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#2991959 Steve Smith Is ON WFNZ Having A Confessional, Won't Let the Story End

Posted by PhillyB on Today, 11:21 AM


#2991453 shula is a symptom, not the disease

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 11:28 PM

ugh. fiz is right and i hate it. i remember last year bemoaning the fact that jerry richardson sat at the head of all this failure and that our approach to football operations was fundamentally fuged and that the good-every-five-years trend was no accident, but a result of ineptitude at the structural and philosophical level, and that its matriculation into the ranks meant we as fans were basically doomed.
in fact, i wrote the following letter to jerry richardson after the buffalo loss:

Greetings Mr. Richardson:
Yesterday I spent my Sunday watching as my Carolina Panthers fought through adversity to put up late points against the Buffalo Bills. I clutched my beer with trembling, clammy palms as I watched. This tale wasn’t a new one; I’d seen a similar story unfold before my eyes over and over for two years. This time I’d seen enough to know exactly how this story would end, and as cold sweat streamed from my forehead the Bills marched down the field with less than two minutes on the clock and scored a miraculous last-second touchdown that won the game. Our Panthers trod off the field, once again having, against all odds, snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, and, once again, Panthers fans were left with a dead glaze in our eyes and our hearts sputtering helplessly in our laps.
Jerry, I’ve debated writing you this letter plenty of times before. I almost wrote you one after we lost to the Vikings in 2011, but I scrapped it because, well, it was a rebuilding year and our franchise quarterback was still earning his wings. I almost dropped one in the mail last year after the debacle against the Falcons ruined my week, and I’d have written you one when the Panthers allowed the Buccaneers an effortless overtime drive for the win in our house had the crushing weight of failure not bore so heavily on my chest that the mere thought of football was too nauseating to expend the effort.
So I waited. I spent this past offseason, as I always do, investing hours in your football team every day, following fan forums, contributing heavily, counting down the days as I always do, ready for the 2013 Panthers to take the field, hoping against all hope that our fanbase’s collective worries about your decision to hang on to head coach and noted milquetoast Ron Rivera and offensive coordinator Shula would be for naught, that our team would rise finally to its glorious potential, that at last, at long last, our suffering would manifest itself in the redemption of a winning season.
Instead we lost to the Seattle Seahawks and followed it up, as I have already documented, with the most heartbreaking possible to the lowly Bills.
And now I’m writing you this letter. I’m writing this letter because I care too much about this team, I invest too much money in monthly sojourns to Charlotte to spend hard-earned dollars on tickets and overpriced concessions, and I spend too much time defending Jerry Richardson and Ron Rivera and the coaching staff and the players – regardless of what I think of them - on the online Panthers forums not to. I cannot in good conscience be apathetic. So here we go:
Jerry, this fanbase had your back for years. We were undyingly grateful, in spite of our on-field travails, to you for having brought a franchise to the Carolinas. We unanimously, even the most pessimistic among us, considered you to be one of the best – if not the best – owners in the National Football League. We were ok with sitting through abysmal seasons and the stale come of mediocrity because we knew in our heart of hearts that as long as Jerry was at the helm we’d come out alright in the end.
And then came the lockout. Then came Jerry refusing to pay for a new coach because cutting the current one would affect his bottom line. Then came the infamous pie chart, the ominous outward manifestation of Jerry’s priorities; then came the oft-quoted “who is Jim Harbaugh?” press conference, and as Panthers fans our epistemic comfort blanket had been snatched suddenly and quite ruthlessly from our tearful grasp. Suddenly we questioned everything. Suddenly, the lens of brand loyalty, of emblazoned, eternal passion had cracked, the intricately-woven web of fierce loyalty had torn… for the first time as fans we no longer viewed problems as isolated, autonomous incidents. Suddenly the finger pointed at Marty Hurney was pointed to the man who chose to place a beat reporter in charge of a front office; suddenly the accusations of foolhardy, outdated football philosophy in head coach John Fox were elevated to the level of the man who controlled his hiring; suddenly, and collectively, we as a fanbase came to the realization that incompetence was not individually fostered and manifested, but rather matriculated from the top down.
We realized, after years of denial, that we had a culture problem, and and the common denominator in all of them was none other than Jerry Richardson.
Here’s the heartbreaking thing, Mr. Richardson: no matter what happens, you win. If you continue, through meddling in football operations with a football philosophy better suited to the 1970’s Steelers than to modernity, to place an inferior product on the field, you’ll still have countless Panthers fans footing the bill and placing obscene profits in the pockets of you and your shareholders. You’ll still benefit from Charlotte’s identity as a city of transplants, with invading away-game fans from New York and Pennsylvania inflating ticket sales and allowing your electric blue seats to be filled with howling yellow-clad fanatics from the north. No matter how many times my heart gets ripped out on Sundays you’ll still line your pockets. And frankly, Jerry, we’ve all gotten the impression that that’s all that matters to you anymore. Four winning seasons in 17 has made that as clear as it’s going to get.
Football is a national sport, inextricable from our culture and the identity we as Americans craft for ourselves on a weekly basis, and by placing your profits in front of providing a winning football team for Carolinians held captive by their cultural context you are shirking your due diligence as one privileged by the forces of fate to positively determine the fate of the emotions of millions of citizens spread at home in the Carolinas and abroad. Human agency is a lie, a clever trick, an illusion: social structure produces humans, not the other way around. And you, Mr. Richardson, are no exception. You have a social responsibility to provide the structure which created you - enabled you, endowed you with your abilities – a winning football team, or at least the priority of creating one, or at least a passable illusion of doing so (and right now absolutely no one is fooled.) I do not speak merely for myself; what was once a rippling tide of discontentment among your team’s fanbase has reached a boiling crescendo.
The great French existentialist philosopher Blaise Pascal once declared that at the end “…the last act is tragic, however happy all the rest of the play is; at the last a little earth is thrown upon our head, and that is the end for ever. Perhaps a little maudlin, but no less effective for it: Pascal here is speaking to the basic human truth that no matter our course in this life, no matter our gain, no matter the things with which we occupy ourselves, no matter how rich or how poor or how smart or how dumb we manage to be during our brief instant on this pale blue dot hurtling through time and space, at the end the king and the pauper share the same fate: and the only thing which continues to matter is the legacy which we leave behind.
What we do in this life echoes in eternity, Jerry. Speaking for the Carolina faithful I hope you choose accordingly.
If you would like to reach me for further discussion, I may be contacted by my above-listed contact information; additionally I would be happy to meet you for lunch or a beer to discuss it in person. I’ll buy.
Kindest Regards,

jerry never wrote me back, and after we beat the giants the following week my rage subsided, and after we beat the rams and the bucs i began to rethink my letter. we started stomping teams left and right and my fears, that bitter tinge that'd sat in my stomach as i contemplated our problems disappeared with the surge of wins. i began to think that maybe we'd transcended these problems, that maybe jerry had struck gold, that his ideas had found life.
and now i'm doubting that again. i'm wondering if that was just our half-decade spike, if all of the flaws manifest in jerry's archaic philosophy are once again matriculating and resulting in what we've begun to see on the field. it's a taste in my mouth that's familiar and repulsive. i recognize it, and i don't like it.
hopefully i'm wrong and we'll beat the bears and i won't need to write another letter.

#2991089 Hope for the season! Winning the division just got a little easier.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 06:44 PM

So what would it mean if we made the playoffs simply because the other 3 teams suck... 


it would mean fug yeah the panthers made the playoffs!

#2990934 Horace Miller

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 04:40 PM

I bet joe person is one of those special people who keep posting the "facebook is going to start charging 3 dollars monthly" article in disgust


joe person loudly deleted the facebook messenger app because it's an invasion of privacy and demanded everyone just message him on kik instead

#2990928 Horace Miller

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 04:33 PM

How long before Joe Person reports this?


give him until tomorrow's practice so he can run into linebacker drills while reporting it on his phone between rounds of candy crush

#2990879 Hope for the season! Winning the division just got a little easier.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 03:54 PM

at least they are signing guys, we are still looking at udfa and washed up rb's


i'd take any of our guys over cameron bradfield. they didn't sign him to improve their roster, they signed him because they need a warm body to put on the field.

#2990842 Hope for the season! Winning the division just got a little easier.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 03:35 PM

The Falcons just IRed starting right guard Joe Hawley and starting right tackle Lamar Holmes. Safety William Moore is now on temporary IR. And this is after losing Sam Baker for the season.


They are now starting Peter fuging Konz at center lolololol and they just signed a guy who the Jags cut last week. They put all kinds of emphasis on fixing that offensive line this season (it was the number one reason they sucked so hard) and now they're arguably worse off than they were last year. Jake Matthews is now the only decent player on that line, aside from maybe Jon Asamoah, who plays right guard and might help Peter Konz not play like a pop warner third-stringer.


Here go laugh at their misery






With the Bucs showing indescribable weaknesses and the Saints defense looking more inept than Rob Ryan's dietary habits, we have a legitimate chance to sweep our entire division in spite of our weaknesses. Just need fix mental errors on defense, adjust to Cam's strength on offense, and go back to our NFC-ass-kicking ways that got us a 2-0 start.


Now we just need SCP's smack thread and a win against the Bears on Sunday to get it all started. See you bitches there.

#2990593 How bout them Niners?!

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 12:38 PM

So what you're telling me is I go to the same school as PhillyB?!


i just started down there for a grad school program, on campus two days a week, mostly fretwell and barnard

#2989918 What if Jesus was made up?

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 01:29 AM

If Jesus, God, the Bible, religion as a whole, etc. were discovered to be made up ... then everything we know as being good or bad would be erased all at once. We could kill people, be racist as hell, rape women, molest children, steal anything we wanted, capture illegals and send them back to their crap country, do hard drugs, fight gays in the streets with gloves on so we don't catch their AIDS, do terrorist acts on the reg, shoot cops in the face, poison the poor and laugh at them while we wipe our asses with money, and so on and so on.


Fictional or not (who cares), it has given society a good way to judge what is right and what is wrong. Life would be one helluva party without religion.


social contract?

#2989865 Cracking Down on this Forum

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 11:41 PM

boxing day, every day

#2989853 Cracking Down on this Forum

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 11:26 PM

lol at the mommy skirt-grabbers in this thread

this place is largely self-policing and it creates a unique culture that hungrily consumes and rewards good content while excoriating bad content. i have several theories as to why, but they are all secondary to the fact that moderation here is light-handed, strategic, and effective at maintaining the singularly best football forum on the web. there's a reason i'm willing to sacrifice one beer a month for it

#2989799 Overall, doesn't this feel like the worst NFL season you can remember?

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 10:50 PM

You're getting your years mixed up, Jarrett scored his TD in the last game of 2009.


so it was. fug, that season was so bad i have to import other quasi-decent memories into it

#2989607 DeAngelo says he's out for a few weeks with a high ankle sprain.

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 09:22 PM

high ankle sprains routinely take a while to recover from

#2989533 Overall, doesn't this feel like the worst NFL season you can remember?

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 08:55 PM

Im willing to bet I made 26 posts in the Panthers forum that year. My God that was a train wreck.


i don't even remember it really. i remember being at the stadium when pickles came out at halftime against the bucs and thought i was witnessing history… which i was, just the wrong kind. and then it's just a blur of games like the bengals, which was atrocious, and the ravens, which was emasculating, and then i escaped for thailand for a month and ended the season with a $10 scalped ticket to watch us poop on the saints in 5-degree weather when dwayne jarrett caught his first career touchdown.


this season is so much better than that

#2989505 Overall, doesn't this feel like the worst NFL season you can remember?

Posted by PhillyB on 29 September 2014 - 08:42 PM

2010: armanti edwards, brandon lafell, and david gettis compete for panthers future starter across from james q. clausen


fug me with a tree

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