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In Topic: Donald LaFell primed for Super Bowl success!

19 December 2013 - 12:08 PM

Donald Lafell, Super Bowl MVP, then demands too much money in the offseason and it's his last game as a Panther.

In Topic: Thomas Davis

17 December 2013 - 04:06 PM

TD is one of those players who I kind of feel sorry for sometimes. Were it not for his multiple injuries he would have made the Pro-Bowl and a lot more money. Then he makes one of the most amazing comebacks from injury in the history of the NFL and doesn't even get acknowledged as comeback player of the year. I think he's due for more in his career. Dude is out there dominating.

Davis got a 5 year extension worth 35.5 million, making a average of 7+ million a year and was making a huge check for doing 3 years of rehab.  I'm not sure on which planet we should feel sorry for someone making more in a "year" playing sports and working out, then 99% of the world makes in lifetime of work.

In Topic: Any idea why short hasn't earned a starting spot next to star?

17 December 2013 - 04:01 PM

I mean from what i've seen he's been every bit as good as Edwards when allowed to play. You draft a guy in the second round i exspect him to start. He's proven to be one of the best pass rush Dt's in this class so why not let him play like one.Don't get me wrong Edwards hasn't done anything to lose his job and is playing beyond servicable. But the question remains when is it Short's time?

This misconception that every draft pick has to start, even if it's second round, has to end.  I'm not sure where this obsession came about around here, and it truly reached it's peak of idiocracy when people cried about Kug being drafted in the 5th round and couldn't be a immediate starter, THE FIFTH ROUND.  


Few successful teams have plug and play rookies unless it's due to injuries or huge holes, and it definitely wasn't a policy around here til Rivera came and Cam started immediately.  During the Fox days, and as with the case of a lot of coaches, and a rookie needs to be heads and toes better then a vet on the team to start.  Rarely did a rookie start for us in the Fox days, and if he did it was generally a first round pick.  Hell even Thomas Davis was a rotation/QB spy only linebacker his first year here.  Now people expect the entire draft class to start, with this thread going, and the people whining about 6th round pick Kenjon in the other thread.  You do realize there is about 22 starting spots on the entire team, if you're starting 5-7 rookies, you have issues.



In Topic: PFF round up

16 December 2013 - 11:47 PM

Makes me wonder how a much cheaper, arguably more athletic, Dante Rosario would be faring right about now. Blocking isn't his forte either.

Rosario is out of the league.  If he was even in the same ballpark as Olsen, remotely, he would be in the league at least as  4th string TE for a bottom feeder team, so obviously he wouldn't be doing better.  The bottom line is we need to fix the right side of our line long term, Olsen shouldn't be counted on for run blocking and pass protection, and we are forced to use him for that because Bell is terrible.  


Olsen should only be occasionally blocking; I was pretty pissed yesterday on third and goal from the 8 when I saw Olsen had to stay in and block, when he's probably our best red zone threat.

In Topic: Captain Munnerlyn is Gruden's Grinder this week.

16 December 2013 - 11:41 PM

This is what our 2nd or 3rd Gruden Grinder this season? I remember TD getting it once and I want to say we had another one. 

3rd by my count, Capt, TD and Tolbert.