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In Topic: After 3 long long years...this guy is going to have a cell phone.

Today, 02:27 PM

As in you have a phone number and a phone, but your phone service is eliminated and you get called over some sort of internet system?

VoIP is all over internet. It's the same thing that TWC and other cable companies offer when they advertise home phone service, although the modems they use are often network specific (meaning they'll only work if you're on their internet connection). Something like Vonage or Ooma is not network specific and can be used on any high speed internet connection anywhere.

In Topic: After 3 long long years...this guy is going to have a cell phone.

Today, 09:44 AM

I'm kinda a vagabond right now though. Lived in 3 totally different places since the beginning of the year, don't plan on settling down for at least 5 years or so.

With VoIP phone systems, you can take them with you.


I looked into it when I thought I might be moving to Australia because I still needed a U.S. phone number for work.


Basically, once you set your phone system up, the phone number will work anywhere that you have the VoIP system plugged into an internet connection.

In Topic: Liberty @ UNC

Today, 07:52 AM

Copped 2 tickets yesterday for the game Saturday. I can't wait, this will be my first time at Chapel Hill.

Does this game figure to be jam packed full, sold out or many empty seats as they are playing lowly Liberty? Anyway, anyone know how the view is section 125 row A they seem like great seats my only concern is that they are so low down to the field I might not be able to see everything clearly

Anyway, I'm excited anyone familiar with Kenan Stadium and UNC football fill me in on what I can expect and also, parking! Where is the best ace to park?

Games at Carolina almost always have plenty of empty seats. Has nothing to do with playing someone like Liberty, but yeah, a game like Liberty will probably have more empty seats than an ACC matchup.


Parking isn't difficult, but you'll have quite a hike. There isn't much parking right around the stadium and I think pretty much all of that is reserved for big money donors.


The stadium is pretty awesome though. They've done a remarkable job hiding the stadium in the middle of campus. It's a fairly large stadium, but you don't even know it is there until you're right up on top of it.

In Topic: Predict Your School's 2014 Record

27 August 2014 - 01:35 PM



App State - bolded games are wins


@ Michigan:  ugly loss.

vs Campbell: big win

@ Southern Miss: they've won one game their past two years.  No reason to think App shouldn't win this one.

@ Georgia Southern: close game Thursday night but we always beat them.  I say we edge it out like 28-27, Georgia Southern will miss an extra point or some poo like that.

vs South Alabama:  probably the biggest home game all year.  USA is really good I say we lose by like 14.

vs Liberty: this should be another pretty easy win.  I would hope.

@ Troy:  they haven't been that good the past few years but we'll still lose.

vs Georgia State: if there is a team that has been worse than Southern Miss the past few years it's Ga State.  At home big win.

vs UL Monroe: this is the one "upset" win I have the Apps grabbing.  At home in November there could be some tough conditions for a Louisiana team.  They won't be prepared for how loud the rock really gets and the Apps get a really big win here while the rest of the sun belt takes notice.

@ Arkansas State: one of the best teams in the SBC on the road, lose bad

@ UL Lafayette: the best team in the SBC, lose convincingly again

vs Idaho: Idaho is never good.  Could be a tougher game than fans think but App still wins and closes the season on a high note


So 7-5 (4-4)  would be ecstatic


9-3 next year btw

I can't argue with any of this really except for USM. While it isn't out of the question that App wins, I don't think it is a sure thing (especially with App coming off a 4-8 season in FCS).


USM should be better than they have been the last 2 years. I think they'll end up with 4 or 5 wins this year.


Fedora left them in shambles. He basically recruited for one special season with the hope that'd get him a better job. It worked obviously. He had virtually no talent coming in and they would have been a dumpster fire even if he had stayed.


To make things worse, they made a pretty terrible hire after that. I think they have a good guy in there now, but you don't go from 0-12 to a winning record in a single season. I think they make a lot of progress this year.

In Topic: NCSU Football in 2014 - should I even try to watch?

25 August 2014 - 04:44 PM

- By technicality ODU was in the CUSA last year but they had to sit out a season (couldn't compete in FCS Playoffs) but I actually saw them play live last year and they had the CUSA emblem on their field. Not to mention they played a very comparable schedule to a CUSA team.

- Also I believe at least four if those schools weren't even in the CUSA when ECU won it's two championships (which is what fueled my comment).

- The teams aren't knew but the faces and competition is. That Cinncy team is not the same Cinncy team from its' CUSA today's.

My comment wasn't meant to diminish what ECU has done it was to get idiots that are placing their mid-major teams at the same level as these (former) BCS teams.

Not to mention why would you talk poo about a team that you have beaten TWICE in14 years.... Yeah, that's intelligent.

Charlotte has the CUSA logo on its field too and we're not yet in CUSA for football.


ODU's football team was an independent transitional FBS team last year. They played one CUSA team last year, so I don't agree that they played a comparable schedule to a CUSA team. They played MD, Pitt, and UNC, and Idaho. Every other school was an FCS program and Idaho might as well be.


CUSA is considerably better (even in its current form) than the schedule they played last year. They're going to have a difficult year this year.


I definitely agree with you that ECU fans tend to inflate their accomplishments, but I also think they have done a remarkable job given the resources they've had to work with.

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