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#760489 Good Game Buc Fans...

Posted by buxter on 20 September 2010 - 08:02 AM

You guys looked real good in my opinion. Keep it up and you might surprise a bunch of teams. See you guys later in the season.


I think Freeman surprised some down here too with a very solid, mistake free performance. The Bucs have a penchant for beating themselves in the most ugly ways and I was quite pleased to see 7 or so of his passes sail into the stands.

What did seem shocking is your pass rush. It's gone. It just doesn't seem like the same team without Peppers. Yeah, our o-line did a good job and all but...

Worst thing for you kitty faithful is is now you have a bona fide QB controversy. Veteran TB fans know this all too well. It's major suckage. When you consider that TB actually started Leftwich last season, err, nuff said. I'd rather have my eyelids taped open and forced to watch a Lady Gaga concert.

We shall enjoy this win for now. It may be short lived though. The Steelers, Bengals and Saints are on the horizon.

Hopefully we'll get be .500 through the first 6.

See you in Tampa soon enough.

#759632 Guess Everyone was Right

Posted by buxter on 19 September 2010 - 08:39 PM

No love for the Bucs?

Are you guys really that cocky?

I supposed you lost to a high school team today and are destined for 0-16?


#751148 Official Bucs smackdown the Panthers thread. (Invasion of the Retards)

Posted by buxter on 15 September 2010 - 05:28 PM

You have got to be the smartest bucs fan ever. You managed to get stuck on the first coherent thought you ever had that didn't involve violating livestock.

Speaking of violating livestock, which one of you here got the stitches?

Report: Woman eating pig's feet in bed cuts friend
By Kimberly Dick
The (Rock Hill) Herald
Posted: Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2010
Rock Hill, S.C. -- A woman who was eating pig’s feet in bed accidentally cut her friend in the arm, police say.

The 52-year-old Rock Hill woman told police she accidentally cut a friend in the forearm with a knife around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. Both she and the victim, 50, were intoxicated, according to a Rock Hill police report.

He had a deep cut to his arm. The report did not state if he was hospitalized.

No charges were filed, but the incident remains under investigation.

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