad contracts will be off the books.  I know no one wants to hear a rebuilding story and we're not rebuilding as much as we're putting the pieces slowly, carefully and surly around Cam.  Our defense will carry us the next 2 season and continually get better.  We are good enough as a whole team to make runs those two years as we get even better.  By the 2016 season we'll have one of the most elite teams in the NFL built for the long haul.  Cam and Luke will be in their prime along with our DT and the Kracken.  By then we'll have all the hog mollies we need and a WR corps as good as an team in the league.  And our salary cap will be stable.


Sit back, stay calm and enjoy the ride.  There will be bumps but the Carolina Panthers with an elite defense and Cam Newton are setting up to be on top of the NFL for the next 10-12 years.

Bask in the misery of the Atlanta Falcons.

19 November 2013 - 09:39 PM

Great, great article on Grandland talking about how bad the Falcons suck in great detail.  I love it.





There is no hope left now, only obligation and punishment. Playing for this Falcons team is worse than dating Taylor Swift. At least relationships end. Matt Ryan is married to the team that got embarrassed by Mike Glennon and Greg Schiano on Sunday. He and his teammates are stuck here until Week 17. For God's sake, somebody convince everyone on the Falcons to fake an injury.




How to beat the Patriots.

16 November 2013 - 09:57 PM

Tom Brady and the Patriots have the rep of being unbeatable.  Of Brady being smarter than any defense and along with Belicheat figuring out how to stomp a mudhole in the opposition.


I want to know specifically how we're going to beat them and why.


Here is my take.


1.  Pressure.  Brady does not do well with pressure up the middle especially.  We just happen to have a few guys that can collapse that pocket like there is no tomorrow.  Star is going to be key for this game and I love how they move CJ and the Kraken around on that line to get more pressure up the middle.  Look at teams that beat up on the Pats.  The Giants when their D-line was lights out.  The Jets earlier this season.


2.  Confuse Brady.  Brady is really good at reading a defense so we have to keep changing it up and I've seen us do that quite a bit.  I've seen a number of times where DE will drop into coverage when a LB blitzes or a safety.  We've got the talent to switch it up.  DE that can drop into pass coverage and not get their lunch eaten.   We don't have to get exotic we just have to get Brady to take that extra second and not give him the chance to figure out where to go with ball presnap.


3.  Control the clock and run the ball.  Can you guess who leads the NFL in time of possession?  Yep, we do.  Brady says on the bench and we pound their line with the run.  Anyone wanna guess who's 30th in the league in run defense?  Yep, the Pats.  Add in some Cam runs and make them account for him and it's going to get ugly.  Tolbert is going to hurt somebody (again) or D-lo is going to snap some tired defender's ankles.  



I think this is what it will take the be in the game and have a chance to win.  What makes me feel very confident is that this years Panthers are built for those things, especially 1 and 3.  




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