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*Slightly Panthers Related* Arizona Pro Day

07 March 2014 - 02:33 PM

Since its the offseason and were tired of all the steve smith and captain munnerlyn threads, I figured I would share my Arizona Pro Day experience yesterday. not sure how many huddlers have been to a Pro Day but it was pretty cool to just see the process and know that alot of NFL teams are among you. It was only open to families of players but I was with my roommate who is linebacker Jake Fischer's little brother so i was able to get in. Apparently there were reps from 25 teams including the entire Cardinals coaching staff. I spotted at least two people wearing Panthers attire, but i'm not sure if they were looking at any specific players or were just being there because they could be. The main attraction was obviously Ka'deem Carey, who ran a 4.69 40 time but other than that had a pretty good looking workout. His 40 time is honestly the only thing keeping him out of the first round. The guy that stole the show was Marquis Flowers whos an outside linebacker but might be able to move to strong safety. He's currently not projected to be drafted, but maybe his workout could move him up. He ran a 4.50 40, put up 24 on the bench, and measured 6'3 233. I wont be naive and say he's the next Kam Chancellor, but he certainly has the same measurable and body to remind you alot of him. If we arent able to re-sign Mikell, Flowers would be an interesting player to draft as a project



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Is Gettleman up to something?

04 February 2014 - 11:27 AM

I was hanging out with Ka'Deem Carey's cousin and he told me some interesting things. Apparently G-Man and Kadeems agent have been talking alot lately and he has serious interest in drafting him. Word is that if the panthers have a chance, they will draft kadeem in the 2nd round and make deangelo a june 1st cut and really make an effort to trade stewart. Not trying to spew out any exclusive information or anything, this just blew my mind when i heard it

Wildcard Week Picks

31 December 2013 - 06:38 PM

Since we balled our asses off this year and got a bye, Wildcard weekend wont include us. What are your game picks for the weekend?


Bengals over Chargers - Cincy is a darkhorse super bowl team

Chiefs over Colts - Chiefs defense makes it miserable for Luck


Packers over 49ers - Now that Lacy is playing at a high level and Rodgers and Cobb are back, I cant see Kaepernick keeping up with the Packers offense at Lambeau

Eagles over Saints - The Saints have proven they can't win on the road, so I certainly dont see them winning in a blizzard against LeSean McCoy

Analyzing our Potential Matchups

30 December 2013 - 12:36 AM

Well now its settled, with an Eagles win next week we will play the Eagles, and with a Saints win we will play the winner of Green Bay and San Francisco. In my opinion heres how I would rate our potential opponents from most desirable matchup to least desirable

1. Eagles

I think this is the consensus choice among Panther fans. After watching the Eagles just play, I honestly see nothing that really worries me about this team. McCoy is a stud, thats undeniable, but the truth is we've faced the absolute cream of the crop of running backs this year and have shut all of them down. While Foles has been excellent this year, you can see that he does an awful job going through his progressions. When his first option his covered, he simply coils up and takes a sack. Our pash rush has been outstanding against immobile QBs this year, and Foles might be the least mobile of all of them. Their defense also shouldnt be a problem for us. I could easily see us controlling the clock, containing McCoy, getting after Foles, and winning this game handily.

2. Packers

I hate this matchup for our defense. Rodgers and Cobb are back and healthy, and now Lacy gives them a rushing attack that they arent used to having. I think we can get a good pash rush vs their O-Line, but obviously I hate the idea of Rodgers, Cobb, Nelson against our secondary. Defensively the Packers are pretty weak. I think we can easily put up points on them, but the question will be can we hold Rodgers and Co. to less points?

3. 49ers

This is the matchup I really do not wanna see. A 3-4 defense always seems to give Cam fits, and the 9ers have the best 3-4 in the league. Not only that, but Crabtree and Davis are healthy, and Kaepernick has been playing lights out lately. The 9ers are the hottest team in the league right now, and I want them as far away from Charlotte as possible

Who could have predicted

26 December 2013 - 09:31 PM

That back in week 1 a deangelo williams fumble on the seattle 5 yard-line would all but be the difference between who would be the 1st seed and 2nd seed in the NFC. I dont even see that as a bad thing----- i see it as a testament to how far ron rivera and this team has come. That afternoon steve smith said we would beat them in january, funny how that prediction looks more and more true as each week passes

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