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#1161798 Judge Nelson rules in favor of the players (lockout lifted...at the moment)

Posted by PimpinCarolinaCat on 25 April 2011 - 07:57 PM

So apparently the chaos thats about to begin if the players counsel accepts terms of the 2010 CBA will not affect the draft (barring it being rescheduled) due to the time frame it will take for this to happen.

But if a 2010 CBA is agreed upon by the players counsel, wouldnt that still go back to my original comment of there being no rookie pay ceiling....

I guess the real question would be if the players counsel agrees to the previous CBA, is that a permanent CBA for this season??? or will the owners be able to change this if they were to win their appeal and also prove the union used their right to decertify as a negotiating chip and show they truly never planned to negotiate fairly....

FYI - Some poster on here just talk on do not know what they are talking about... Others have strong opinions that are based off of knowledge... Fiz is not one you want to debate with if you are unsure about what you are talking about....

Also he has no sympathy so expecting him to come at you in a nice friendly way is setting yourself up for failure.

But stay around, the huddle will value your contributions even if it does not seem like it at first.

I dont expect sympathy from anyone!! I expect when someone tells me they hope I never post here again, that they at least confront me about my conversation. When you simply say "hopefully your last" with no explanation as to anything or my comment shows ignorance and egotism.

This is a discussion board, I made a comment that he chose to ignore completely and put an ignorant remark. I love debating and if im incorrect I learn from it. Just debate back dont be a di.....

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