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#2492268 New England week

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 12:38 AM

How come the Lions were held to under 27 points and didn't score 55 on Pittsburgh?
They have Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, Joseph Fauria, Brandon Pettigrew and others? How come they didn't expose Pittsburgh's bad defense?

The Lions had 5 turnovers and still scored 27 points?

That Pitt defense really does suck!!!! Wow.
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#2492258 We have to accept the fact that a WC is our only real shot at the playoffs.

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 12:28 AM

I have to save this thread....I have to.


I am not ashamed to say that I have been fapping to Alyssa Milano for two decades.

Embrace of a Vampire was robbed of an Oscar for Best Original Fap Material

#2492241 Happy Game Day!

Posted by teeray on 18 November 2013 - 12:15 AM

I'm going to start drinking right now and just see how it all shakes out between now and kick off

#2490848 Sunday Gameday Thread (All Games)

Posted by teeray on 17 November 2013 - 04:22 PM

Bob owns prevent defenses

#2490073 Munnerlyn: Secondary gets no respect

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 10:17 PM

Captain can't even get respect by his team's own fans!  :lol:

#2490062 New England week

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 10:03 PM

In each SB, both the wins & the losses, the Pats defense failed to get stops when it counted. All Brady did was bring them back, time and again.


The win against the Rams was on the D, with help from Brady. The others? Brady put them  in a position  to win all of them.


In 2001 if the Pats don't hold the Raiders to 13 points they don't even get out of the first game of the playoffs (not to mention the "tuck rule")


Brady was so bad that game, that people had questions if he was a legit long term answer in New England.  Like this blurb on ESPN



The performance of Brady, the wunderkind who replaced injured Drew Bledsoe, may give the Patriots slight pause when they contemplate trading the franchise passer during the offseason. There were times -- much of the night under the prime-time lights -- that Brady looked like the 24-year-old he is. On a critical third down early in the fourth quarter, he had nearly 10 seconds to throw the ball and still managed to over-throw tight end Jermaine Wiggins. He missed two open receivers in the end zone -- by yards, not feet.


He didn't throw for more than 146 yards the rest of the playoff run



in 2003 he could only muster 3 points in the second half against the Titans in the first round, but the Pats defense shut down McNair and the Titans offense.  Brady barely completed 50% of his passes and averaged less than 5 yards per attempt.  Oh yeah and Brady only had one 300+ yard passing game that whole regular season.



In 2004, in the first round Brady could only manage 115 passing yards against a weak Colts defense, but the great Patriots defense held Peyton Manning and the Colts to only 3 points for the entire game.



Since then, Brady hasn't won any Super Bowls.  As he has become the focal point of the offense they have choked.


The Patriots were clearly a much better franchise when they hid Brady behind a great top shelf defense and didn't ask him to do to much.  I mean, that much is obvious right?  They won 3 titles with him as a game manager and zero titles with him as the focal point.



#2490036 New England week

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 09:29 PM

All-Time Top 10 Career passing statistics all higher then Joe Montana except for Superbowl wins
Joe Montana has ONLY one more Superbowl ring then Tom, with Jerry Rice, John Taylor and Roger Craig compared to Givens, Patten, Branch
Patriots defense was never the 85 bears or 00 Ravens and didn't have who many people considered stars back then but a bunch of "journey men"
Tom Brady holds the record for the most touchdown passes in a season 50. That has nothing to do with coaching
Tom Brady has 40 game winning drives, 8th all time.
The only quarterback along with Joe Montana to have multiple superbowl MVPs AND league MVPs
The first ever unanimously voted MVP for a quarterback ever
A winning record head to head against Peyton Manning with all of Peyton's HOF toys that he had
The most playoff wins by a quarterback of all time
8 probowl appearances
The third highest passer rating of all time - checkout pro football reference.com
Wes Welker drop away from winning the superbowl in 2011 with the 31st ranked defense and a banged up Rob Gronkowski
Engineered the 3rd highest scoring offense of all time last year with no Rob Gronkowski and a total QBR of 93%

I can go on and on and on......

Oh year, for year Peyton had Harrison, Wayne, Clark and Edgerrin James..
you give Tom a little known slot receiver from MIA and a washed up "slow" Randy Moss and breaks every passer record known to mankind, shattered Peyton Manning's records and go undefeated and nearly break the hearts of Mercury Morris and Bob Griese.. how can you not respect that.

Tom Brady is so great and the best but people are so hateful and jealous that they will say things that are stupid. But that's ok because the game will be played on the field where Brady always showcases his greatness.

Tom Brady TDs totals the years he won Super Bowls:

Pats scoring defenses the years they won Super Bowls:


Tom Brady has never won a Super Bowl without being just a game manager behind a great defense.

Since he was asked to become the focal point of the offense he has choked every time.

Pats need to go back to hiding Brady so they can have a chance again. He is just a glorified Matt Ryan.

#2490019 Patriots blow out Panthers

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 09:12 PM

If Dobson is Jerry Rice and Gronk is a hall of famer and Belichick is a genius.... then Brady sucks

#2489885 Patriots blow out Panthers

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 06:50 PM

If I were a Pats fan I would be bragging less about the 55 points they scored against the Steelers and worry more about the 31 points you gave up to that terrible offense.

#2489511 Patriots blow out Panthers

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 12:59 PM


Steelers defense was ranked 4th in the NFL when they faced the Patriots.

The Steelers were among the worst in the NFL in yards allowed per drive, points allowed per drive, and TDs allowed per drive.

#2489424 Rivera's Revenge : Don't Trade Fieldgoals with BRADY please.

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 12:07 PM

This Pats offense isn't the offense of years past

If we take care of the ball and control clock and field position we have a good chance to keep them under 20 points.

#2489423 It's extremely possible, maybe even likely that we lose on Monday

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 12:05 PM

I will be disappointed if we don't see at least two Brady temper tantrums blaming his receivers for his shitty passes.

#2489419 Panthers blow out Patriots

Posted by teeray on 16 November 2013 - 12:00 PM

On SportsNation they had a poll. The three options were:

Pats blow out Panthers
Pats beat Panthers
Panthers beat Pats

I didn't vote because the correct answer was not an option.

#2489084 per Scott Fowler... Silver pants on MNF

Posted by teeray on 15 November 2013 - 11:47 PM

Chrome helmets and all black unis FTW.

I hate the fact that you can't have alternate helmets. That is so dumb.

#2488718 per Scott Fowler... Silver pants on MNF

Posted by teeray on 15 November 2013 - 06:06 PM

Fug it I'm not going now.