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In Topic: It will be a two year process...remember?

Yesterday, 01:11 PM

Technically it has been two years. He said that when he took over, and it has been two offseasons since. The team has only taken a step back from where it was last year.

actually our record is better than it was at this point last season. Let's keep it real. You might end up being right, but currently that is not a true statement.

In Topic: WFNZ...

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

Caller 1-

"Woohoo Steelers baby!!! Haha!!! Carolina sucks!!!"

Caller 2-

"Cam Newton is a horrible leader!!!"

Caller 3-

"Steelers Nation!!! We turned BOA into Heinz South, took over your stadium, and spanked that ass up and down the field!!!" Oh, and how about those Blue Devils!!! UNC sucks!!!

Caller 4-

"Cam Newton just isn't cutting it!!! We just got blown out on national tv and he played like crap!!!"

Caller 5-

"Steelers!!! We came in like we always do and punched those kitties right in the mouth!!! That's how a real team plays!!! Showed everyone why Carolina is Steeler Nation!!!"

Caller 6-

"How long is everyone gonna give Cam Newton a pass!!! He played like crap!!! I'm sick and tired of Cam still not knowing how to read a defense, overthrowing WRs, acting like a child on the sideline, and acting like a baby!!! He needs to go!!!"

Are u serious? These were the actual calls?

In Topic: Tolbert hairline fracture, stewart bad, knee sprain, TD not saying yet

Yesterday, 12:55 PM

Davis is a hammy. No idea on how serious or a timeline, but it is a hamstring injury I know that.

probably going to miss at least 1 and possibly 2 games. I have had that same injury on 2 occasions. You can't run. It doesn't heal super fast either, all though he does have the luxury of the best trainers and physicians that an NFL team can buy. I did not. Hoping for no more than 1 week.

In Topic: Tolbert hairline fracture, stewart bad, knee sprain, TD not saying yet

Yesterday, 12:53 PM

Injured RB's and a poor run blocking o-line as well as a weak pass protection o-line

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Sarcasm on. It's ALL coach shulas fault. Sarcasm off. Seriously this makes it tough to run a NFL caliber offense.

In Topic: Along the Sidelines - Steelers Edition

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

Aside from the fumble on the punt return, philly impressed me with his sure hands in the receiving game. We have a pretty good receiving Corp. Cam doesn't look like himself at all and I believe that we do miss GH. Our line was God awful. We had no running game and we could not stop their running game. We lost the turnover battle and and gave up too many big plays. Let's hope that Smitty and his new gang don't embarrass us. I really don't know what to expect.

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