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In Topic: 20/20

Today, 03:49 PM

we'll take all the help we can get!

In Topic: Rivera: "Learned from first Atlanta game to stay aggressive"

Today, 02:06 PM

Ron Rivera sounds like any politician.... says all the right things


Then does the opposite when it counts.


In Topic: At stake: NFC South Title/ Playoffs vs Top 10 draft pick

Today, 11:46 AM

It's a losing season. Nothing that happens next weekend will change that. When you have a losing season, you talk draft.


Have to disagree...


Beating the Falcons will change that. Making the playoffs means that we've done something that has never been done in this division... win it back to back. Gives us an opportunity to make something good happen in the playoffs.


You can talk draft... but if we beat the Falcons and get into the playoffs... Im not going to sit here and be jealous of the Falcons/ Saints draft picks.


There are some teams who hardly ever get early picks in the draft and they keep winning. We can make the playoffs and still get what we need in the draft. That's all I'm saying.

In Topic: At stake: NFC South Title/ Playoffs vs Top 10 draft pick

Today, 11:17 AM

Win ... NOW.


We made the playoffs last year. We have an opportunity to do it again. The draft is over


I think DG has proven that he can draft regardless of the position we're in. The first round draft pick isn't everything.


Thinking about the draft right now proves that our fanbase has a loser mentality. Stop it. We want to win now... as in Sunday.

In Topic: Stewart...

Today, 11:01 AM

I am a supporter of Jstew starting... but the only thing I don't like about Dwill is his contract.


A big reason that Stewart is having the success he's having is the continuity of the line that past few games. We have even seen a difference in Cam's numbers.


We were not able to run the ball effectively this year because of our issues at Oline. Don't think that Deangelo wouldn't do well behind the same group of guys.

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