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For the Scotch drinkers

Yesterday, 05:11 PM

Might want to stock up.






Like any other industry, the Scottish whisky distillers dislike economic uncertainty. And between questions about what currency an independent Scotland would use and the will-they-or-won't-they of whether the European Union would let Scotland join, Scottish independence would bring about a lot of uncertainty. So it makes sense that the distilling industry would be wary of breaking away.

The Scotch Whisky Association isn't officially opposing independence, but its spokesperson told CNBC that "the consensus within the Scotch industry is that the potential risks outweigh the advantages." In particular, the whisky distillers are worried about the shrunken banking industry and what that would mean for access to credit.



I don't really understand why the Scots want independence.  The biggest argument for it seems to be that they will have quite a bit of oil wealth, but that's at best temporary.  A breakup seems like it will hurt both parties in the long run, reducing their size and economic clout.  But it will be interesting to watch anyway. 

Big Storm headed our way

11 September 2014 - 01:50 PM

Solar Storm that is.



These storms are coming from the sun. It's raining down a huge amount of radiation. We're safe, but it could affect power grids, radios and satellites.

Experts say the combined energy from two recent solar events will arrive at Earth on September 13, prompting the Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a strong Geomagnetic Storm Watch.



Hopefully, access to the Huddle will not be impacted. 

North Carolina primary today

06 May 2014 - 05:59 PM

Did all you from the Tarheel state cast your ballots?


I went to the polling place around 12:30 and was swarmed with campaigners telling me that such and such was the most conservative candidate on the ballot.  That's an important thing in Davidson County.  :)


When I ask one of them how the state legislative candidate he was campaigning for felt about forced annexation, he stuttered and said he would get back to me. 

Why not give her the drug?

28 September 2013 - 06:09 PM

Andrea Sloan is dying of ovarian cancer. Having exhausted all standard treatment options, her doctors say her best hope now is a new class of cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors.

The California pharmaceutical company BioMarin makes one version of these drugs called BMN 673. Earlier this year, the company presented very early data on this experimental drug at a large cancer conference. Initial results in women with breast and ovarian cancer were encouraging.

Sloan says there are doses of BMN 673 sitting on shelves in the same hospital where she's seeking treatment: M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.



But she's not getting the treatment because the company is refusing to give it to her. That's because this drug she wants is still in clinical trials, and the company says hasn't been proven effective.

BioMarin points out that to date their drug has been tested in fewer than 30 patients with ovarian cancer like Sloan.

"It would be unethical and reckless to provide end-stage refractory ovarian cancer patients outside a clinical trial with BMN 673 at this early stage of development," says company spokesperson Debra Charlesworth.



This seems to me to be a no brainer.  She is dying, so why not give her the drug.  Seems like the perfect clinical trial.  If it works, the company can say the drug helped cure her cancer.  If it doesn't, they can continue with their clinical trials.  Its not going to hurt their bottom line, and if it works, it might help their bottom line tremendously.   Any publicity from it not working will be mild at worst.  To me, this seems like a no loss scenario for the drug company. 


So anyone have any thoughts on why they might deny the treatment other than the alien overlords refused to allow it?

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