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I don't mind playing for a FG there, but....

16 November 2014 - 05:02 PM

I have no problem just playing for a FG down 2 with 1:30 (or so) left.  In the NFL you should be able to count on your kicker making a FG.


Here is my problem.  I have no issue with first and second down calls.  You don't want to throw a pick while in FG range down by two.  I get all that.  Plus you make Atlanta use their timeouts making a comeback more difficult.


Here is where I have an issue.  They playcall on 3rd down gave us virtually no chance to get a first down.


Why line up tight and run the ball right up the gut on 3rd and 5?  Why not playaction bootleg with a run pass option for Cam.  Get him to the outside.


Maybe that QB draw we used to run.


Or if you want to run the ball up the middle, spread the defense out.  Make them cover the guys in the slot and unclog the LOS.


Going with a tight formation and running the ball up the middle has very little chance of succeeding.


If you bootleg Cam WORST case scenario he takes a sack and instead of 44 yard field goal you have a 49 yard field goal.  That is WORST case scenario.  Gano has plenty of leg to make 49 yard FG so there wouldn't be much of a difference.


If you get the first down, you can run out the clock and have an easier FG with no time on the clock.  If you don't nothing ventured nothing gained.  They still have to use a timeout and it is same result as if you ran it up the middle.


The problem isn't playing for a FG.  I have no problem with that.  My problem is, if you are playing for a FG,  then why the playcalling that doesn't even have a chance at a 1st down and then kick the FG with no time left.


I just don't get it.  This is a coaching staff and team that is playing and coaching scared right now.  They are hoping that other people gift them a win.  You have to go out there and take it in the NFL.



Steve Logan absolutely nails it about Cam Newton and Panthers

13 November 2014 - 10:14 PM

Those who aren't familiar with Steve Logan, he is a long time football coach, an offensive guru, and a QB specialist.  Was head coach at ECU from 1992-2002.


As a college coach he helped put David Garrard, Jeff Blake, and Matt Ryan in the NFL among others.  He had coached for 40 years at every level.  He now has an awesome weekly radio show here in Raleigh and now an awesome weekly TV show here in Raleigh.


He is a funny guy and a smart guy so he is always a great listen.  I am sure most of you guys are familiar with him, but wanted to give some of his resume in case you have never heard of him.  Bottom line is he is a guy that I respect a lot and enjoy listening to.


He had an interview David Glenn yesterday and they talked about Cam Newton (maybe some of you have heard it).  And to me, he hits the nail on the head in both his evaluation of Cam Newton and what is going on around him.  He articulates in 3 minutes what I bumble out in the course of 5 wall of text posts in a thread and probably only make sense in my head :D.  I couldn't agree with him more on everything he says.


It starts at the 11:15 mark at this link:




He has a way of saying something insightful in a way anyone can understand.  For example, my favorite quote from this interview about the game on Monday night.



There were 3 snaps on film where he would have had to call a fair catch in the shotgun to keep from getting sacked.  That's how fast those guys got back there!



interesting little factoid

03 November 2014 - 03:22 PM

All 5 of our losses have been to Super Bowl winning QBs.

Gantt just tweeted this. I didn't even realize it.

Shouldn't make you feel any better/worse in my opinion, but interesting nonetheless.

first person I run into after arriving in Charlotte...

29 October 2014 - 03:09 PM

None other than Mr Kelly Tripucka!! I said hello to him and he shook my hand and said he was really excited the Hornets were back and that it was good for the city.

Pretty cool. Seems like a cool guy and could have easily blown me off. One of my all-time favorite Hornets (although I say that about just about everybody :P)

Bobby Phills jersey coming back to Charlotte

23 October 2014 - 12:39 PM

Per lots of people including Hornets.

Jersey will return to rafters next Saturday during halftime. I will be there too!!!

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