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In Topic: Stewart and the playoffs

02 January 2014 - 12:16 PM

I suggest Stewart is better at pass protection than Williams, which he is.

You go off on a Deangelo induced rage and get personal.

Feel better, kid? I'll be sure to let you know when you are important enough for me to have an conversation with. Until then, keep practicing.

A DeAngelo induced rage? Have a seat... Nothing was personal about what I said. Now if you took it that way that's on you. Me being any significance in your world doesn't matter to me. You said Cam was hurried cause DeAngelo missed blocks. I pointed out that Tolbert missed blocks as well. Nothing about my post was illogical or ignorance. Now if you don't like me responding to you or bothering you I wont respond to you anymore. If you think I made this personal and you were offended I will not come on your website any longer. Because when you talk about who or what is important, please believe you or this site is not in my world.

In Topic: Stewart and the playoffs

02 January 2014 - 11:43 AM

Stewart is also better at pass blocking. Deangelo got blown up more than once last week resulting in Cam being harassed.

Right, so you take touches from one of the only explosive playmakers because he missed a couple of blocks? If you paid close attention, since you were at the game and all, Tolbert missed a couple of blitz plays as well. I guess you forgot to mention that part. Do me a favor and show a still shot of DeAngelo's touchdown run against the Saints before it developed and start a thread asking folks if Barner was the starter what would he have done on that play. See, you like to act all smart and witty. Like to make sarcastic replies when someone post something that is off base a little. Truth is you post some of the most foolish crap as anyone else. With Steve Smith hobbled you want to take away touches from, outside of Ginn, the only guy who can score anywhere on the damn field because of pass protection. He has been solid in that aspect all year... In these last 3 games since #28 got injured #34 has a 70 yard score a 40 yard score and a 50 yard play(which he was stripped). He is the damn key for this team reaching the Super Bowl. Why can t you and everyone else see this. Schula finally realized what people havnt for years. He is a two way player and adds another dimension in the passing game that can exploit teams in the playoffs. But ur so damn bias you rather see a player in there who hasnt scored a td in two years rather than the 2 men who had gotten it done all year long..

In Topic: Stewart and the playoffs

01 January 2014 - 07:31 PM

Maybe you should read exactly what I say....instead if just pretending I hate Williams.

I have clearly stated Williams has a place in our offense. So does Tolbert. So does Stewart.

Williams needs to be put in space. Tolbert and Stewart need to run through trash piles. THAT isn't bashing ANYONE.

I'll stop pretending you hate Williams when you stop pretending that you don't. You're that racist guy that says he isn't racist because he has black friends. You are that liar who lies about everything but is quick to call someone else a liar. You're that type of guy.

In Topic: Stewart and the playoffs

01 January 2014 - 05:53 PM


Defending Stewart is Williams hate? You guys are so on Williams junk you bash Stewart for no reason. All I am doing is defending 28 and saying why all 3 need to play.

Williams should not be keeping Tolbert and Stewart off the field if they are healthy. This is comical. 28 deserves his reps as a rusher in this O

You're a damn clown. What did I say in my damn post that was bashing Jonathan? STFU... What ur doing all on this thread is bashing a player for no reason. You are quick to say someone is sensitive in regarding Williams, but you don't realize how foolish you sound in tearing down a player to build another one up. You are the sensitive one in regards to #28. You have turned a thread about #28 into a Williams indictment session. You're a joke. Have a seat.... I'm done talking and responding to your nonsense. You are helpless....

In Topic: Stewart and the playoffs

01 January 2014 - 05:06 PM

the d will hate is laughable smh

it really is... But it is mainly coming from one guy...

CRA really did fix his mouth to say DeAngelo RARELY does anything. When someone says something as idiotic as that, how can you take anything he says serious. I have never seen a contingent hang on 2 16 yard plays against the saints the way #28 fans have been. "He was just coming into his own." Oh ok....