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In Topic: Eagles trade for Barner

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

Marty would have signed him to a nice extension.

In Topic: Trai Turner= This year's Larry Warford?

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

who the fuck is larry warford?


came here to post this. 

In Topic: Bill belichick and his delusions

Yesterday, 05:04 PM

Per J.Jones on twitter:acording to Bill Belichick "Lafell carving out a niche and it may be a big one" High hopes Billy Boy.If this dude pans out for them I will be suprised as hell.So Friday night they get to cover the unstoppable Donald.If "carving out a niche"is bowing up when it counts, then he's your guy.


I saw this RT from Jones, as well. Had to LOL. Lafell had his chance here. Plenty of chances. They basically gave him the #2 job. Couldn't grab it. I wish him well, despite his snarky comment he made about us a few months ago, but I'll be shocked if he does anything than get 400 yards and a maybe a handful of touchdowns. 


Word is that they had some convos with Lafell during FA, but had no real interest in resigning him unless he wanted to come back dirt cheap. If that's true that should speak volumes. 

In Topic: So how did that Exhibition against Providence (Islands) go UNC?

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

this gave roy a good chance to play the freshmen alot and the backups as well. 


I honestly don't expect that to change the first month of the season, either. Roy's going to play around with the line up and try to get a rotation he likes. So they'll probably start out a little slow and inconsistent. They might lose a game or two that they probably should have won, too. So be prepared for it and be prepared for the idiot dookie and state fans to call up WFNZ crying about da rayuffs and dem fake afrocan amurican studies classes. 


You don't want to be like two ACC teams last year that started out strong only to have their seasons come to a shocking end during tourney time. 

In Topic: So how did that Exhibition against Providence (Islands) go UNC?

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

Regardless....we are talking about practice. If you have to start threads to talk about scrimmage games then you need a hobby.

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The life of a PATHETIC ABCer. That dude isn't the first person to be guilty of it on this sub. Pretty sad. Especially when the team youre a "fan" of has been on the wrong side of maybe the two biggest college bball upsets ever 2 of the past 3 years. Haha. 


But Carolina has some stuff they need to work on between now....and the 3 months until college hoops season starts up. I feel the same way about their 1 point "loss" that I felt about their 60 point "win" a few days later. And go ahead and throw my feelings in on the Panthers preseason games, too. MEH. 


My only real concern is this ankle thing that BJ has been dealing with. Not going away as quickly as I'd like. With McAdoo gone - Brice is poised for an absolutely monster year, but he's got to be able to play. 

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