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In Topic: This might be the week the NFC South bounces back.

Today, 12:54 PM

The saints have 6 home games left... Wtf.


So they have 5 more wins.

In Topic: A guy on my street, 14 miles from BofA stadium...

Today, 09:51 AM

You should pity him.  No need to do anything to him, because he has a weak soul and has already done enough.

In Topic: KB: In or out of Pro Bowl?

Yesterday, 06:58 PM

Plus Sammy Watkins coming on strong.   Gonna steal some of KB's shine.

In Topic: Deandre Presley at Safety?

Yesterday, 01:33 PM

inb4 Russell Wilson has 400 passing yards Sunday.


That's the crazy thing about this team.  You can't expect anything.  I wouldn't be shocked if they shut Russell Wilson down, I wouldn't be shocked if we gave up 500 yards passing.   Before the season started there was no one worried about the Defense.  Now the defense smells like TCJ .....you know why?  Because that's what happens every year.  Worried about Offense?  Offense carries team.  Worried about Defense?  Defense is dominating.   It never fails,  everyone was worried about Cam as a rookie, thought defense would carry us.  Nope.  Next year Cam is going to be better this year, offense was top 10 should be top 5.  Nope.  I just used that as an example but it happens every year.   That's why we don't have back to back winning seasons.  Whatever was the strength the year before becomes a weakness the next one.    ..

In Topic: How would you build your offense around Cam?

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

I would strive for mismatches and spread the field.  I would improve the O-line but not if I have to gut the defense to do it.  Cam doesn't need a pure pocket passer Oline.  He needs a line where his blocking doesn't disintegrate every 3rd play.   I would improve the overall speed and quickness of the WR core.  Watching Peyton manning throw 7 yards slants to Thomas who then goes 70 yards is a luxury.  We have no WR on the roster other than possibly Philly that can turn a short gain into a big one.

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