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#3059805 Cam is shell shocked.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 11:41 PM

Cam does not do his receivers any favors, that's for sure.

The throw to Bersin was clearly behind him, as was the touchdown that was dropped by Benji.

In a perfect world, both should have been caught, but I am not going to hang this game on the receivers, that's for sure.

I realize its always someone else's fault when Newton plays poorly for certain people.

both those throws we're tossed perfectly into spots where the defenders couldn't get them, without making the receiver break stride, elevate, or dive.

you're an ignoramus and we're all tired of your agenda.

#3059748 Cam has never been this off before....

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 11:31 PM

Cotchery and Bersin drops cost us this game.

i don't place much blame on him, but benjamin's did too. cam's receivers failed him tonight when it counted.

#3059567 This one is on the refs!

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 11:05 PM

yeah but we helped the refs by sucking ass

#3055707 Hardy Trail POSTPONED

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 06:36 PM

this really fuging sucks from every possible perspective.

#3055574 Am I seriously the only one excited to see our new LT in Action?

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 05:27 PM

i have zero expectations, so at worst i'll be pleasantly surprised

#3055230 fug you NFL Network. fug you so so so hard.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 01:35 PM

I wanna pi this, how do i do it? May sound stupid, please help?


do a screen capture of the post you want to pie, bring it up in iphoto or microsoft photo preview, hit your computer screen with a pie, cover up the keyboard. tape it and reply to this thread with the video

#3055219 "Good morning" = harassment.

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 01:30 PM

I've had women tell me its worse on public transportation...I know there are places in other countries where women get their own separate trains because of harassment.


i tried to get in the women's train car in indonesia by mistake and got escorted out by an unhappy police officer… i'm not sure if it was a religious thing (i was in a heavily muslim-populated section of the country) or if they were just having problems with macho male indonesians (which tend to be a problem in some areas.)


anyway i have a lot of thoughts on this, but if women in general think it's disrespectful and annoying to be catcalled, then yes, i think it's important to hear those voices. and there's definitely a difference between a professional, courteous, or friendly "good morning" and a catcalling "good morning."


at the end of the day, harassment is a form of culture, by the very fact that groups of people habitually do it, and it's harmful and disrespectful, so complaining about this is a form of trying to induce culture change, and i think it's a good thing, especially in an age when social media spreads these types of videos and commentary far and wide.

#3055144 Isidewith.com

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 12:53 PM


You are not completing the democratic process and fighting for what you want!

A third party candidate will never have a shot and our current broken system will persist if everyone becomes a defeatist because they feel like what you posted.


i've wrestled with it for a long time, but the truth is if i voted third party it would be green party, not libertarian, and functionally speaking there's not that much difference in the applied platforms of the green party and democratic party, at least as far as the issues i'm concerned with, so it makes by far the most sense for me to vote democratic.

#3055140 Facebook Politics

Posted by PhillyB on Yesterday, 12:51 PM

Anyone else seeing post about Atheist attacking Carrier Underwood for her new Jesus song? You click on the articles and there is nothing said by atheist, it's just the claim that they are attacking her. I did a google search and I can't find anything from atheist attacking her, just responses to these articles claiming they are, and the atheist saying they don't care about her song. I haven't seen anything or heard anything about this song from any atheist social outlets I'm pretty connected to. I've just heard the Christian's claims. 


I guess this is how some Christians perpetuate their victim mentality. They lie.







ugh i've seen this freaking everywhere. it's always framed as "see why atheists are going NUTS over carrie underwood's new song!" followed up by the tagline, "should atheists be allowed to stop carrie underwood's faith? what do YOU think?" followed by fleets of commenters ranting about religious freedom and how atheism is a religion

#3053179 fug you NFL Network. fug you so so so hard.

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 02:03 PM

of all fuging games for the first fuging cutoff

#3053170 fug you NFL Network. fug you so so so hard.

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 01:59 PM

I have missed two Panthers games in eight years: one in 2006 when I went camping with a girl I was trying to get with (she shot my ass down) and another in 2010 when I was in Thailand (and those games were pretty expendable anyway.) I refuse to work Sundays at any job I work.


Fast forward to this week. Lots of poo happening at my bar. I told them I could take the shift, because even though the hotel is going to be filled with dumbass middle school teachers who will invariably line up at my bar and take sixteen minutes to order some bullshit with Malibu rum and grenadine and then bitch that they can't taste the liquor in their pineapple juice, I still have a television mounted against the far wall of the bar, so I can at least peer over their slovenly hairdos to watch David Foucault pancake Saints players all the way into Sean Payton's drug stash under the gatorade cooler on the sideline.


But then what happens? I go onto NFL.com to look up Kelvin Benjamin's rookie stats so I can comment in the all-rookie team thread with a projection of his stats for the year, and what's the first article?


"Thursday Night Football Moves Exclusively to NFL Network."


What the fuck? What is this shitty shit? The reason this is a problem is because the TV in the bar is on a network that doesn't get NFLN. The massive flatscreen in the lobby eight steps from my bar is big and beautiful and gets NFLN, and that's where I'd ordinarily be watching the game on a slow night, and using the bar TV as backup. Now I don't have that option. Now my ability to watch the game depends entirely on how long it takes idiots to stop being idiots at my bar. Which in my experience is a very very very long time.


TLDR: cbs doesn't show TNF anymore and PhillyB might need a new job on Friday.

#3053152 Pat Robertson

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 01:46 PM

I mean where do ppl get these ideas about homosexuality from?


culture (of which ideologies about homosexuality is a part) is a transitive property and it tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by outside forces. attitudes are largely inherited and create a constantly rebirthed social structure that is produced by these ideas, and subsequently reproduces them. these structures, or human systems, run on the fuel of people: they produce people who believe homosexuality is a sin, but they are produced and reinforced by people like pat robertson who, as the big men and leaders, provide the engine cultural ideas and values need to maintain course in spite of those outside forces trying to keep them from being acted upon and changed.


it's a dynamic as old as human beings themselves. it's also why pat robertson should not be seen as directly responsible for deaths (he too is production of the social structure he reinforces) but should be considered institutionally culpable (for he helps to reproduce the social structure that produced him.)

#3053050 Isidewith.com

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 12:57 PM

I had no idea I lined up with the Green party so well. I've never looked into them. 


i wanted to vote for jill stein in 2012 but she wasn't on the ballot in NC.


i think i'm done with the third party crusade though, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that i feel there are injustices happening in the real world that are better stopped by exercising my right to remove from power the people that perpetrate them instead of my right to feel all good and independenty about myself.


for instance i think it's outrageous that gay people get the shaft (lol) in so many ways, and voting for a third-party candidate doesn't do a thing to help them if our current GOP legislators with teleology sticks wedged up their asses stay in power.


this year i will vote for my first-ever democrat. it's a damn shame it has to be kay hagan.

#3053025 Toxic differentias

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 12:46 PM

It's not mean, it's moronic.  And all the fanboy fine young males who like to give pie to posts are just as retarded.


The whole pie thing is just stupid - as dumb as the "like" on failbook.


put away the bingo chips and go to bed and reminisce about your glory days in world war one

#3052993 Isidewith.com

Posted by PhillyB on 29 October 2014 - 12:30 PM

97% green party

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