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In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Today, 07:24 AM

He got beat by a superior athlete. We all know that happens. You could pick plays of everyone on offense and defense looking that bad. Cam ran to his blindside into a sack on like the 2nd drive. There isn't a gif in the world that can tell us something we don't already know about Byron. 


It wasn't his blindside, and Cam had literally nowhere to go. Both Tackles fuging suck. It's time for everyone to accept this...


In Topic: Our starting Left Tackle

Today, 07:18 AM

You could make a whole website dedicated to just gifs of Byron Bell failing.



In Topic: Calling all PC/electronics nerds... I need some help...

Yesterday, 10:20 AM

Most PC stores will have a PSU on hand to plug into the Mobo real quick and see if you can power it on. Like dos poptarts said, look in the phone book for a local repair shop. That'll be your best bet, and the most help. 


As for your question....


Yes a single pin operating at the incorrect voltage could cause your system to not power on correctly. More than likely your PSU is malfunctioning, but it could be a host of other issues too such as a short in the mobo. 

In Topic: 2014/15 UEFA Champions League

Yesterday, 08:53 AM

Still refusing to admit James is playing incredible right now....

In Topic: Ron Rivera is still terrible at clock management

20 October 2014 - 09:18 PM

4 extra points is still a loss.


Your point? Rivera is terrible at clock management. Even the biggest fuging homer should be able to admit that. 


Saying that it wouldn't have changed the outcome of the game doesn't excuse or justify piss poor clock management. 

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