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In Topic: Any anime garage kit builders/modelers on the huddle...

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

I am a big time scale modeler but do mostly hardware - I help run the countries, and maybe the worlds, largest show dedicated to scifi and fantasy modeling




My friend and fellow Panthers fanatic has a web site for his work which is mostly resin/garage kit figures -




Did you order from HLJ? What did you get? With more specifics I might be able to offer some tips....


Preordered a few Appleseed resin kits from e2046.




I got my Yamato and Andromeda kits from HLJ, but they are still in storage. Along with probably 3-4 Gundam kits. Never got into figurines. Would buying cheap car/armor kits from toy stores to practice on be a good route?


Damn, crazyjoe has got some skills.

In Topic: Mixing Social, Justice, and the Market (NFL)

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

It's not about fame, it's about money. Non-famous rich people get off on these things regularly, because they generally have their hands in the pockets of the interests of judges and elected officials.


I understand that if you are rich and affluent you can get reduced, or thrown out charges. But if you compare public entertainers/figures, Professional Sports in the US are held to a higher standard.


Gov't: Because we expect them to be corrupt, if they are caught in corruption/drugs/prostitution, it's not a big deal? It may remove them from current office, but they still get support when they attempt to return to public office.


Hollywood: Drugs, no problem. Alcohol issues, no problem. Anti-semitic rants (Mel Gibson), no problem. Just go to counseling. Violate your probation, serve 5 days in California jail and released.


Rock Stars: Drugs, alcohol, brawls, car crashes are almost considered requirements. Vince Neil killed his friend in a DUI car crash and only served a few weeks in jail, IIRC.


And just this week:

Hope Solo is setting records while her domestic violence trial is still pending.



In the waning moments of the U.S. women's rout of Mexico, the crowd behind Hope Solo's goal began chanting her name.

Oscar Pistorius can still be an Olympian



I don't see any media/sponsor outcry for them to be banned. I usually scoff when people play the race card, but I'm not so sure here.

In Topic: Cam threw for 280+ yards and........

16 September 2014 - 09:57 AM

Comment from Football Outsiders



What kind of effect has Kelvin Benjamin had on the Panthers' offense? Brandon LaFell led the team in 2013 with six receptions on deep passes. In two pro games, Benjamin already has five receptions on deep balls, including two against Detroit this week. Newton through seven deep balls against the Lions, completing four of them for 87 yards.




In Topic: Mixing Social, Justice, and the Market (NFL)

16 September 2014 - 09:52 AM

I think it's odd that it seems that Pro Athletes (NBA, NFL, MLB) are held to a higher standard than other public groups.

If you are in Hollywood, Government, or the music biz you can a DUI (10% of Hollywood?), get caught w/drugs (Marion Barry re-elected), domestic violence (Chris Brown) and you just keep on going. No lifetime bans in your respective industry. Roman Polanski still is sitting overseas, but as Whoopi said, it wasn't "Rape Rape".


Don't get it at all.


In Topic: The Ebola Outbreak.

16 September 2014 - 09:37 AM

The cynic in me says the internal data and reports must say that oil production is at risk. You already have ISIS creating supply issues and then on top of that selling their oil on the black market. (of course no one is admitting to actually be the buyer). Then you also have the tanker carrying the Kurdish oil which "disappeared" or turned off his transponder in the Gulf of Mexico. Libya issues. Lots of small issues that could normally be absorbed in the short term.


But if something disrupts supply across several of the African countries in conjunction with the above you would see a very quick spike in prices and everyone's floundering economies could take a dip. Nigeria's production is about 2.5% WW.



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