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2015 WR Core vs 2014 WR analysis

Today, 10:57 AM

2014 passing production (TE)

Olsen- 1008 yd, 6 TD's, 12 Yd avg

KB- 1008 yds, 9 TD's, 13.8 yd avg

Cotch- 580 yd, 1 TD, 12.1 yd avg

Philly - 296 yd, 2 TD, 14.1 yd avg

Jason Avant- 201 yds, 1 TD, 9.6 avg

Ed Dickson- 115 yds, 1 TD, 11.5

Bersin- 151 yds, 1 TD, 11.6


We lost Steve Smith, Ted Ginn, and Brandon Lafell in 2014. The question the league kept asking was "Who is Cam going to throw to?"  Even with Kelvin Benjamin's drops, he and Greg Olsen both slated 1,000 yd receiving seasons. (I think that everyone forgets that even Greg Olsen had a couple of games where it seemed like he disappeared as well.) Our 3rd best receiver was Jericho Cotchery and we saw Philly Brown grow in his consistency.


2015 WR Roster (TE)

Kelvin Benjamin

Greg Olsen

Devin Funchess

Ted Ginn

Corey Brown

Jericho Cotchery

Jarrett Boykin

Ed Dickson

Stephen Hill

Brenton Bersin



Personnel Upgrade:


I think that we have to look at this and immediately be encouraged. Cotchery was our 3rd most productive receiver last year. And with the off season additions... he is instantly the 5th or 6th best receiver on this roster. Devin Funchess will be moved around on the line of scrimmage. His pro-day 4.47 40 time tells us that he is faster than KB, jumps higher than KB, and will get more yards after the catch than KB. I think we have to remember that Devin Funchess will not have the kind of pressure on him that KB had on him to be the number 1 receiver. This guy is a wideout, but there will definitely be some packages where he lines up in the 2nd TE spot. All he needs to do is come in and take advantage of his mismatches.


Adding Ted Ginn to the mix is big for Cam because of Ted Ginn's speed and familiarity with our quarterback and offense. Ted Ginn is not a #2 receiver... but he is a opportunistic guy who can exploit matchups and instantly upgrade our special teams. We are expecting Corey Brown to keep growing.... and everyone is pulling for Stephen Hill to make a big splash. (we'll see.)  Jarrett Boykin adds experience and actual NFL caliber depth to our roster.


Towards the end of the year and in the playoffs, we saw KB making big Time plays against the best corners in the league. (Seattle) I don't know why we keep doubting his ability to be a #1 receiver.  What rookie receiver have we ever had who came in with little to no help and had this kind of production? This guy is a baller and after 1 year he and Cam have developed a Stafford/ Megatron like chemistry.


Our receiver core is now in a position where our 3rd most productive receiver this year .... may not make the roster, much less start. That's a solid offseason guys. There is going to be real competition at the receiver position. I don't think that some fans realize the kind of physical challenge we are going to present defenses. We will have guys at the receiver position who are going to physically dominate DB's all game. 3 guys over 6'4 at receiver does great help to our running game...  And don't forget that apart of that running attack is our 6'5 QB. We're in good shape guys.




David Gettleman draft Recap on WFNZ.

Today, 08:22 AM

About addressing speed: Shaq is fast. David Funchess... plays faster than people realize.


We felt very strongly about Shaq. Humphries was taken right in front of us... and we feel really good about Shaq.


It's about drafting value. We traded up because of the draft value.


The most dangerous thing you can do in the draft, is say "he'll be there in the next round."


About LT and not drafting one:


"I believe in Oher. We put in a ton of film work. He wanted to be here badly. Did he struggle in Tennessee, sure. I don't want to LT by committee. With having Michael, we weren't going to shop hungry."


Last year, we were in cap hell... we held our water, and we got 2 comp picks. The 2 5th round comp picks which enabled us to get those two guys.


On RB- CAP (UFDA) - he's going to get every opportunity. You have people yell and scream that he cant hit a homerun. How many 20 yard runs are there in the NFL? You're playing guys that are playing at warp speed. Its about vision, instinct and accelerate at the right time.


Asked about CB

sometimes the answers on your roster. I know you hate it. We like Teddy Williams. As a vice guy,(guy who blocks the other guys gunner) he shows all the athletic skills to play corner. We have to coach what you've got.

We have talent on our roster...


If Lael Collins, would we consider:

"You know what, I don't want to talk about hypotheticals." (awkward pause. next question.)


David Mayo- We were the only visit he had. John Peterson felt really strong about him. We brought him in and he kept checking out with every scout. He will tag your fanny.

The Case for Agholor using Gettlelogic

16 April 2015 - 11:21 AM

Another Agholor thread??? Check it....
Last year... after we drafted Kelvin Benjamin, Gettleman was asked about Kelvin Benjamin's route running challenges. DG schooled reporters by saying that Odell Beckham was the best wide receiver in the draft last year. He pointed out how he stood out from all the other receivers because he could run the entire route tree. (If he had fell to us, we would have drafted him.)
KB was great for us last year... but if Agholor is there, we will take him.
If Agholor is there at 25, here are the reasons we will select him
1.) Reliable hands. 104 out of 134 targets. Ben Fennell counted only 5 drops on catchable/unobstructed passes all year (via Twitter)
2.). Speed. Sometimes speed is overrated. There are plenty of fast guys who just aren't good receivers. But 4.4 Speed, reliable hands, and great route running = leading the pac w/ 12 TD's.
3.) "twofer" We spent much of the offseason bolstering our Special Teams. It turns out that the reason we lost to Seattle in the playoffs was not because of OLine depth... but getting beat deep... and poor field positioning. Bersin was just THAT bad. Nelson could immediately step in as a number two and compete with Ted Ginn for special teams option. Boykin and Ginn can be contributors, but neither demand the respect of a true #2 receiver.
(*edited here)
Huddle Detractors vs Wizlogic
1.)  Under Sized: At 6'0" A lot of huddlers think we need a big body "possession type" receiver reminiscent of Moose as a number 2. But we actually already have this in KB and Olsen. Just so happens that this type of receiver is currently our #1. We once had a little guy under 6'0" as a receiver and he just so happened to be the greatest WR in  Panther history.
2.) We need a tackle. You're right... But I think that DG showed last year that he wont reach for a tackle just because we need them. Im sure we'll address the tackle position in the draft, but if a certain type of player falls to us IE: Gurley... tackle be damned, until the next round. I'm predicting that Nelson is that kind of player.
3.) USC. (sigh) There really is an interesting trend going out there when you look at schools we have drafted from. We have really seen some successful players that we drafted from some schools... ex: Utah. But I think that we've put entirely too much stock into this superstition. Nobody ever seems to say that we shouldn't draft linebackers from Washington (Jerry Jensen/ Lester Towns), or Running backs from Syracuse (Fiammetta/ Kyle Johnson), or Lineman from Auburn (Jeno James/ Lee Ziemba).
In the history of the Carolina Panthers, we have drafted 17 receivers.... of that number, we have 2 pro-bowlers (Smitty 3rd round selection and Moose 2nd round selection) KB can be considered a 3rd in the future. What hurts the most about the USC receivers is that they were drafted in the 2nd round. Which brings me to another point... We have never received any significant contribution from ANY receiver that we have drafted outside of the 3rd round. Never. That says a lot. That says to me that if we're really trying to draft a receiver who will produce, he needs to be drafted no later than the 3rd round.
So while I understand the superstition, those guys were drafted at least 8 years ago. Gettleman wasn't our GM and Proehl wasn't our WR coach. Dave Gettleman was spot on with Odell Beckham last year, just like he has been with most talent evaluation. He does his homework on his guys... and Nelson is getting a lot of Beckham comparisons. 
Having said all that...
He wont be there. (listen to the podcast)

Dave Newton.... Mr Breaking News. Probably might

24 March 2015 - 05:14 PM

Shout out to Ya boy Dave Newton for keeping it almost live....

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and obnoxiously ambiguous.

Greg Hardy only one attending DWill's mother's funeral

24 February 2015 - 03:54 PM

Deangelo Williams reported that the only person from the entire organization who attended his mother's funeral was Greg Hardy. Im listening to the radio today and they’re saying how bizarre that sounds.


The Panthers organization has done a lot to present itself as a family oriented team… as if we always take the moral high ground… unless… money is involved. This isn’t about how great a guy Greg Hardy is. But he’s certainly not the demon the media has made him out to be. This is about hypocrisy. Hardy has been vilified as if he was the second coming of Rae Carruth.


Its easy to make someone a polarizing figure. Its easy to make every situation black and white. I really see it as a blessing in disguise.  Maybe this information coming out will shed Carolina’s desire to continue promulgating  the illusion of moral superiority. You can be family friendly and still business savvy. Bringing Greg Hardy back is the right business move and the right thing to do... for the right price.


I know that there is little faith that Greg Hardy will be back… but you would think that by now, with DWill and Bell spilling the beans, that Greg would have said something about it by now.  Keep in mind that players are trying to fight for Greg Hardy to come back and now I think we are getting a bigger glimpse of why.


When we drafted Deangelo, I said, he will be the best back Carolina has had. He will have a better career than Reggie Bush.  Dwill will be missed, but it’s the move that they had to make.