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In Topic: Are there any Panther hats available for a 39 year old white father of two wh...

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

Universal swag.... Go bucket hat.



  1. Its not flat bill
  2. It has enough swag for the under 30 crowd but not so much that you seem like your trying to stay hip
  3. Summer is coming and it makes a great training camp hat

In Topic: Kalil at the podium now

22 April 2014 - 02:03 PM

true, but I'm not giving up hope.  He started as a rookie coming out of a small school.  Now he's been in the system

for 2 years and has some experience plus a chance to sit back and watch a lot of tape.  I'm hoping everything is coming together for him, and he becomes a very good starter this year at either position.


That said, Hurney drafted him.


I hope so too.  It's just he has become one of my pet peeves.  Seems like everyone gives him a pass and ignores his bad play.  It's the opposite for Godfrey.  People ignore Godfrey's good plays and magnify the bad.  I myself may be guilty of doing the same to Amini even though I try to be objective.   He has all the physical tools for sure.  Plus his run blocking is still the best on the team, it's his pass blocking that scares me to death. 

In Topic: Kalil at the podium now

22 April 2014 - 12:59 PM

He basically said our LG position is worrisome without Wharton.


I agree because Silatolu is shakey at LG.  Probably a better fit at RG.   But everyone is going to say that's not the case without even paying close attention to him (NFL rewind ftw).   Then they are going to say he was solid or something like that when he actually wasn't (especially in pass situations, not so much run). The left side improved dramatically once Wharton arrived but that will be discounted as well.  He is an awesome run blocker but not a good pass blocker. 

In Topic: Keyshawn Johnson Arrested

21 April 2014 - 03:26 PM

Don't know any of the details of the story here.  Will say this in general...


A guy who hits or abuses a woman doesn't deserve to be called "a man".


I saw a woman 3 weeks ago drag a man out of his car and whup his ass.  He kept his hands up talking about how he won't hit a woman.  Apparently that gave her carte blance to not only whup his ass, but to talk sh.. while doing it. 


Say what you want... Man woman, child, etc.. some people deserve to catch a blow.  Not a beat down, not physically abusing a woman to get her to do what you want.  No jealous rages, etc etc. but there are exceptions....

In Topic: The last five Panther drafts (Where are they now?)

21 April 2014 - 08:44 AM

That's pretty standard fair.  You can look at many teams and see the same thing.   The average NFL player career is 3.5 years.  The build through the draft philosophy is based developing your core through the draft and picking up small pieces through trade and free agency.  The build through the draft means you aren't going to spend big money with FA.


So basically we have:

QB of the future

MLB of the future along with AJ Klein who looks like he can play a long time as well.

DT's of the future

DE's of the future (hopefully)


Now we have to sure up the other parts....


If you look at other people drafts it's not much better than ours tbh.

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