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Been listening to them since "Smash." I used to work for the City where I lived and one time my boss got a complaint from a citizen that I was blasting "Bad Habit" in my City truck at an intersection :lol: I met Dexter in Havasu AZ about 5 years ago because one of my best friends hangs out with his mechanic there and we happened to be visiting at the same time. Really cool dude and we were doing karioake(sp?) and I put on Bad Habit and butchered the hell out of it on purpose. He laughed his ass off and when the bar owner found out who he was, we drank for free. Good times.
Apr 27 2011 01:47 PM


Hey there. As far as I can tell, pie went away after some modifications to the hamsters. I lost my original name and had to drop the "-". I made another name, Pantha-San II and it wouldn't work. I think the new hamsters don't like anything with a P in it..
Feb 17 2011 01:10 PM