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The Numbers vs Media Nonsense

07 October 2014 - 05:53 PM

I watched the NFLN piece everyone is flipping out about.. and it was probably the worst piece of journalism I have seen in a long time. If you go back and listen to it... they're using things that don't have anything to do with him to criticize him. I've never seen them compliment someone as a means to undermine them.


"He's getting hit, they can't catch, his defense isn't good anymore." ---- Irrelevant.


He then goes to site press conferences clips from Cam's Rookie year as a means to character assassinate him. 


He brings up QB's who are supposed to be better, but are beneficiaries of better teams with systems that utilize their strengths.

Quote: "Andrew Luck, (of course), 11 game winning drives" - As if that is a leap of accomplishment.


When questioned about what he says, he then says, "I am being unfair, and I acknowledge as much."


We keep hearing this critique of #1 QB picks and the expectations for them to lead their team to a championship.... but I wanted to shed some light on this something the media doesn't like to use... facts.


Out of the 78 years of the NFL draft:


-26 QBs have been selected #1 overall (33% of total #1 draft picks)

-Of those QB's 9 of them have won an NFL Championship/Superbowl (34.61% of QBS selected #1) (Combined for 17 in all.)

-5 of those QBS have multiple Superbowls (T.Bradshaw -4, T. Aikman- 3, J. Elway -2, E. Manning- 2, J. Plunkett- 2)  making -up 76% of the Superbowls won the 9 QBs who won SBs.


39 #1 draft picks have made it to at least one probowl out of 78 first picks. (about 50%) (edited)

Of all positions, 19 picks in the draft since 1937, won the Heisman trophy. (24% of all players) 7 of those trophy winners were QBS. Of those 7, only Jim Plunkett has won a Superbowl (2)

5 #1 draft picks of all players in all positions have won rookie of the year (Earl Campbell 78, Billy Sims 80, George Rogers 81, Sam Bradford '10, Cam Newton '11) - Only George Rogers has a superbowl ring - with the Washington Redskins '88 (He was drafted by the saints in '81)


How many QBs' taken as the #1 draft pick, winning the Heisman trophy have won a superbowl? None... Because there have only been two.... Sam Bradford and Cam Newton.


My point is that the critique they make against Cam Newton should be critiques that they make against an organization that has only been to the Superbowl once in 20 years. The #1 draft picks who have seen success winning have been players that had teams that built for the long haul.


Of the QBs taken #1 in the draft

It took Terry Bradshaw 5 years to win his first SB.

Jim Plunkett was drafted by the Patriots, but it took him 10 years to win a Superbowl with a Raiders team that had already been to the Superbowl a few times.

Troy Aikman was drafted in 89, but didn't win his first superbowl until 93.

Peyton Manning took 9 years to win his first and only Super Bowl.

It took John Elway 15 years to win a Superbowl.


Out of the of 5 of those guys, 4 of them have won multiple superbowls... and the one who hasn't is only being called the greatest QB of all time... Peyton Manning.


The whole point is this...


The reason Panther fans flip out about this type of criticism is because frankly, our team has never really been paid much attention to. Since drafting Cam, the Panthers have been a consistent media target. It's just not in the way that we wanted it. Remember how Lebron James became the "villain" of the NBA. The NFL has it's heel in Cam Newton. And I don't mean "bad guy" in the sense of a Ray Rice type situation... but the guy they get to pick on because of his ability. The reason Cam gets this kind of hate is because he actually is that great. His numbers speak for themselves.


But here's the last of the numbers game:


In Dave Gettleman's tenure in the NFL the organizations he's been apart of have been to a total of 7 superbowls


4 with the Bills

1 with the Broncos (won)

2 with the Giants (won) Both against the Dynastic Patriots


3 out of 7 aint bad when you've only been to one.


Its never been solely the responsibility of a #1 draft pick (of any position) to lead his team to victory... they seldom do. Its the responsibility of the organization to put the team in positions to succeed. Don't chase every media roadrunner off of the cliff. We were in a rebuilding process last year and we weren't supposed to make the playoffs. That process is still in the making... of Champions. 




Carolina is... (Primetime's Take)

15 September 2014 - 05:56 AM

Wait for it... and Cop a couple of feels with this one. Yes, most of the media has made a career out of being wrong about our team... but its good to show love to those guys who've consistently recognized "The Realness." 



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