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#1561840 Unbiased website. Newton vs Tebow

Posted by teeray on 12 December 2011 - 11:17 AM

Yes, I will take seriously a QB debate from a website dedicated to narcissistic closet homos. No offense to anyone here who is a narcissitic closet homo.

None taken.... WAIT!!

#1561741 The enthusiasm gap

Posted by teeray on 12 December 2011 - 10:08 AM

It is a part of being young and not having experience. I know it is hard for the fans but this thing will turn big time unless the players quit buying into the coaches. There must be patience as hard as that is for us as fans.

I am saying this now that I have cooled down, but there are 3 broken pieces of property laying around my house thanks to that meltdown Sunday.

#1561056 Cam vs Tim

Posted by teeray on 11 December 2011 - 08:41 PM

Some of you people don't realize just how bad we would be this season without Cam. Has he been perfect? No. Did he have a pooty 2nd half? Yes. But give me a break.

Cam also had 10 quarters of near perfect football going into that 2nd half performance.

#1556835 Guys...we are not making the playoffs

Posted by teeray on 09 December 2011 - 05:40 PM

Where is TRD and what have you done with him??

Good post. You guys complain about TRD's trolling, then when he posts something worthwhile you guys are the ones that troll the poo out of him. Deal wit it.

#1555911 Panthers Cool With Cam's Comments

Posted by teeray on 08 December 2011 - 11:30 PM

I can bet you dollars to donuts that if Blaine Gabbert was performing like Cam and said the same thing, there wouldn't be any need for an explanation or defending.

I value donuts more than money so.... may not be a good deal for me. Krispy Kreme FTW!!!

#1554572 Reaction to Cam's comments

Posted by teeray on 08 December 2011 - 12:59 AM


After the Lakers humiliated the Celtics by 33 points in Game 3 of the series, Bird openly criticized his teammates and himself by saying, "We played like sissies." After being asked what the team needed to win the series, Bird replied, "Twelve heart transplants."

#1553432 Chud mentioned as possible HC replacement in Jax

Posted by teeray on 07 December 2011 - 09:02 AM

I hope I am wrong but I feel he is essential to what we are trying to accomplish here. Him leaving would be a MAJOR blow to this franchise.

#1552231 Yas: Panthers didn't luck out on Newton

Posted by teeray on 06 December 2011 - 02:40 PM

Delete or merge if already posted. Just shoring up some nuthugger credentials


Critics were saying Newton didn’t have a desire to be great and that he had played in a college offense that was so simple it would be hard for him to pick up an NFL system.

"I think the thing that a lot of people really kind of miss out on as far as Cam is concerned is his commitment to being a great player in this league," Rivera said. "The young man really does do the things that you would expect of a No. 1 pick [and] what you would expect of a leader. He is committed to the game [and] he is committed to this football team."

The Panthers also spent lots of time talking to Newton’s coaches and teammates at Auburn. They had offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski and quarterbacks coach Mike Shula sit down with Newton for a lengthy film-room session. Chudzinski and Shula came back and told Marty Hurney and Rivera they had no doubt Newton could run their offense.

read more: http://espn.go.com/b...t-on-cam-newton

#1551263 Are we as good as we think we are?

Posted by teeray on 05 December 2011 - 10:33 PM

It is kind of funny that some people aren't impressed with Cam's ability on these one and two yards runs.

Just look at our second drive last Sunday. We had a 2nd and 1 on that drive. Williams stopped. Then Stewart stopped for a loss on third and 1. Then we gor for it and get it on 4th and 2 on a bootleg play with Cam.

Then 2nd and goal at the half yard line, Stewart stopped. Holding on Tampa then Stewart punches it in.

So in that drive alone our RBs were 1/4 on 1 yard tries for first downs or TDs. Those yards aren't as easy as some make it out to be.

People forget how bad we were last year in third and short and goal line situations. That is why both our third down and red zone percentage was around 30% last season.

#1551157 Are we as good as we think we are?

Posted by teeray on 05 December 2011 - 09:02 PM

Most of the consistently good teams had to rebuild and have pooty seasons for a while before they became great franchises. The teams that float around the middle tend to stay there. Kinda like the Panthers did during the Fox era. We were just good enough to be average.

Anybody can have a good season here and there (Tampa last year or us during the Fox era) but not be real contenders year in and year out.

Belichick was 5-11 his first year in New England, The Colts went 3-13 the year before and 3-13 the rookie year of Peyton Manning.

Pittsburgh from '98 to 00' rebuilt a lot of their roster and had a losing record (22-26) over those three seasons.

I don't know how someone using a short term spike in wins like Miami and Denver as evidence that you don't go through growing pains as you rebuild a roster. It happens to most every team when they go through this. At least the ones that are consistently competing for the Super Bowl

We had 7 years of being average to good. But that window with that core had closed. As your roster transitions to a new core it takes time to meld.

#1544043 A week of sex with (insert favorite girl here) or....

Posted by teeray on 01 December 2011 - 02:44 PM

The older I get, the more I want my holes to be surrounded by bent grass.

I would rather be in the hole and bent on grass but to each their own.

#1544036 A week of sex with (insert favorite girl here) or....

Posted by teeray on 01 December 2011 - 02:42 PM

The girl i've been seeing lately is amazing. As a matter of fact its the 1st time in a loooooong time i've actually fallin for someone. I mean i really dig this girl and i've been trying to do everything right and not fug it up like i usually do. I want to spend as much time as i possibly can with her, so yeah fug golf.

Keep taking her to Toys R Us and she will love you forever.... or at least until she turns 15

#1543210 Week 12 updated statistics rankings

Posted by teeray on 30 November 2011 - 09:41 PM

Now Teeray I believe you can answer this since we were among the first to argue with him. Wasn't his original argument that yards aren't important only points are and that our offense was bad because we were top ten in yards but not points?

If I remember correctly I think PFFL started out saying basically that "yards don't matter only points do".

To be fair to PFFL he talked about YPP from the beginning in a round about way without actually referencing it.

He would say something to the effect of 'We average close to 400 yards a game but only score 22 points per game so we are being inefficient on offense."

That eventually evolved into this YPP debate. So he was talking about it without referencing it. I am sure he would tell you that was what he was talking about from the beginning or it could have been something he just stumbled upon to try to reinforce his point. For the first week of this debate he didn't even understand how it was calculated so.......

I didn't get into it too bad with him until he continued to say that YPP is offensive efficiency and also after he berated me for using things like DVOA and Expected Points Added as offensive efficiency.

And it hasn't stopped since. :nonod:

#1542363 Week 12 updated statistics rankings

Posted by teeray on 30 November 2011 - 12:21 PM

Hopefully PFFL won't get this one locked like he did last week :lol:

General team rankings:

Offensive DVOA: 6th
Defensive DVOA: 32nd
Special Teams DVOA: 31st

Important Offensive Statistics:

Yards per drive: 7th (34.9 ypd)
Points per drive: 9th (2.01 ppd)
TDs per drive: 8th (.228)
Punts per drive: 9th (.388)
Turnovers per drive: 24th (.116) :prrr:
Average starting line of scrimmage: 19th (27.64)
Drive success rate (avoiding three and outs): 8th (.718)
Red Zone attempts per game: 7th (3.6)
Red Zone TDs per game: 10th (1.8)
Red Zone TD percentage: 15th (50%)

If you look across the board it is very encouraging and our offense continues to play very, very well. With the one glaring exception. Turnovers. But that is also a product of having a rookie QB and a new downfield passing offense. As Cam matures and gains experience that number will dwindle and when it does there is every reason to believe we will have one of the best offenses in the NFL. We are already in the top 10 in PPD and TDPD. Imagine what we would be ranked in those categories if we were able to limit our turnovers and with this explosive QB once he actually has some experience :eek:

Important defensive stats:

Yards allowed per drive: 31st (36.82)
Points allowed per drive 32nd (2.48)
TDs allowed per drive percentage: 32nd (.286)
Forced punts per drive percentage: 30th (.357)
Takeaways per drive percentage: 18th (.125)
Average starting opponents field position: 16th (27.76)
Opposition Drive Success Rate (forced three and outs): 32nd (.735)
Opponent red zone attempts per game: 24th (3.6)
Opponent red zone TDs per game: 30th (2.2)
Opponent red zone TD percentage: 26th (60%)

The defense is still very pooty and the sad thing is that those number above are improvements over previous weeks :nonod:

One thing our defense has been soaring in the last 3 weeks is takeaways thanks to 6 takeaways the last 3 games. If they can continue to do those type of things it will go along way to us being more successful.

I still believe in the defensive system Rivera and McDermott are trying to put in place but we need an overhaul in talent to make it work as effectively as we would like (or effectively at all :lol:).


I almost forgot :troll:
OYPP: 22nd (17.4)
DYPP: 30th (13.3)

#1541996 Cam's day

Posted by teeray on 30 November 2011 - 01:29 AM

Actually I'm not posting the same thing over and over. I addressed everyone's concern. I'm calling the argument which you started stupid. And I just showed why it is.

And just cause you wanna make ignorant posts that pretend I didn't just do that, also doesn't make you right. It still happened whether you wanna open your eyes or not. Or you can continue covering them with your hands. It's not real if you don't see it, right?

What concerns have you addressed?? Go do Chicago's math and get back to me.

YPP has so many variables that go beyond your offensive unit that it isn't a reliable stat.

Again is it a coincidence that the top ten in YPP all have a minimum of 3 non-offensive TDs, majority are in the top ten in offensive starting field position, and the majority have defenses that are top ten in yards allowed per drive??

The problem is that YPP awards some teams that actually don't have very good offenses and punishes some teams that have pretty good offenses.

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