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Ebola Patent CA2741523A1

04 October 2014 - 11:19 PM



Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof

CA 2741523 A1

2 contract workers witnesses to Mike Brown shooting

13 September 2014 - 12:57 PM


Can we arrest Darren Wilson now? He is a criminal. 

Timothy Ray Jones and Child Abuse to Murder

11 September 2014 - 12:20 PM



Weeks before a South Carolina father allegedly murdered his five kids, drove them across three states and dumped them in the woods, authorities investigated a child-abuse complaint against him but decided they were not in danger. "At that time there was nothing to alarm them immediately, Department of Social Services director Jackie Swindler said of the caseworker and deputies who looked into the Aug. 7 allegation against Timothy Ray Jones Jr.



Jones, 32, is now being brought from Mississippi, where he was arrested over the weekend in a blood-spattered Cadillac Escalade, to South Carolina to face five counts of murder. The remains of his children, who ranged in age from 1 to 8, have been driven back from Alabama, where they were found in the woods in garbage bags on Tuesday evening.

"In all my years in law enforcement, I have never seen a case like this," said Lewis McCarty, sheriff of Lexington County, South Carolina.



Police say they believe Jones, who worked for Intel, killed the children in South Carolina sometime before Sept. 3, when they were reported missing by their mother and their school. He allegedly drove their remains across three states and left them off a highway in Camden, Alabama, before heading to Mississippi, where his parents live. He was detained there on Sept. 6 when a sheriff's deputy who "had been around long enough to know the smell of death" looked in the back of the vehicle during a traffic stop, according to a prosecutor.

He is not the animal the media is going to portray him as.....

Sooooo we are back to humanizing alleged murders. 

It was just reported Timothy Ray Jones:

•made $75,000 as an engineer
•his ex-wife didn't work outside the home and didn't have a license
•she cheated on him with a neighbor 

And to top it off his parents said: "Please remember that our 'Little Tim' is a very loving father, brother and son."


Workers who were witnesses provide new perspective on Michael Brown shooting

07 September 2014 - 01:14 AM



Workers who were witnesses provide new perspective on Michael Brown shooting


The worker said he saw Brown on Aug. 9 about 11 a.m. as Brown was walking west on Canfield Drive, toward West Florissant Avenue.


He said Brown struck up a rambling, half-hour conversation with his co-worker.

The co-worker could not be reached for comment through his employer. He previously told KTVI (Channel 2) that he had uttered a profanity in frustration after hitting a tree root while digging. Brown heard him and stopped to talk.

Brown “told me he was feeling some bad vibes,” the co-worker told KTVI in a video that aired Aug. 12. “That the Lord Jesus Christ would help me through that as long as I didn’t get all angry at what I was doing.”


The worker interviewed by the Post-Dispatch said he paid attention to little of the conversation. He said he heard Brown tell his co-worker that he had a picture of Jesus on his wall; and the co-worker joked that the devil had a picture of him on the wall.

The co-worker told KTVI that Brown promised to come back and resume their conversation; Brown walked away, and the workers returned to their job.


About a half-hour later, the worker heard a gunshot. Then he saw Brown running away from a police car. Wilson trailed about 10 to 15 feet behind, gun in hand. About 90 feet away from the car, the worker said, Wilson fired another shot at Brown, whose back was turned.

The worker said Brown stumbled and then stopped, put his hands up, turned around and said, “OK, OK, OK, OK, OK.” He said he told investigators from the St. Louis County police and the FBI that because of the stumble, it seemed to him that Brown had been wounded.

A private autopsy showed that all but one of his gunshot wounds came while Brown was facing Wilson. Shawn L. Parcells, who participated in the autopsy, said one of the wounds to the arm could have occurred when Brown was facing away from Wilson. “It’s inconclusive,” he said. St. Louis County and federal autopsy results have not been released.

Wilson, gun drawn, also stopped about 10 feet in front of Brown, the worker said.


Then Brown moved, the worker said. “He’s kind of walking back toward the cop.” He said Brown’s hands were still up.

Wilson began backing up as he fired, the worker said.


After the third shot, Brown’s hands started going down, and he moved about 25 feet toward Wilson, who kept backing away and firing. The worker said he could not tell from where he watched — about 50 feet away — if Brown’s motion toward Wilson after the shots was “a stumble to the ground” or “OK, I’m going to get you, you’re already shooting me.”

Among people who have spoken to the media, there hasn’t been a clear consensus on what happened after Brown turned around.




03 September 2014 - 09:49 PM



Hard to post original info since they are in twitter bubbles, but worth the click and read 

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