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#1958458 Cam Newton needs real competition.

Posted by teeray on 22 October 2012 - 10:29 PM

It bothers me that the guy has been handed this job since day one and hasn't had to fight for a spot just like everyone else on the roster. This guy needs to know he can lose his job if he doesn't perform. This organization up to this point hasn't been serious about challenging him in that way.

I know what his supporters say....it's the play calling, he hasn't had time in the pocket, there's no one opposite Steve Smith...but I digress.

Cam hasn't helped this offensive line at all. He takes to long progressing through his reads, he doesn't hot route on the blitz well, his footwork and indecisiveness in the pocket causes the passing lanes to close. Sometimes it looks like he doesn't know whether to run or pass and by the time he decides he's too late. His ball security in the clutch is atrocious. If he protects the ball better we win the last three games.

I really want the new FO to fix this, whether that's grabbing an established vet in the offseason or drafting a guy early. He needs to feel the pressure to reach his potential and you do that in any business through the realm of competition.

So let me see if I am understanding you correctly. We just fired a GM for questionable contracts and tying up too much money in positions we already had quality players at. And now you want to spend the type of money it would take to bring in a plausible QB to over take Cam as a starter just so he has "competition".

To bring in someone who could plausibly over take Cam, would take a fortune at the QB position. I would rather spend that money on the cheaper positions of safety and DT where we actually need the help.

Once again a thread that makes me laugh when people overly criticize GMs.

#1958440 A Historical Perspective on the Dreaded QB "Regression"

Posted by teeray on 22 October 2012 - 10:18 PM

Yes, I am bumping my own thread because I put this out at the absolutely worst time. Right when Hurney got fired.

Also because of the other thread that had an anecdotal comparison to Cam (http://www.carolinah...to-past-greats/) and the great QBs of the past. These are actual tangible statistics and not empty platitudes that are impossible to prove or disprove like in the other thread.

#1956484 A Historical Perspective on the Dreaded QB "Regression"

Posted by teeray on 22 October 2012 - 11:49 AM

There has been some hand wringing amongst some in our fan base about Cam Newton's sophomore season. It has gotten so bad that some have suggested that if the opportunity presents itself we should even consider drafting Geno Smith in next year's draft. So out of curiosity I decided to go back and look at 10 HOF QBs to find some perspective of their first few years as starters in the NFL. The QBs I chose were: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Terry Bradshaw.

I will just summarize what I learned and I can talk a little bit more specifically about each QB if someone wants to know about it.

With one lone exception every QB had at least one season of significant regression in their first few years as a starter. When it happened vary from QB to QB. Some it was their 2nd season as a starter while others it was season 3 or 4 as a starter. But with the exception of Tom Brady, every QB had a significant dip in production at some point in the first few years of their careers. This leads me to believe that with the QB position it isn’t so much a matter of “progression” or “regression”, but more of a typical variance of young QBs learning what it takes to be consistent in the NFL.

I also found that no QB had a steady “progression” to QB prominence. In other words I could find no example of a QB steadily getting statistically better every year until they reached their highest levels. Instead what I found was statistical volatility until eventually the numbers would even out or significantly spike and then become fairly stable on a year to year basis. The magic number varied some but as far as the “game slowing down” for QBs, statistically it appears to happen between years 4 and 7 of a QB’s career. That is typically when you would see a QB’s season to season statistics somewhat stabilize (there is always spikes and lulls but they just aren’t as dramatic as their first few years). John Elway was the only one that didn’t really follow this pattern as his numbers were very volatile all the way through his 10th season as a starter but then they became incredibly consistent his last 6 years as a starter (when he also happened to win his 2 Super Bowls).

I guess my main point is that with Cam Newton or any young QB the idea that a QB progresses consistently year to year is just not historically accurate. However, as with these 10 QBs there comes a point where the volatility year to year will end and we will have a consistently good QB. It is a matter of when, not if.

So now I will list all 10 QBs and mark their season of “regression” and their turning points and which season as a starter those things happened. I you want me to expound on why a certain season is a “regression” or “turning point” just ask and I will explain why I think that. I was going to summarize each of them but it just would have made this post too long and I didn’t want to overload the fragile minds of most Huddlers.

Tom Brady: Regressive year: 2003 3rd year as starter (admittedly a huge stretch here). Turning point: 2007 7th year as starter

Peyton Manning: Regressive year: 2001 4th years as starter. Turning point: 2003 6th year as starter

Eli Manning: Regressive year: 2007 4th year as starter Turning point: 2008 5th year as starter (although you could make a case that actual turning point was in 2007 during the playoffs)

Drew Brees: Regressive year: 2003 2nd year as starter. Turning point: 2004 3rd year as starter and had another turning point to HOF status in 2009 his 7th year as a starter

Ben Roethlisberger: Regressive year: 2006 3rd year as starter Turning point: 2009 6th year as starter

Joe Montana: Regressive year: 1982 2nd year as full time starter Turning point: 1983 3rd year as full time starter

Brett Favre: Regressive year: 1993 2nd year as starter Turning point: 1994 3rd year as starter

Dan Marino: Regressive year: 1985 3rd year as starter Turning point: 1986 4th year as starter although I could argue it was actually 1990 9th year as starter.

John Elway: Regressive year: 1985 3rd year as starter and even worse in1992 10th year as starter Turning point: 1993 11th year as starter

Terry Bradshaw: Regressive year: 1973 4th years as starter Turning point: 1975 6th year as starter (he was also terrible in 1974 but the Steelers still won the Super Bowl)
  • A few notes and then I will stop
- I had to choose a “regressive year” for Tom Brady, but it should be noted that in 2003 he went 14-2 and won a Super Bowl so it is a big time stretch to call it regressive, but there was a statistical dip for him that year and they had the best defense in the NFL that year. There is however, a distinct “turning point” for Brady where he took his game from really, really good to ridiculous and historically good.

- Eli Manning also won a Super Bowl in his “regressive year” but if people recall earlier that very same year some of his own teammates questioned him and the NY media was wondering if Eli was the long term answer in NY.

- Dan Marino’s “regressive year” was actually pretty good. The main reason is because his 2nd year as a starter was record breaking and he had no where to go but down. However, he did throw 18 less TDs, 4 more INTs, and his completion percentage dipped by 4% so I would consider that a significant statistical regression

- Some people might note that some of the QBs had really good seasons before their “turning point”. The “turning point” is more about when a QB became statistically consistent more so than when they had their best years. For instance John Elway had several good years before his 11th season but his year to year statistics were very volatile. His last 6 seasons however were extremely consistent and very good every year. That is why I deemed that his “turning point”

- Aaron Rodgers was not a part of this because he didn't start until his 4th year in the league which is consistent with around the time QBs start to "get it" so he didn't seem to be a good comparative sample to these QBs and Cam Newton.

#1955625 Newton Shows True Colors.

Posted by teeray on 22 October 2012 - 08:11 AM

It's obvious if someone new comes on here and posts an opinion that is contrary to what a lot of posters on this board feel...that there seems to be more emphasis placed on attacking the poster personally than discussing what has been said. Now understand it was a waste of time...didn't know this was the home for the Cam Newton fan club. Won't make that mistake again. Take care.

Return of PFFL??

BTW they attack a poster for saying stupid and ridiculous things.

For example, if a person walks up to me and tells me he has a unicorn farm I don't try to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of owning a farm exclusively for the development of unicorns. I usually say, "There is no such thing as unicorns. Idiot."

#1955017 Prediction: Cam asks for trade. Smitty retires.

Posted by teeray on 21 October 2012 - 08:54 PM

You are correct....because Hurney and JR are morons. That is exactly why we will continue to pay this clown

Only a moron would act like a 23 year old that has shown this much promise is somehow the problem.

Remember before the draft when you said it would take him at least 3 years for him to grasp the QB position. he is playing pretty good now, so you should be excited as hell about where he might be when he reaches that benchmark you set for him before the draft.

How many times did you tell me before the draft that he was a project?? You should be fugging pumped about how good he is going to be once he passes the learning curve you yourself set for him.

#1954893 Prediction: Cam asks for trade. Smitty retires.

Posted by teeray on 21 October 2012 - 08:01 PM

Neat. We will politely decline Cam's request and retire Smitty's jersey and thank him for his service.

BTW Cam isn't going anywhere. We will pay him big bucks when his contract is up and he has told JR that he wants to be a Panthers for as long as we will let him.

#1954873 The cheesy ass touchdown dances have got to stop.

Posted by teeray on 21 October 2012 - 07:53 PM

Football players please stop having fun! kthanx

#1941382 SI: Cam = Vince Young

Posted by teeray on 09 October 2012 - 03:45 PM

If Bradford starts acting like a child during pressers and sulking on the sideline with a towel on his head--- he'll get plenty of national media attention. Nice try with the white thing though.

You mean like Aaron Rodgers did a couple of weeks ago on top of shoving a camera man?

If i recall it got zero attention.

#1941289 SI: Cam = Vince Young

Posted by teeray on 09 October 2012 - 02:56 PM

You're exactly right... Cam needs to get mad instead of sad... get over it, move it, build some fire and come out and show people what you can do and if they give you crap, say "fug you, I'm Cam Newton bitch."

If he did that they would say he doesn't care.

Funny that there aren't as many opinions on Sam Bradford in the national media. Too white?

#1941235 SI: Cam = Vince Young

Posted by teeray on 09 October 2012 - 02:25 PM

Everyone is going full retard. Don't know why i am saying this? Ask me again in 3 years.

#1939754 College offense is going to kill Cam's career....

Posted by teeray on 08 October 2012 - 07:10 AM

These threads only pop up and only have credibility after a bad game like yesterday. Start this thread topic after we roll up 28 or 35 points. This gimmick offense didn't go 5-20 through 3 quarters yesterday the player did.

#1930586 open challenge/bet to user 'James'...dont be a pu$$ bro

Posted by teeray on 01 October 2012 - 08:29 PM

Challenge accepted. The panthers go above .500 I will be IP banned and if they don't, Argus Plexus is IP banned.


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#1930165 Can we just put this to bed now?

Posted by teeray on 01 October 2012 - 03:46 PM

How is it the right decision when we lost the game because of it?

We didn't lose the game because we punted. No more than you lose a poker hand because you go all in before the flop with aces and someone draws out on you.

You didn't lose that poker hand because you got your money in with aces. You made the right decision and you got unlucky.

As a poker analogy, it doesn't matter if you win or lose a particular hand, just as long as you put yourself in the best position to win. Bad beats happen.

#1930138 Deangelo William's Facebook Status

Posted by teeray on 01 October 2012 - 03:33 PM

Wasn't the team saying stuff like this last week?

Didn't this team play markedly better this week and was a flukey fumble away from beating arguably the best team in the NFL?

#1920236 What if the scabs hand us a win next Sunday

Posted by teeray on 25 September 2012 - 06:25 PM

People forget how pooty the real refs are.

Remember when they called a phantom holding call on Smitty that took away a first and goal at the 1 yard line against the Vikings last season?? Then we Mare'd the game tying field goal instead of getting the TD for a win.

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