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In Topic: As you have grown up have you become more liberal or more conservative?

Today, 12:30 AM

I work with tons younger than me. Some as much as 10 yrs or more. They can go all Excel on ya but guess who they come to when it's a human dynamic issue? Hey pstall. Look at this email and tell me how you would respond or what should I say? I get this 15 times a day every day.

They are good at bring solutions up to a point and they hit a wall. Only because they haven't worked a varied enough background to see all sides of a problem.

Also, communication skills aren't as sharp as say Gen X. Because of texting, facebook, whatev. The Y's I work with despise the phone. Guess why they don't hit some sales goals? Gotta know how to relate and connect to people. It's still a viable skill to connect.

You are talking I think if I did the math right people that are like thirty ish, five years older than me, and I'm talking about basically 18 year olds.

In Topic: As you have grown up have you become more liberal or more conservative?

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

I'll elaborate on that post. Today people just five years younger than me are so much smarter than I was. I feel like an idiot around them.

I used to think that wasn't the case because if you quiz them on general trivia and factoids most of them will have no clue. Like, I am amazed how many people don't know who Jimmy Carter is or something like that. But ask them something that involves depth of knowledge and complexity and your mind will be blown. I guess the reason is that anything that can be googled within a few seconds they don't really care to memorize like we had to. But instead of wasting brain power on that stuff they become expert critical thinkers.

In Topic: NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Being in the Marine Corps and now law enforcement, statements like this are pitiful but funny. In the real world, not the liberal dreamland that they wish upon everyone, you have to PROACTIVELY defend yourself.A point that I think is hilarious, is liberal society has actually condoned through jury actions this very "through the door " approach. In too many jury cases when a criminal was allowed to finish breaking in, and the homeowner was forced to REACT to a deteriorating situation by using deadly force, the homeowner could sometimes find themselves liable, either criminally or civilly. The very fact that there is people arguing that this guy did nothing wrong is where we find ourselves with the decline of America today. A little personal responsibility on his end would have gone a long way in this man waking up the next day with a hangover.



TLDR. I've got no problem with someone wanting be gay. However, I have a problem when its shoved down my throat (pun intended). The fact that I couldn't get my usual ESPN the other day because every other segment they were slobbering over one gay dude was pissing me off. It was seriously like a 20 minute segment the other day. If the homosexual community continues to not ask for acceptance but throws it on our face and demands it, they are going to get backlash.


Way to live up to stereotypes

In Topic: NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Yesterday, 07:52 PM

I remember the first one but omg at the second one. Dude was just purposely standing in front of the guy in the wheelchair and was ready to go off on him. Insanity.

In Topic: NYPD kill a man after placing him in a chokehold

Yesterday, 05:43 PM

If there is reform, how should it be the next time a scenario like this happens is resolved? Not fishing for anything or setting up a straw man. Real question.

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Well the problem lies with the institution. The chokehold is already banned I believe, the problem comes after this goes to the investigation/trial phase, where nothing happens to the officers because they are pretty much like a mob with the way they protect each other. So the abuse of power continues. Try these people like they were average citizens so they know that they won't get away with this stuff. Otherwise you are just encouraging this mofo to do it again (he has had a history of misconduct in the past).

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