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In Topic: UNC "Paper Class" Scandal Report Released & In NCAA Hands

24 October 2014 - 03:19 PM

Your argument here is flawed.  Jan Boxill is neck deep in this scam and she is in the Philosophy department, there are emails from her showing she was offering up philosophy independent study classes to get athletes grades and/or hours they needed for Pell Grants.

Yep...which would be a felony. And a federal crime.

In Topic: UNC Academic Scandal

24 October 2014 - 03:06 PM

I'm still trying to figure out the groundbreaking material that Wainstein's report has exposed...  We already knew what was happening.  Players were taking classes that weren't administered or monitored by professors, they wrote a paper, they got a grade they didn't deserve.  He confirmed that.


Only thing I found interesting was how long it had been going on...  Other than that, so what?  People have been fired, our football program is still suffering due to sanctions that were placed on it at the end of Davis' tenure.  What more do people want? 


Also interesting, IIRC, his report showed that something like only 3k (out of a countless number of students) over 18 years took the classes.  Again, it was limited to one department and Crowder was pretty much the one orchestrating all of it.  What is so sensational about that compared to what we knew already?  I don't get it. 


UNC Haters got it...  there's the report...  it confirmed what was already known.  The AFAM dept. had fake classes that they used to help boost GPAs, pretty much under the actions of one person who oversaw it from start to finish.  Great.

There are emails from psychology department as well. More and more keeps leaking out.


What has been released is probably just the tip of the iceberg.


It goes far, far deeper than one person or a couple of people.


As much as I find NCSU fans incredibly annoying, they've done a hilariously awesome job at bringing more and more of this out. It just keeps coming. It's not over.


All this report is going to do is lead to an even deeper investigation.

In Topic: Russia economy might enter point of no return today...

24 October 2014 - 12:53 PM

Alcoholic, degenerate gamblers aren't welcome there. 

Russia then.


I met a guy from SC on my trip to Germany that was working for Halliburton in Sibera. Making big $$.


From the way he talked, it sounded like alcoholic, degenerate gamblers are preferred there.

In Topic: UNC "Paper Class" Scandal Report Released & In NCAA Hands

24 October 2014 - 12:10 PM

Yeah and that's messed up, I don't think it should be that way for any program, not fair. NCAA sucks.

Using this logic, the NCAA can never really punish anyone because they almost never uncover this stuff until players are gone.


Sucks for the current players, but if you do nothing, it will only encourage this kind of poo to happen more.


I guess they could take  the school's NCAA winnings / bowl payouts / television contract earnings as a way to punish schools without hurting the current athletes, but I'm sure the schools care a lot more about that money than they do the actual athletes.

In Topic: UCONN @ #18 ECU Thursday night game ESPNU

24 October 2014 - 09:20 AM

Was right on my prediction


A ranked team is going to get every squad's best effort. That goes for every team we see from here on out. Especially from the more talented squads all around ie: Temple, Cincy, and UCF.


ECU will have to work and work VERY hard for an access bowl spot. If they get it, they will have to earn it.


Good win today, proud that they fought through adversity.

You'll definitely get the best effort from everyone.


I still disagree that Temple is good or even decent though. Houston has finally put it together and they're looking more like the team people though they'd be at the beginning of the year and Temple wasn't even competitive. They haven't really beaten anyone at all this year. If I could place a parlay bet on Temple to lose their next 5 games, I would.


Honestly, ECU SHOULD roll thorugh Temple and even Cincy. Cincy's defense is really bad. You won't if you play like you did last night, but you have the talent. Just need to get out of the funk you've been in the last few weeks.



One thing that surprised me last night during the game was when they were talking about Colorado State. I didn't know that that Colorado State's SOS was actually slightly better than ECU's. They have a very winnable, but not completely pathetic schedule left.  I wouldn't be shocked at all if they end up being #1 among G5's in the playoff committee poll this week. You don't hear much about them since they're not on the east coast, but their numbers look good.


ECU probably will be, just saying I wouldn't be shocked if they were. I'd say they definitely have a stronger case than Marshall at the moment.

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