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Brandon Lafail running his mouth again

06 June 2014 - 09:34 AM



"Not saying we didn't work hard in Carolina, but we work harder here." -Brandon LaFell


Hey Brandon you better live up to that contract or things aint gonna go so well for you.

More draft rumors...Jordan Matthews in the first?

08 May 2014 - 09:48 AM

Jordan Matthews is going to be a first rounder as well. The Eagles, Packers, Panthers, 49ers and Seahawks are all interested. On the other hand, Marqise Lee will likely slip out of the first round. Injury concerns about. The Eagles, Panthers and Seahawks have interest, but odds are Lee will be hoping his old coach Pete Carroll saves him at 32.





Some of these are pretty accurate with other rumors i have heard.


01 December 2013 - 06:18 PM

Hasnt got his own thread in a while. He was unstoppable today,  when they finally started to move the ball on us he wasnt even in the game. How bout when he pancaked that one guy and almost sacked the giraffe. Man i love this guy. He outplayed Gerald McCoy today too. I gotta say hitting on those past 3 first round picks like that has kinda reminded me of how the Thunder did with Durant, Harden, Westbrook. There is nothing like just reloading on talent like that  so quickly and changing the team culture when you are at the very bottom.  :D

Bill Polian still ranks Cam at the bottom of young QBs

24 September 2013 - 03:38 PM

Just came on the drive and talked to Taylor and Marc.


-Said that he likes what he has seen out of Cam over the last 3 games. Said he is growing and has been since the last 6 games of last season


- The biggest mistake Cam has made the last 3 games was the pick in the Buffalo game.


-Likes Cams attitude from the off season till now. Said he agreed with Cams comments over the off season about it being time to win. But thinks Cam is to hard himself because he just doesnt have enough experience yet. Said the arrow is definitely trending up tho.


-Said he talked to Gettleman before the game and Gettleman said he thinks Cam is finally ready to "breakout".


-Still ranks him at the bottom of the young qbs list. Said even TANNNEHILL IS BETTER THAN CAM.........Yeah that was pretty stupid


-Said its more about wins tho, and to Cams defense he only had one year of big time college ball and is still behind on the learning curve of the other guys. take that how u want it.


-Said ranking players is overrated and Cam nor anyone else should look to far into it.



Taylor and Marc did not agree with him that Kap, Tannehill, RGKnee were better than Cam.



Take these comments how you want, im just letting everybody know. I dont look to far into what people think and say anymore. I think we should just focus on winning and let the play speak for itself.


Star Top Rookie of Week 1

11 September 2013 - 12:31 AM

Lotulelei, whom the Panthers selected 14th overall out of Utah, earned the start alongside veteran defensive tackle Dwan Edwards and underrated defensive ends Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy. The rookie hardly relied upon his help, however, frequently absorbing double-teams and yet still recording four tackles in his debut, including a three-yard tackle for loss of Seahawks' star running back Marshawn Lynch and nearly recording a sack for a safety of quarterback Russell Wilson.
Lotulelei was part of a unit that held Lynch to just 43 yards on 17 carries, less than half of his 99.38 yard-per-game average of a season ago.




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