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In Topic: How bout them Niners?!

Yesterday, 04:34 AM

We really need a  different QB before we move to CUSA next year. Matt Johnson is basically an HBack. He can't read a defense or make throws in the middle of the field.


Lost to a dreadful Elon team yesterday.


The guy has been practicing for 3 years now and he hasn't gotten better. If he's the best we have, we might only win 1 game next year.

In Topic: UNC @ ECU

20 September 2014 - 09:51 PM

UNC will lose this game, not because of how awful the defense plays, but because they settled for FGs instead of touchdowns. 

looks like UNC lost because they're actually a really shitty team.


Letting someone hang 70 on them should keep them out of the conversation for top 25 the rest of the season.

In Topic: The Ebola Outbreak.

17 September 2014 - 01:34 PM

On a side note, I found it interesting that in the 70's America viewed the overpopulation of Africa as a threat to national security. There's a direct quote of this concern coming from the mouth of Richard Nixon. Coincidentally, not too long after that is when AIDS and Ebola popped up and starting tearing through Africa.

Just saying.

I wouldn't exactly say Ebola has torn through Africa. Including this current outbreak, there have been less than 4,000 deaths from Ebola since it was discovered.


AIDS kills more than that every day.

In Topic: 2014 College Football Season

15 September 2014 - 11:05 AM

I understand your rationale.  However, you're going to be disappointed.  Also, an undefeated Marshall still likely won't get the nod over a 2-loss AAC team, considering Marshall has the weakest SOS in the modern history of football.  I know that 12-0 is impressive looking, but the decision makers will look at the schedule.

I think they'll get it over a 2 loss AAC team because the AAC is really weak this year. Outside of ECU and Cinci, the conference doesn't look very good this year.


The AAC has like 3 OOC wins against FBS teams. That might have jumped to 4 or 5 after this weekend.


Even though Marshall's schedule is really weak, going undefeated is still really, really difficult. CUSA is undefeated against peer conferences (12-0). Marshall plays a decent conference schedule actually. Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, Rice, FAU, and UAB are all fairly solid this year.


Their schedule would be more compelling though if UAB and Middle Tennessee had taken care of business against Minnesota and Mississippi State though. They played well and came close, but fell short.


ECU isn't really going to get much of a boost from beating TERRIBLE teams like SMU (coachless), South Florida (LOL), UCONN (pretty bad), Temple (not as good as everyone thought after week 1), Tulsa (terrible).


Cinci and UCF are really the only good conference opponents they face this year. With a loss to UNC, I don't think ECU really has much else to lean on. The win against VT was nice, but if the win against OSU turns out to be a fluke, much of the credibility from that win is eroded.



Personally, I think ECU is a really great team. I'm just not convinced ECU gets into the Access Bowl with 2 losses over an undefeated Marshall. 1 loss? Absolutely. 2? Not so sure.

In Topic: 2014 College Football Season

15 September 2014 - 10:50 AM

Even though I hate UNC, I have to root against ECU. CUSA is positioned pretty well right now to be the top G5 conference and another loss might knock ECU out of the Access Bowl spot. If CUSA ends up #1 and Marshall gets the Access Bowl spot, that is a couple million extra dollars for each CUSA school, not to mention good publicity (and after all the teams CUSA lost, it needs a perception boost in the worst way).

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