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Must address WR

11 January 2013 - 12:49 PM

I know the predominant topic is Chud and the OC spot right now, and many share these same sentiments, but I just think it is vital (but perhaps very difficult) that we address the WR position and get a player of real impact this off-season, whether through the draft and/or free-agency. When your franchise is this many years into its existence, and the 4th all-time leading receiver is Mark Carrier with 2547 career yards, and you have an aging Smitty along with a young franchise QB, you simply must address this position and right now- not later- now!

If we don't do something significant about this position during the off-season, I'll be furious. I know we have other needs that have to be tended to, but I don't see how we can go another year without bringing in a talented wideout.

Anyway, who do you guys want?

In the draft I like Justin Hunter, but I'm worried about his durability. I like Keenan Allen too, but I'm not wowed enough by any of the WR crop to spend a first rounder on them. I don't know enough about the guys projected to go in later rounds to really know who might be a good fit for us.

As for the FA route, I don't want Bowe. Wallace and Jennings will likely be too expensive.

It seems like this is going to be a tough problem to really fix properly before next season imo. What would you guys like to see happen before the 2013 kickoff, and do you think anything substantial will be done at this position?

Multi-tiered football league

10 October 2012 - 08:29 PM

Let me start off by saying that soccer is my number one sporting love. I know that will discredit my point of view to many of you, but I do also love the NFL/ American football very much. Now that you're aware of my bias, allow me to say what I wanted to express.

I think the NFL would benefit greatly from having multiple leagues/levels, with the NFL being akin to the the premier league in English soccer. One thing that has always bothered me about the NFL is that you are rewarded for playing poorly- with higher draft picks, easier schedule etc. This is contrary to the nature of competition imo. Losing/ failing should carry negative consequences, not positive ones. I know that parity is a focus of the NFL and that it has worked well in creating an environment where teams are closely matched and teams can turn things around quickly, but there is no drama, no struggle at the end of the year for teams that have had a poor season. They have nothing to play for. In fact, the opposite is true- they have reasons to lose.

If the NFL incorporated a secondary league by maybe dropping the 12 worst teams in the season to a secondary league (Just initially. Later you could promote/relegate fewer teams once the secondary league is established- maybe 4 per year.) it would really create a passion among teams fighting to stay in the top-flight. It would make things interesting from top to bottom throughout the season (in both leagues), and it would maintain competitive integrity for all games.

I imagine that I'm in the minority in this wish, but to me it would really make things exciting. If your team is unfortunate enough to be dropped into the lower league it would be incredibly exciting in the year they work out their promotion back to the top league in the NFL. I think there would just be more drama all around for everyone. The struggle at the top and the bottom means more excitement for all involved.

Anyone with me? (Echoes..... :P )

Sick of it.

21 September 2012 - 08:57 AM

The Panthers are just an absolute mess of a bumbling, moronic franchise. The reality is that as long as JR is our owner, we Panther fans may as well find something else to do on Sundays (or whatever gameday happens to be) - either that or continue to torture ourselves. Imo JR doesn't deserve my/our devotion. I know we love cheering for "our" team, but the reality is that we are just another man's bitch, cheering on his ineptitude, faithfully giving him our dollars and always returning like a wife who is continually beaten yet is convinced that this time her man will change.

I think we need to look at ourselves as fans. What are we really doing other than championing the success of someone else's business. I know we all love competition, and many of us- myself included- played sports growing up, and it's just a part of who we are. I guess I am getting to the point that I just realize the foolishness of it all. Even if we turn it around in future years and were really competitive and finally reached and won a Super Bowl- so what?! Wave our flag, promote our superiority?! Strut around like we've done something. LOL! We're all pathetic.