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Today, 10:59 AM

One can only think what type of player Norman would be by now if Rivera was a competent head coach.


Norman is going to make mistakes.  He is aggressive and that will lead to mistakes and big plays.


Had he been given the chance a year or two, he likely would have really been able to refine his game and be a much more developed pro.



CB is a confidence thing.  He lost his confidence after all the bad mistakes and getting burned.   The defense was dominant last year, why put him out there if he wasn't ready? 


I think he has progressed fine under RR.  Talent has never been an issue, mentally he just hasn't been ready.  In TC he was a superstar ..in games he looked loss.  This is the first time his TC play has translated to the field on a consistent basis.  You can blame RR for a lot of things,  putting Godfrey at CB,  Nakumura, etc.. but I don't think Josh was Rivera thing, it was a Josh thing.

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Today, 08:55 AM

I am not one of those stupid, lose for a draft pick guys.  I don't care if we only win 2 more games and make the playoffs, I just want us playing well those 2 games. However, we have consistently played badly either offensively, defensively or both.  We have yet to play a complete game and we are 12 weeks into the season.  


If we manage to pull it together then we are well positioned.  If we are moving forward only playing just good enough to beat the other dumpster fires in our division they we are well positioned for an ass whuppin of biblical proportions.   I mean we have more than 5 losses by more than 2 touchdowns.   The 2010 had 8.   I can at least take comfort that it was possible to win the Atlanta game if we didn't get date raped by our coaches.   People can blame Shula all they want but the mistakes on our team are more than scheme.   Drops, missed blocks, missed reads, missed tackles, missed assignments,  playing Godfrey at CB, voluntarily suspending Hardy, etc.   I can't name anyone except probably Collin Jones,  Kshort and Norwell who has exceeded expectations, everyone else from Cam, Luke, TD, CJ , Stew, Williams, Star, etc.. has either F'up some really big plays or not show the same level of play on a consistent basis.



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Yesterday, 03:16 PM

BTW it's these type of thought driven hard hitting post that keep me on this forum. Good job. :goodjob:

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Yesterday, 03:15 PM

WH  TH   FU ?

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Yesterday, 12:48 PM

A swing and a miss!!!!!!


Try again .....

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