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Shut up and Enjoy This...

25 October 2013 - 07:02 AM

He shouldnt be the number 1 pick. 

He cant read an NFL defense.

He's not like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Andrew Luck. 

He's not accurate. 

He's selfish, He'll be a bust.

He wears a towel on his head?

Entertainer and a Icon.

He's not like RG3 or Russell Wilson.

Sophmore slump.

ESPN ranked him as 100th among OFFENSIVE players this year. (Jordan Gross ranked above him.)


 And Panther fans have bought into it. Read less.... and watch more football. 


For a moment... shut up and enjoy how great this guy is and will be.





Theres no way in THE WORLD that...

08 September 2013 - 07:07 PM

-Its 4th and Inches in MY HOUSE, And Im not going for it... when I have the option of running it with D-Will, Tolbert, or I have a 240 LB 6,5 QB who led the team in rushing yards last year. 


-Theres no way in the world that I NOT punch somebody. The Frank Alexander punch wasnt that big of a deal. And the only reason YOU have a problem with it, is because it got him thrown out. If we run the footage of how many punches, pushes, kicks 89 has thrown... we might be sitting here for awhile. Its football... and thats why they wear helmets.


- Theres no way in the world that the guy who leads the NFL in preseason INTS DOESNT Start. Whats the lesson here? Yes he takes risks... but its the perfect way to play when you have the kind of front 7 that we have. 


- Theres no way in the world that I blame this game on Cam. I was waiting for it and surely enough... it wouldnt take long.... The fun boys have found a way to make this game about Cam's mental make-up, his footwork, or how he shouldve thrown the ball softer so that his guys would have held on to it. 


-There's no way I go into the Half with 3 timeouts, the ball, and not take a shot at getting in field goal range. Cam is one of the leagues leaders in 20+ yardage completions. Use what you have.


- Armond Smith!! "You couldnt smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe..... Lost my train of thought." (Seinfeld. Festivus Episode. youtube it.)


-Theres no way in the world that we go into next week with this patchy offensive line. It actually takes time for certain routes to develop so that ... O Wait... that makes too much sense. I shouldnt post it. 


1st Down, run. 2nd Down, run, 3rd down, pass. 4th down. Punt (with a penalty.) Mike Shula... whose your daddy?? John Fox? 


 -There's no way in the world that I start losing my marbles over this game. Not because Seattle is a good team... but because I really believe we're equally as good, if not better. We had entirely too many mental mistakes, breakdowns, dropped passes.... and those ungodly fumbles. This game was going to come down to "Who F'ed up last." And F'ed in this instance ... means fumbled. 


- Theres no way in the world that I NOT let Deangelo take the blame for this game. He's a grown man... and He makes alot of money. Sure its a team sport... but your team didnt fumble the ball at the 8 yard line. We love D-Will, but if you hold on to the ball... we win the game. 



Cam Newton Scouting Report

19 July 2013 - 11:44 AM

Scott Kennedy, Director of Scouting for Fox Sports talks about his experience scouting Cam Newton.


Didnt see this on the board but if it is, feel free to erase this post. 


The season is right around the corner! 



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